April 21, 2024


Alva is a boss from  God of War: Ragnarök that we will find in Alfhein and he is an elf of light with powerful and agile attacks that in my opinion could have given more since the encounter did not seem too complicated to me, at least in Compared to other bosses like La Odiosa (which got me a bit stuck, really).

In this boss it will be very important that we know how to deal with the “blue attacks” since it will do so very often, as it usually happens with most other elves. Luckily it is a super simple mechanic to perform, so it will not give us any major problems.

The case, I leave you below with all the guide in detail to be able to defeat Alva easily. Let’s go there!


First we will see all of his attacks broken down and in detail so that you know his entire kit of moves and you can perform in the best possible way whatever he does. After this, as always, we will give some advice that can be quite helpful to make things easier.


These are Alva’s attacks:

  • Blue Attack : As I have already mentioned, during the fight Alva will launch blue attacks at us. The game itself already explains how to deal with them, but I’ll tell you. When the blue circle appears you will have to press the guard button on the shield twice to give a shield that will disable the attack and will knock him out for a short period of time that we will take advantage of to hit him as much as we can. It has several variants of this attack, but in the end it is to do this; when he does a version of the attack in which he “crouches” and stays still, you go running to give him the shield.
  • Charge : A very basic charge towards us to attack us. It will be enough to have the shield up to block the attack and after that try to hit him. But be careful because after this it will sometimes attack.
  • Double Slash : A couple of very simple blows, the same, it is enough to have the shield up; little more. Be careful because sometimes a Red Attack sneaks in and therefore you will have to dodge it when this happens.
  • Throw Sword (Yellow) : Ranged attack that we must dodge or that we can try to parry , especially recommended if our shield has the ability to return projectiles. As the yellow attack that it is, remember that if you block it without parrying you’ll be stunned for a while and that could lead to Alva hitting you, so if that happens try to dodge as soon as Kratos regains his composure, you’ll still get rid of it of the blow
  • Throw Sword (Red) : Like the previous attack, only that it will throw the weapon several times and we will not be able to block it in any way, it will be time to dodge.


Alva has a lot of mobility and therefore it will be quite easy for her to dodge our attacks, the truth is that she does not stop still… in this sense, I recommend the Swords over the Ax since in melee they have a greater range and the truth is that That is very noticeable in battle. It is true that in the distance they lose a lot compared to the Axe, but in this boss I think it ends up spreading more to carry the Swords (and if you take turns depending on the situation, well better, I am a little lazy to go changing weapons).

As for the rest, what I usually say in all the bosses, you see pressing the square from time to time so that Atreus attacks with the bow, which is very useful to gradually damage him passively and to increase the stun bar.

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