April 16, 2024
Genshin Impact: где найти сакраментальные грибы

Genshin Impact: Where to find Sacramental Mushrooms?

As a good family mushroom, the sacramental mushroom appreciates humid and dark places (I’m talking about the tropical forest, of course) . It therefore makes sense to find many of them around trees near bodies of water and in the underground caves of Sumeru .

If you have Tighnari , don’t hesitate to put it in your team during your gathering session. He indeed has a passive that allows you to display the location of Sumeru’s own resources on the mini-map .

First place: Mawtiyima Forest

Head northeast of Sumeru to the area where Huge Fluorescent Mushrooms grow to get your hands on Sacramental Mushrooms. They are, however, quite difficult to spot if you don’t have Tighnari on your team. Blue mushrooms in a blue setting, of course…

Second Location: East of Port Ormos

Head southeast of the map near Port Ormos and take one of the passages marked on the map below to get to an underground cave . You can find some sacramental mushrooms there, usually hidden high up in the branches.

Third location: Apam Wood

The Apam Wood is full of sacramental mushrooms, whether high in the trees or in the caves of the area .

For the topmost and rightmost locations in the image below, all you need to do is teleport to the nearest teleport point and use the grappling hook to climb the trees. Many sacramental mushrooms are found on them.

For the southernmost area, you will have to take one of the passages indicated on the map to access the mushrooms.

Location Four: Northwest Sumeru

The rest of the Sacramental Mushrooms are scattered throughout the northwestern part of Sumeru . You can find them near the Variegated Dreadshroom boss and in the dungeons north of Pardis Dyhai .

The shops where to buy sacramental mushrooms

If you want to speed up your farming session or simply if you’re too lazy to go mushroom hunting, there are sellers who will allow you to buy them. Their stock is of course limited and it will be necessary to wait 72 hours between each purchase while the seller refuels.

First shop: Gandharva village

For your first purchases, head to the village of Gandharva from the statue of the Sevens nearby. By following the path, you will come across a man named Ashpazi who can sell you 5 sacramental mushrooms.

Forbad also has Sacramental Mushrooms!Consider talking to Forbad, the NPC right next to Ashpazi. By finishing the dialogue with him, he will also give you 5 Sacramental Mushrooms. This is unfortunately only valid once, but it’s already taken.

Second shop: Vanarana

Our second supplier of dro… uh mushrooms is in the village of the Aranas and is none other… than an Arana, logical.

To see the vendor, you’ll need to go to the “dream world” version of the area by playing the harp near the miniature version of the Dream Tree , in the center of the village.

Then go near the small lake south of the teleport point to find Aramani . He will also sell you 5 sacramental mushrooms in exchange for a few moras. 

Note that it is also possible to buy Kalpalotus from him, the harvestable necessary for the awakening of Dori .

With these locations and vendors, you should be able to stock up on Sacramental Mushrooms in record time ! But don’t overuse shrooms anyway, we know what happens and it’s not pretty to see! Do you really want to look like a fully perched Arana? (me yes ?)

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