April 15, 2024


Today we are going to analyze a five-star catalyst not very loved by multiple Genshin Impact players , and this curious catalyst is none other than the Earthly Lock .

Like other five-star weapons in this set such as the Cloud Piercer Lance or the Blade of Apathy , the Earthlock is a weapon that is completely geared towards increasing its wielder’s Attack so that it has the highest possible parameter and also bonus Shield Protection.

According to the Genshin Impact lore, the Earthly Padlock was a gift from Guizhong (the Goddess of Dust) to Rex Lapis as a symbol of the pact between the two and a challenge for him, since she said that all her wisdom was inside this dumbbell. of stone.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 45.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 608.

As for Base Attack, it has the usual things that are expected from a five-star catalyst, as it happens with the majority that we have in the game such as the Kagura Axiom , Unalterable Moon or the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds .

  • Attack % Level 1: 10.8%.
  • Attack % Level 90: 49.62%.

As a secondary stat it gives us up to 49.62% Attack at level 90; It is the opposite case of the Celestial Scroll , since it has a higher Base Attack than the Earthly Lock but instead gives us a lower amount of Attack %.

The Earthly Lock Passive Skill grants the following effects:

  • Increases Shield Protection by 20% (40% on R5).
  • When hitting an enemy the Attack will be increased by 4% (8% on R5) for 8 seconds, this effect can stack 5 times and each of these stacks can be activated within 0.3 seconds of each other.
  • If we are also protected by a shield, the Attack increase effect increases by 100% (wow, instead of 4%, each stack will give us 8%).

One thing that the vast majority of characters that use a catalyst as a weapon have in common is that their Life is quite low and they are usually not very resistant characters, which is why they will often be accompanied by a character who puts a shield on them (in if they can’t put it on themselves).

With this catalyst we will be able to have a more resistant shield at the same time that it will allow us to increase the Attack of the bearer of this weapon, which is not bad at all but I have to say that it is quite situational and will limit us a bit when it comes to making teams.


We’re looking for a character who can create shields or have a shield on their team and fill the Primary DPS position on their team, as we’ll need them to spend some time on the field attacking to get the Offense stacks.

Ninguang in Genshin Impact

Belonging to the Geo Element, Ninguang can create shields very easily and constantly through the Elemental Crystallization Reaction; In this way we will always have the Attack increase bonus at its maximum exponent.

In addition, it is a character that is usually played in MonoGeo or Double Pyro and Double Geo teams. In this type of teams it is very common to commission a squire like Zhongli or Thoma or have a teammate who also does constant Crystallization reactions like Albedo .

Ninguang’s Base Attack is frankly quite poor compared to other catalyst users that play the role of Main DPS and that is why with this weapon we can fix this very low stat. His only problem with this weapon is that his attacks are somewhat slow and it will take a little longer to get the stacks of the Passive Ability, but luckily we can cancel his animations to get more out of the weapon.

Yanfei in Genshin Impact

Yanfei is able to generate a shield by herself with her Ultimate Ability on her C4, said shield lasts for 15 seconds but is quite fragile; thanks to the Earthly Padlock we can increase the Shield Protection that this gives us (yes, you will need someone to act as a battery, since the cost of his Ulti is very high and it costs a lot to recharge it).

In the event that you are not able to maintain this shield or do not have its fourth constellation, we always have the option of taking him with a squire like Zhongli to cover this role in the team, since maintaining the shield is essential to get him out match to the Earthly Padlock.

Also, the good thing about Yanfei is that he is a very fast character when it comes to executing his basics and therefore we can get Attack stacks very quickly (and although his Base Attack is higher than Ninguang’s, it’s not that bad either). the poor thing is very far in that parameter).

Shikanoin Heizou in Genshin Impact

Another character that can take advantage of this weapon would be Shikanoin Heizou , since he also has a fairly low Base Attack and his basics are extremely fast, making him the character that can get Attack stacks the fastest.

Heizou’s problem with this catalyst would be the composition of his team, since to take advantage of this catalyst he must go as Main DPS and in this role he usually goes in Electrocharged teams in which carrying a squire can be a problem due to lack of Electro and Hydro characters that perform this task ( Beidou can generate a shield by ulting if you have his C1, but it’s not a big deal).

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