April 21, 2024


The Huntress  is the third boss that we will face in  God of War: Ragnarök  and in my opinion it is an extremely simple boss if we take advantage of its weak point; surely not even taking advantage of that we could call it difficult; but anyway, the idea is to bring all the bosses in the game regardless of their difficulty (which is equally relative because the game has a difficulty selector… something that I don’t like too much, but we’ll leave that for analysis; the forecast is that it will come out by 2045).

It stands out for having very good mobility (with those normal legs) and for attacking mainly from a distance with a bow. He will try to keep his distance to shoot us and so on and of course we don’t want to give him the pleasure of lynching us from safety.


We’ll start off as usual by talking about each of his attacks and the optimal way to dodge/counter/those sorts of things, you know. Do not forget that after analyzing the kit of movements we will give some advice to facilitate the battle even more, in this case I already tell you that this section is quite key.

Keep in mind that for this battle we don’t have a shield because Thor took it down.


These are the attacks of The Huntress:

  • Crush : From time to time he will move away from us and try to give us a crush. You will have to dodge them, he usually does them right after doing a kind of dash backwards. Sometimes he will shoot several arrows in a row, which of course you must try to dodge all of them. And on other occasions the same thing but while he is moving.
  • Kick (yellow) : Despite standing out for her crushes, you shouldn’t trust either because The Huntress defends herself very well in melee with her kick attacks, she has a version that hits with her front legs and another that does it with her from behind… so don’t trust a hair if he turns his back on you. Since we don’t have a shield (she tries to deal with the fact that she already internalized the fact that yellow attack = parry ) she will have to dodge and after that give her a few pummels. How many? As many as you can.
  • Arrow Salvo (red) : It will launch arrows upwards that will end up hitting various areas of the ground. The best thing is to dodge with a double x (flip) backwards and when they fall you already approach with a sprint to give them theirs.

But the key to combat is what we will say next.


The most important thing so that this battle does not make it much easier is to take advantage of its weak point, which are those shiny horns on its head . You will have to aim with the ranged attack of the Ax and hit him there; If you do it right, you will see that she remains stunned for a long time and you will be able to take the opportunity to give her all your love and understanding.

After this you will see that its horn stops shining, we could say that its weak point has a CD (Cooldown, waiting time and such). As soon as you see that its horns shine again, then you hit it there again and proceed again to dedicate all your love to it. You will see how doing this falls very easily.

By the way, don’t forget to press square so that Atreus can shoot his little arrows at him; They don’t take away much, but hey, it all adds up… and in this fight we’ll have plenty of moments where we don’t do any damage because The Huntress is pretty cool running from one side to the other.

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