April 21, 2024


Each new generation of Pokémon leaves us with a new “Pokémon Pikachu”, an Electric rodent with a very beautiful design. From Emolga to Morpeko, we have had different Pokémon almost always with a low impact on Competitive Pokémon (excuse me God Pachirisu).

However, with the ninth generation this is not true, as we are dealing with an impressive Pokémon: Pawmot . Possessing a great Hidden Ability, many useful moves, and a new move never seen before in a Pokémon that is rotten—this Pokémon can heal a weakened Pokémon during battle!

Interesting right? Let’s see how to play this wonderful Pokémon.


    Its statistics add up to a total of 490 points , somewhat low statistics considering that it is a third evolution, although its distribution is quite efficient:

    • Health: 70.
    • Attack: 115.
    • Defense: 70.
    • Special Attack: 70.
    • Special Defense: 60.
    • Speed: 105.

    Starting with the good; Pawmot has really high Attack, which in combination with one of his abilities can do a lot of damage. And thanks to those 105 Speed ​​our Electric Pokémon will be faster than many Pokémon such as Tinkaton .

    But if he has good numbers offensively, having 490 totals… something is going to go wrong; defensively Pawmot is very weak. At 70 Health and both Defenses Pawmot will fall to a very effective hard hit and even some neutrals. We must take this into account when building our Pokémon, but above all not have it on the field without taking care of it, since its value multiplies with the turns (we explain it to you below).


    Pawmot is an Electric Fighting-Type , which gives it the following weaknesses and resistances:

    • It is resistant to Electric, Bug, Rock, Steel and Dark.
    • It is weak to Ground, Psychic and Fairy.

    Pawmot has 5 resistances, which allows him to take on many matchups. Remember that he has low stats defensively, so he won’t be a good candidate to absorb hits, even if they are from ineffective attacks.

    His weaknesses are somewhat awkward:

    • Earth : It is the most common type of coverage that can hurt us. Pokémon such as  Excadrill  in Arena Weather will destroy us.
    • Psychic : This is a rare type in both Pokémon and coverages. As a notable rival we have Armarouge and Gardevoir / Gallade.
    • Fairy : The worst of his weaknesses. Many Fairy Pokemon are big threats, but you should be careful against Pokemon like  Togekiss  or Tinkaton.


    3 abilities, although we will always use one of them. Let’s see what this precious Pokémon has:


    The Pokémon is immune to Electric-type attacks and recovers 25% Health when hit by an Electric-type move. It’s not a bad ability if we want to cover Pokemon like Gyarados with a switch.


    This ability heals us from status problems (burnt, asleep… etc) when we return our Pokémon to its ball. This ability is somewhat weak; Let’s see what we will use below.


    This ability increases the power of fist-based movements by 20%. And Pawmot learns several of these moves, giving him a very valuable damage boost. This will be the ability we use.


    The perfect Iv’s, and we will see that for the EV’s we will vary depending on their function:

    For a more offensive version :

    • EV’s : The already standard 252 in Attack, 252 in Speed ​​and 4 in Health.
    • Nature : We will carry Firm Nature (+Attack, -Special Attack) or Cheerful (+Speed, -Special Attack).

    We are testing a more defensive version. We will update with more results. Below in strategies we leave it to you.


    These are the objects that we recommend for Pawmot:

    • Choice Scarf : Increases the Pokémon’s Speed ​​by 50%, but forces us to use only one movement. Even though it is a fast Pokémon, with this object we will ensure that we move sooner. Considering its defensive capabilities, this item can be very valuable.
    • Choice Tape : This object increases the physical damage of the Pokémon by 50%, limiting us to using the same movement as long as we do not return to the Poké Ball. This object gives us that damage that we may need to knock down many Pokémon.
    • Focus Band : With this object we will give Pawmot that survival that his statistics do not give him. When a movement is going to weaken us having all the life (OHKO), it will leave us with 1 point of Health.
    • Zanama Berry : This is an object that surely does not sound familiar to you. When a move reaches zero PP (zero uses) the Pokémon consumes the berry and recovers up to 10 PP. Sounds insignificant right? Read on to see why this berry can break the game.


