April 21, 2024


One of the pillars of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope are its characters, since each one has a kit and unique abilities that make them stand out in one way or another.

Each character contributes different things and we could say that all the characters are the best in some aspects, but it is true that in general terms there are some that stand out above the rest and that is why I have decided to create my Tier List of the Best Characters in the game; It’s obviously my opinion, feel free to share your Tier List in comments.

I leave you here the Tier List and below I comment it character by character:

Sparks of Hope Best Characters Tier List


    I imagine that there will be a discussion with the first place on the list since to be honest both Luigi and Rabbid Mario are two exaggeratedly good characters and either of them could be in this place, but personally I prefer Luigi.

    Luigi is the god of distance hitting (with heart-stopping range) and is the character that has the highest single-target damage in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and can hit from safety on top of that.

    But when Luigi really becomes a god is when we improve his technique to the maximum, at which point we will have 3 automatic shots at enemies that dare to move on their turn; and given the exaggerated damage that Luigi has, that implies in most cases, that you will kill those 3 enemies passively. On top of that, these shots will go through all the obstacles… Luigi is too broken .


    Rabbid Mario of course doesn’t fall short either. This character has incredible damage, that even though he has a relatively short range, it is devastating and can hit multiple enemies if they are close. The fact that he hits several times with his attack is even better since we will remove shields from the enemies (in addition, the biggest hit is at the end) and on top of that, he does not care if there are obstacles in the way and he even has a vertical range, which You don’t see that much in the game.

    It also has fantastic mobility and can perform more than one dash to the enemy, of course it is not at the level of Edge in this aspect, but it is still an interesting addition.

    And to round off how good this character is, we have to talk about that ability that allows him to move after using the weapon attack ; Mechanics that only Rabbid Mario has and that frankly is fantastic to be able to attack without any fear, since then we can always be safe.


    I am aware that there are many Mario haters in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and in my opinion anyone who thinks that Mario is not a worthwhile character is probably because he has not tried it in all its splendor.

    Mario is tremendous above all for his mobility and flexibility rather than for his damage (which isn’t too bad either). The fact of being able to jump 3 times over an enemy and also being able to dash like the rest is very key since in the end there are 4 attacks without spending a single point. On top of that, we can jump from one enemy to another to cover great distances, something that makes it much easier for Mario to move tactically in the game. He is an ideal character to infiltrate wherever he wants and wreak havoc, but in order to do this effectively I recommend that you equip the invisibility Spark on him.

    His shots are not the panacea, but the fact that we have 2 shots and that we can decide the objective of each of them is very key. And regarding the technique, it is a worse version of Luigi’s, but that extra passive damage outside of our turns is still very useful.


    Edge stands out above other characters for being able to perform 4 dashes (accelerations) in one turn , suffice it to say that this is outrageous (although it is true that he could use a little more mobility). He also has a very decent weapon attack because of his good damage, range and because he can hit multiple targets (the downside is that he doesn’t walk through walls). His technique is pretty meh in my opinion, but it all adds up in the end.

    If it weren’t for the fact that the characters above, in my opinion, are somewhat better in general terms and because Edge loses a lot of efficiency in the bosses because they are usually immune to Accelerations (and that is very noticeable in her), surely she would be more up, but that’s the way things are (Tier A is not bad at all).


    Rabbid Estela is actually a very useful character since his technique paralyzes the enemies (and prevents them from attacking and that) is great, but the truth is that it ends up being not recommended because it is much better to kill the enemies than to paralyze them … and the characters above will snack on several enemies in one turn.

    It has good individual weapon damage and also blows up destructible obstacles in its path, which is fine… but no more. I leave her in Tier B because depending on her situation it can make things easier, but in general terms there are better options than her.


    Rabbid Peach is a great character because she can heal us, something that allows us to play more comfortable, but as you improve the technique in the game you will realize that healing is practically not necessary if you know how to handle your characters well. Not to mention that you can already heal through items, although obviously not at the level of this character’s area heal chunk.

    I put it in Tier B because occasionally it is great and because in encounters in which for whatever reason they usually eliminate a character, it can help you achieve it.


    Peach is a similar case to Rabbid Peach, only she puts up shields instead of healing. On the fly it sounds great, but in practice it has not convinced me so much anymore. Shields are of course great, but the point of the game is to avoid damage and therefore shields often end up being useless (if you need them often you are not playing well). In addition, we would have to predict when they hurt us… I don’t know, it just doesn’t convince me at all.

    In the case of Rabbid Peach, at least it helps us heal when we make a mistake, Peach is more preventive, but the best prevention is to cover yourself well at the end (Out of Contexts are coming). His weapon attack is also similar to Rabbid Mario’s but much lower.


    Rabbid Luigi is a character that does not stand out too much because his technique consists of reducing the damage that enemies do when the best thing to do would be to annihilate them so that they do absolutely no damage .

    His weapon attack isn’t too bad since it hits many targets simultaneously, but it has fairly low damage and therefore doesn’t quite stand out as much unless you’re up against very weak enemies.


    Bowser is the worst character in the game in my opinion . He does not have good mobility, his technique consists of invoking a kind of chasing bombs (which is not so bad, but it is not a panacea either) and his weapon damage is not bad either, especially because it is in the area, although it requires a lot of enemies to get together , but it is far from the damage that other characters can do.

    It’s like he doesn’t quite stand out at all and therefore I think he’s the most expendable character, poor Bowser.

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