April 16, 2024
The Last of Us Part 1 - Trophy and Platinum Guide

The Last of Us Part 1 – Trophy and Platinum Guide

The Last of Us Part 1, the remake of Joel and Ellie’s first adventure, is finally available on the market. For this reason, many players are reliving the experience originally released in 2014 , on PlayStation 3, and then remastered for the eighth generation Sony console.

Being a real remake, even the trophies of The Last of Us Part 1 are completely different. None of these require you to play at the highest difficulty and are obtainable during the adventure, even replaying the individual chapters. For this reason, they are very simple to obtain . But what are they? Here is a guide to all the trophies and what you need to do to get them, starting with the bronze ones.

Before starting the guide, it must be said that if you do not want to have any kind of spoilers regarding the plot or playful elements, you should stop reading. This is because trophies or obtaining them are sometimes linked to actions to be taken during the adventure. 

The Last of Us Part 1

Bronze trophies

  • Fallen Light : Find a pendant of the Lights
  • Self-Rescue : Find a training manual
  • Savage Starlight Fan : Collect a comic
  • Let’s equip ourselves : create every object

The Last of Us Part 1 has a crafting mechanic that will give access to new melee weapons or healing, but to access this feature you will need to reach Pittsuburgh first, which will happen with the continuation of the plot.

  • For future reference : Collect Frank’s note after it is unwrapped
  • And it was dark : in stealth mode, turn off the floodlight generator in Pittsburgh

Towards the end of the chapter in the small town of Pittsuburgh, you will find yourself near a checkpoint full of hunters. Using the stealth you will have to kill the first guard (Henry will take the second out of the way automatically) now you have to go right and avoid the light, there he will find the generator with only one enemy nearby. Attention: it will be necessary to reload in case of bankruptcy.

  • Moisture Problems : Move on the sewer machinery with Henry and Sam

After finding the wooden pallet to transport Ellie to the generator, you’ll have to quickly swim towards Sam and Henry before the freight elevator goes up. Attention: in case of failure it will be necessary to reload.

  • How not to say : do not congratulate Ellie after a job well done
  • Who is my darling : Pamper Buckley dog
  • Nobody is perfect – play Jak X in Left Behind

Go to the lower right of Raja’s Arcade to find a cabinet with Jak X. Enjoy the short cutscene. Do this before interacting with The Turning cabinet, otherwise you will continue the adventure.

  • Brick Champion : Win the brick throwing contest
  • Angel Knives : Defeat Black Fang without getting hit
  • Star Player : Win the battle with the water pistol
  • Live Bait : Use bricks or bottles to lure an infected and attack a human

Silver trophies

  • Something to fight for : find all training manuals

In The Last of Us Part 1 there are 12 manuals that are scattered around the game as if they were collectibles. These are very useful because they give information on how to improve equipment, create new melee weapons or more effective heals.

  • Ready to Fight : Fully upgrade a weapon

To get this trophy we recommend that you upgrade your revolver to the maximum, not because it is the strongest weapon in the game, but the easiest to strengthen, as it will only take 155 parts.

  • Master of Locks : Unlock every locked door using knives
  • Let’s prepare for the worst : find all the workbenches

Here we need to make a little note, as the workbenches are often scattered on the main street of the game and occasionally in some rooms. The fact is that you need to interact with it to increase the counter to the maximum of 11.

  • Quick Hand : Open all safes
  • Tools of the Trade : Find all the tools on the workbench
  • Scrap Collector : Upgrade and then destroy each melee weapon
The Last of Us Part 1 comparison

Gold trophies

  • At any cost : Complete Part 1
  • Don’t Go : Complete Left Behind
  • Look for the light : find all the pendants of the lights
  • Hold on and survive – Collect all comics
  • Chronicler : Find all notes and artifacts
  • I’m getting to know you – join all optional conversations

In The Last of Us Part 1 there are 54 optional conversations that can be triggered by interacting with certain objects or by talking to various characters while in certain places.

  • I have no more : you survive all of Ellie’s jokes

At this point, the Platinum trophy “It can’t be in vain” will appear on the screen , obtainable only if you already have all the trophies mentioned.

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