April 14, 2024


One of the first World Bosses that we will meet in the Sumeru region in Genshin Impact will be the Greenfeather Scare Mushroom .

It is a boss that will change his combat style depending on the elements that we use against him; For example, the Electro Element will cause its damage to increase at a certain point and after a while it will become vulnerable, the Pyro Element will make the enemy create small mushrooms that will attack us continuously and the rest of the elements will not have any consequence in combat.

Fortunately there is no prerequisite to be able to face him, we just have to go to a portal that we will find very close to the place where he is (similar to the case of the Eternal Machinery ) and after this we can unlock a teleportation point that sits right in his lair.


This combat generally only has one phase in which all the movements of its attack set are repeated, unless we deal Electro or Pyro Damage, which will change the actions of the Greenfeather Scarecrow a bit.

In the event that we apply the Pyro element to it, it will begin to spread its spores and create mushrooms that will attack us constantly, which is why I recommend not attacking it with the Pyro element (because it will be a continuous annoyance in combat).

However, if we attack him with Electro we will see a bar that fills up to the right of the boss’s life, when this bar fills up the Greenfeather Scary Mushroom will enter the revitalized state and increase its attack power and speed.

But don’t worry, since this state lasts very little and after this he will fall to the ground exhausted long enough for us to finish him off quickly and easily.

Therefore I recommend you take a character that generates a lot of Electro Damage like Raiden Shogun , Yae Miko , Fischl or Beidou to speed up the combat and make the boss vulnerable for a while.

In terms of Main DPS you can really take the character you want as long as it is not from the Pyro element, some recommendations are Ayaka , Ganyu , Ayato , Tartaglia , Shikanoin Heizou , Ninguang and Keching .

As a Healer we can take advantage and take Kuki Shinobu and with it we would apply more Electro to the enemy, if we can’t take Diona who, apart from healing us, will also greatly mitigate the damage caused by this boss thanks to her shields.


These are all the attacks that the Greenfeather Fungus can perform:

  • Arboreal Burst : The Scare Mushroom will shake its tail once or multiple times to create several projectiles imbued with the Dendro element that will try to chase us until they hit us; To dodge the different attacks, rotate the direction in which you run.
  • Sharp Peck : The enemy will strike with its beak making an attack within a range of 180 degrees; It is his most common melee attack, so I recommend you try to always be behind his tail.
  • Jungle Fury : He will execute a combo starting with a sharp peck, then drive his pickaxe into the ground and finally jump to slam into the ground for a powerful slam that deals Dendro Damage over a wide area.
  • Synthesis : We will notice how the enemy begins to concentrate energy generating an area little by little until it reaches a sufficient size to collapse and inflict damage within it; we just have to stay as far apart as we can.
  • Sporulation : If we attack the Scare Fungus with the Pyro element, it will begin to spread its spores across the field creating three small mushrooms that will attack us from a distance, make sure to eliminate them immediately so that they are not a nuisance.
  • Revitalized Arboreal Burst : If the enemy has entered the revitalized state, it will perform an attack similar to the first, but this time it will almost completely flood the field with orbs that deal Dendro Damage.
  • Energetic Charge : The enemy will chase us around the field for a short time to charge us with a powerful attack; it is another of the attacks that he only performs while in a revitalized state.
  • Sharp Blade : It is like the second attack but repeated several times from left to right hitting us as if it were attacking us with a blade; this is the last of his attacks in a revitalized state.

As you can see, he has many different attacks and his combat mode changes a bit depending on the element with which we attack him; It is not an exaggeratedly difficult enemy to dodge, but almost its entire set of attacks inflicts very high damage.


  • Semi -Vegetarian : Defeat the Greenfeather Scare Mushroom in multiplayer.
  • Third Goes Surrender : Witness Greenfeather Diremushroom’s three strengthened abilities in a revitalized state; for this achievement we will have to defeat him several times until he does all the attacks and of course we will have to continuously hit him with electro to enter that state.


These are the possible rewards for defeating the Greenfeather Scary Mushroom:

  • 200 points of Adventure Rank, Mora, Friendship Points… Wow, as always.
  • Nagadus Emerald : They are Dendro character ascension materials.
  • Fungal Hookbill : Collei’s ascension material .
  • Blue/Purple Artifacts : Berserker, Instructor, Ritual of Enlightenment, and Adventurer.
  • Purple/Legendary Artifacts : Gladiator’s End and Wanderer’s Orchestra .

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