April 16, 2024


We continue with the God of War: Ragnarök boss guides   with Dreki , a kind of rare huge crocodile (if it’s a mythological creature that you don’t recognize, sorry, it’s like a Wyvern at the end) that of course will not want to say good morning when we will find it.

So far I would say that it is the simplest boss within the context in which we are (we have already advanced a little more, not much but good), but the idea is to make the guide for each of the bosses in the game regardless of what I seem easier or more difficult (something also a bit subjective, but I don’t think I’m very wrong).

The case, we go as always with his complete guide to defeat him in the simplest way.


We will start by detailing all their attacks and explaining how to counteract each of them and below you will have, as always, the advice section, extra things that can help you in battle.


These are Dreki’s attacks, when you lower his health he will electrify and acquire electric movements.

  • Throw Water : A very basic attack in which it will throw a projectile of water from its mouth. It is easy to dodge and you can also block it with the shield. He counters with ranged or melee based on how far away you are from Dreki when he does so.
  • Tail : Melee attack with which it will turn to hit us with its tail. It can be locked, so no problems. After the block hit him as much as you can.
  • Bite Combo (yellow) : It will try to bite us, you must block the first bite, and after this it will make another bite but yellow, therefore you will have to parry it . If you do the parry well, take the opportunity to hit him, if you end up blocking him normally (it will destabilize you), dodge quickly and counterattack.
  • Electric Area (red) : It will perform an area attack by electrifying the water around it. Dodge the attack with a backflip (tap 2 x ‘x’) to get away from the area.
  • Crocoelectrocarga (yellow) : It will make a great jump launching itself towards you. You will have to parry it and act the same as with Bite Combo (it’s a yellow attack at the end).
  • Throw Electricity (yellow) : It is like Throw Water, but it will turn yellow and acquire the electric element. This one is better to dodge directly.


It’s not a complicated battle, but it is true that the electrical element is quite annoying; he acquires it when you lower his health and at that moment most of his attacks will electrocute us . This means taking extra damage and Kratos being paralyzed for a while (you’ll need to press the “O” button quickly to keep the effect for the shortest amount of time possible). Simply when Dreki is electrified be very attentive because when you receive an attack it will almost certainly electrify you.

In addition to this, it would be ideal that you save the Spartan Rage (the sucker mode) for when it is electrified or when the battle is advanced so that the complicated part lasts less time and to incidentally heal Kratos a bit if he has reasonably lowered your energy. life (if you have a good life, book it).

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