April 21, 2024


” The Hateful ” is a boss from God of War: Ragnarök that we will find in the mine and that will appear more times throughout our adventure through the Nordic lands. She stands out for having fire attacks.

She is a rather annoying boss, especially on high difficulties due to her annoying fire attacks, her attacks and because in addition to this she is usually accompanied by little friends who will make life even more impossible for you. In summary: the name comes to him that neither painted.

But hey… that’s why we make these guides, right? Let’s go there!


We will start as usual in this blog by talking in detail about his entire kit of moves and the best way to dodge and counter all of them. Below we will give some tips that can help a lot to overcome this battle.


These are the attacks of The Hateful:

  • Triple Combo : A very simple three hit melee combo. It will be enough to block him and that’s it, I recommend that you try to parry him when he makes the third hit.
  • Fire Throw (Yellow) : It will throw fire projectiles at us that we can dodge by pressing double x backwards to move away or we can hit it back if our shield has the ability to return projectiles through the parry. You can also block it in the standard way, but you’d be left exposed for a while after that and therefore it’s not really worth it; but it’s better than eating it, of course.
  • Grab (Red) : It will do it when you’re close, it’s like a red punch that it does suddenly, quickly dodge back or it will do a lot of damage to you. Be careful because sometimes it will give the red hit after a normal hit.
  • Fire Area (Red) : It is the typical area attack in which we will have to move away quickly so that it does not hit us, in this case with fire. Remember that for these types of attacks it is very key to press x backwards 2 times in a row to do a long somersault that takes us away from danger.
  • Summon Compis : In most cases (we won’t face it just once) some minor enemies (Draugrs) will appear that will be quite annoying. His thing would be that you move away from “The Hateful” and focus on eliminating these enemies so that they do not complicate things too much for you. It is better to fight alone against her than together with her friends, giving her the rod.


The most important thing is to try not to eat any hits from “La Odiosa” or at least as little as possible, so you must play very defensively; it will take longer, but you will end up taking longer if it kills you 20 times. Oh yeah, and don’t use the Swords, use the Axe.

This is because most of his attacks apply the altered state of burn to us and if you add the damage caused by the boss + the burn… well, you can imagine, your life will drop very quickly. In this sense, remind you that you have the Spartan Fury if you are in too much of a hurry to do good damage and heal yourself a bit, which will be great for you.

For the rest, his thing is to press the square very often so that Atreus will shoot arrows at him ; This is how you drain his life a bit and he goes up the stun bar, which will be very key if you stun him to quickly lower his life.

Beyond this is what has already been commented on in the movement kit and above all quickly take care of the small enemies so that they do not bother us, which we already have enough with “La Odiosa”.

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