April 15, 2024


Today we are going to talk about the Nautical Chart , it is a four-star catalyst that we can get in Genshin Impact in a simple way by manufacturing it through the blacksmith.

In my opinion it is a pretty good catalyst to be a forge and I think it has been a bit ignored by people, since it was available from the beginning of the game and at first Elemental Mastery was not such a relevant attribute . Fortunately this changed over time and little by little this attribute has been gaining more and more ground in the game so that this weapon has become more interesting.

In addition, it has one of the best Base Attacks within the four-star catalysts and in its greatest refinement it will give us an Elemental Damage Bonus that far exceeds what the Celestial Scroll gives us (despite the latter being a catalyst of five stars).


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 43.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 564.

As far as Base Attack is concerned, it’s pretty neat, as it’s one of the highest Base Attack four-star catalysts in the game along with Eye of the Oath and Wine and Poetry.

  • Elemental Mastery Level 1: 24 points.
  • Elemental Mastery Level 90: 110 points.

Raising it to level 90 will give you a total of 110 Elemental Mastery points , not a very high amount of Elemental Mastery but it somehow had to compensate for the high Base Attack of this catalyst. It is also an attribute that will be very useful to us because it is becoming a more relevant attribute in the game.

The Passive Ability of the Nautical Chart will give us the following bonus:

  • When generating an Elemental Reaction we will obtain an 8% Elemental Damage Bonus (16% in R5); this bonus will last 10 seconds and can be stacked twice.

It is a very simple passive, we only need to perform a couple of Elemental Reactions to be able to obtain a fairly decent Elemental Damage Bonus, since in the case of having enough catalyst prototypes to refine it to the maximum we can get to 32 % Elemental Damage Bonus with the two stacks of this effect (which in this case would equal the Elemental Damage Bonus given by the Lost Prayer to the Holy Winds ).

A couple of points I want to clarify about this catalyst is that to get the bonuses it is necessary for the character to be on the field , it is not enough for us to release an ultimate that deals damage passively and triggers the Elemental Reaction.

The good thing is that if we get the Elemental Damage Bonus we change characters, we can continue to maintain this bonus for the 10 seconds duration as well (which will mean that a Support can also take advantage of the weapon).


We’ll primarily be looking for a character that takes advantage of Elemental Mastery and works well on teams dedicated to spamming a lot of Elemental Reactions.

Nahida is without a doubt one of the best candidates for this catalyst for the mere fact of providing Elemental Mastery, since Nahida translates Elemental Mastery into Critical Chance for her Elemental Ability, damage increase in her Elemental Ability, damage increase for Reactions Elementals and in the event that he is the character with the highest Elemental Mastery in the team, he will share 25% of it with the rest of the characters.

Also, the Elemental Damage Bonus she can get with the Passive Ability can come in very handy, as Nahida will damage enemies off-field with her Elemental Ability for a long time; yes, remember that in order for her to obtain said bonus she will need to execute two Elemental Reactions before rotating her with another character.

Klee in Genshin Impact

Klee usually runs on Vaporized teams with Yelan 0 Xingchiu as Support DPS, which will allow it to do a ton of Elemental Reactions and get maximum Bonus Elemental Damage with this catalyst in a very short time.

Elemental Mastery will also play an important role, since it is highly recommended to get at least 200 points to increase the damage of our Elemental Reactions (and with the one that this book gives us, we will not have the need to prioritize it so much in artifacts).

So in summary we will have a Primary DPS with an affordable book for all players that will give our Klee a high Base Attack, up to a possible 32% Bonus Elemental Damage in a simple way and a pretty decent amount of Elemental Mastery.

Shikanoin Heizou in Genshin Impact

Shikanoin Heizou in his role as DPS Enabler in Electrocharged teams can be a very good option to equip our Nautical Card, since due to the large amount of elemental damage that this type of team spams and the speed of this character’s basics, we will generate a lots of whirlwinds.

Therefore, with this character in said composition we will be able to have the Elemental Bonus that the Passive Ability of the Nautical Chart grants us almost permanently and we will also benefit from the Elemental Mastery to increase the damage of our Whirlwinds.

In addition, one of the drawbacks that Heizou has is that it has a somewhat low Base Attack, although this catalyst does not have the Base Attack of weapons as high as the Celestial Scroll, it is still our best option within the range of four stars (at least regarding Base Attack).

Other characters but less recommended for the weapon:

  • Yanfei : It is exactly the same case as Klee’s and he takes advantage of it in the same points, only that Yanfei has a much lower Base Attack than Klee.
  • Yae Miko : The Base Attack of this catalyst will be great for her and she will take advantage of the Elemental Mastery to increase the damage of her totems, but we will need to accompany her with the appropriate Support and we will lose a little time so that she can perform two Elemental Reactions that allow her to get Elemental Damage Bonus.
  • Sucrose : The Elemental Mastery is great for him, but it is true that the passive does not take advantage of it so well; it is better to put Memories of Sacrifice on it so that you can cast an extra Elemental very often.

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