April 21, 2024
God of War Ragnarök: Wyverns - find all Nidhöggr cubs

God of War Ragnarök: Wyverns – find all Nidhöggr cubs

In our God of War Ragnarök Wyvern Guide you will learn:

  • Where to find all Wyvern Cubs
  • What you get as a reward

Kratos must help the talking squirrel Ratatöskr to find all six lost wyverns . We’ll show you where the Nidhöggr boys are hiding.

What do I get as a reward for finding the wyverns?

After your first return from Vanaheim, Ratatöskr asks you a favor: he wants you to bring the escaped Nidhöggr cubs back to the World Tree. This side quest is optional, but you will get a Storm Spark for finding a Lunwurm . If you collect all six Stormsparks, you can upgrade the Draupnir Spear.

You will also receive 4,500 XP for Kratos, 1,125 XP for Freya and the silver trophy “Rightful Place”.

It is therefore worth looking for the wyverns as early as possible. Some of the optional bosses, such as the Berserkers, are particularly tough and your chances of success are highest if you go into battle with high-level weapons .

Find all Wyverns in Svartalfheim

You can find four of the six wyverns in the dwarven world of Svartalfheim. The wyverns hide in world tree cracks. Tip: Only go wyvern hunting after you have crafted the Draupnir Spear in the Forge. You need the spear to get to the areas with the wyverns.

The first lindworm

You can catch the first Wyvern after leaving the Forge with Brok .

Shortly after leaving the forge, you will cross a rocky area. You come to a canyon where you have to destroy a rock with the spear. At this point there are two wind holes on the rock face into which you can throw the spear. Then climb up the spears to find the world tree crack with the wyvern.

The second lindworm

You can find the second Nidhöggr boy in the Bay of Generosity .

Swim to Alberich Island and dock there. On the beach you see a rock face with a wind hole for the Draupnir spear. Throw in the spear and climb up the rock face. Above you will find a crane, but it is too low down. Follow the path to the left of the crane towards the lake.

Below the crane is a rock with a wind rift – throw a spear into the rift and detonate it to break the rock. The crane will now go up and you can use the Chaos Blades to jump onto the huge wooden platform in the water. The crack with the lindworm is right next to the wooden barrels.

The Third Lindworm

Swim to Dragon Beach and dock there. Climb up the wooden platforms on the left until you come to the dwarf statue. To the left of the dwarf statue you can see the entrance to the Alberich Cave . Here you will meet some strong Grimm.

Kill the Grimm and follow the path until you come to a fork on the left . Climb up there. The world tree crack is right next to the root hanging from the ceiling.

The fourth landworm

For this wyvern you have to return to the apple core mines .

The World Tree Rift is in the large cave with the stalactites and the waterfall. There is also a world gate for fast travel in the room. If you haven’t discovered this world gate yet, you must traverse the path in the mines that you explored in search of Týr at the beginning of the game.

In the central cave of the apple core you will find a wooden walkway blocked with gold ore . Destroy the gold ore and follow the path until you come to the large cave with the waterfall. Here you can see a rock with a wind hole for the Draupnir spear. Now you can climb up to the footbridge, where you will find, among other things, the world gate and the crack with the lindworm.

All Wyverns in Vanaheim: localities

In Vanaheim you will find the two remaining Wyrms. Both wyverns are hiding in the crater – an area that only opens up for you after completing the side quest “Trail of Survival” .

The Fifth Lindworm

You can find the World Tree Crack with the Wyvern by the Destroyed Tower .

The rift is above a small pond in the very north of the arena, in front of the tower. Before you can collect the wyvern, you must kill the dragon in this arena.

The sixth lindworm

The last wyvern boy can be found near the dwarven workshop in the eastern section of the crater.

North of the Altar of Heaven , right on the bank of the river (or crater if you haven’t opened the dam yet) you’ll find the crack with the last Nidhöggr boy.

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