    Pawmot has good coverage and hits hard. But his best move can break a game:

    • Vital Prayer : Normal, State. Select a weakened Pokémon from your team. It REVIVES with 50% Health. This move only has 1 PP, so if we have the Zanama Berry equipped it will give us 2 uses of this move. Tremendous.
    • Thunder Punch: STAB Electric, Physical, 75 Power, 100% Accuracy, and a 10% chance to Paralyze the target. Along with his Iron Fist ability, he hits very hard against Water and Flying. Fantastic against Quaquaval and Charizard for example.
    • Point Blank : Fighting STAB, 120 power and 100%. After hitting, the Defense and Special Defense of our Pokémon drops by 1 level. It is very effective against Steel, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Dark. Our move against Pokemon like Meowscarada, Baxcalibur, or Tyranitar .
    • Ultra Punch : Fighting STAB, Physical, 40 Power and 100% Accuracy. Its low power is compensated by being a movement with Priority +1 (which you hit before, come on) and being a Fist movement it benefits from the Iron Fist ability.
    • Voltchange : Electric STAB, 70 power and 100%. After hitting, return the Pokémon to the Pokéball. It’s our way of pivoting into Pawmot, making it especially useful if you’re running the Choice Scarf.
    • Ice Punch : Ice, Physical, 75 power and 100% accuracy. 10% chance to freeze the opponent. Move that again benefits from Iron Fist. Our coverage against Dragon, Grass, Ground and Flying. Garchomp or Salamence will be destroyed with this move.
    • Carantoña : Fairy, Physical, 90 power and 90 precision. Has a 10% chance to lower the opponent’s Attack by one level. It is a great coverage to do very effective damage against Dragon, Fighting and Dark. Our option against opponents like Umbreon , Hydreigon or Roaring Moon (Past Salamence).
    • Fire Punch : Fire, Physical, 75 power and 100% accuracy. 10% chance to freeze the opponent. It deals very effective damage to Steel, Bug, Ice and Grass types. We have other coverages that cover us better, but if Pokemon like Scizor or Ferrothorn give you trouble, this move will burn them to ashes.
    • Surprise : Normal, Physical, 40 priority and 100% accuracy. Always scares the opponent, preventing them from using a move that turn. Priority move that can only be used on the first turn when exiting the Pokéball. This move is one of the best in VGC thanks to the tempo it provides.


    Pawmot is capable of good damage, has good typing, and good coverage. But it’s its Life Prayer move that makes it a real threat. Let’s see how to use this great Pokémon:


    • IVs: Perfect.
    • EVs: 252 Attack, 4 Health, 252 Speed
    • Nature: Cheerful.
    • Item: Election Scarf/Election Ribbon/Zanama Berry.
    • Skill: Iron Fist.
    • Movements:
      • Thunder Fist.
      • Point blank.
      • Ice Punch/Woltswitch/Funny.
      • Life Prayer.

    Although this set is very direct at the stat level, Pawmot is not easier to play for that reason. Our objective will be to keep our Pawmot alive until we need to recover a fallen Pokémon . Vital Prayer can break an opponent, after weakening one of our Pokémon we can revive it once we finish off the threat. This may be what wins the game.

    Thunder Punch and Point Blank are our STAB that we will use if we can knock down a Pokémon, especially if we have Choice Ribbon or Scarf (afterwards it is better to return our Pokémon to its ball to protect it).

    The choice between Voltichange, Ice Punch or Carantoña is for coverage, but if we take Choice Scarf I recommend Voltiocambio to be able to deal damage and change to Pawmot.


    • IVs: Perfect.
    • EVs: 188 Health, 28 Attack, 152 Defense, 112 Special Defense, and 28 Speed.
    • Nature: Cheerful/Firm.
    • Item: Choice Scarf/Zanama Berry/Focus Band.
    • Skill: Iron Fist.
    • Movements:
      • Point Blank/Ultrapuño.
      • Thunder Punch/Football/Ice Punch.
      • Life Prayer.
      • Protection/Voltchange.

    As you can see this set has very touched statistics. If we have Tailwind (increases your team’s speed by 2 levels for 5 turns) or are wearing the Pawmot Choice Scarf it will be faster than Pokémon like Jolly Meowscarade with 252 Speed ​​(and the kitty has 123 Speed). With these Defenses we will be somewhat more resistant, but a very effective blow could still be devastating, take care of the little mouse.

    Ultra Punch is our way of taking down priority Pokemon, and Thunder Punch is often our STAB pick.

    The Zanama Berry can mean 2 revived Pokémon, which is pretty cool. Try it and tell us what you think!!

    Protection is very valuable in doubles, where if we get double hit our Pawmot will fall. In singles we recommend Voltiocambio.


    With Pawmot we have two options:

    • Electrical Teracrystallization

    By Teracrystallizing Pawmot to Electric-type, our moves of this type are boosted by a higher STAB (x2), making Thunder Punch devastating.

    And defensively it leaves us with a single weakness to the Ground type.

    • Teracrystallization Ice

    This option is more surprising. If we Teracrystallize to Ice our Ice Punch will do massive damage to Dragons, although it leaves us with weaknesses to Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel. Use it if you need an answer to Pokemon such as Dragapult or Dragonite .


    Krookodile in Pokemon

    Pawmot’s value in a game is multiplied every turn, so removing it quickly can be decisive. Let’s see how we can deal with it:

    • Knock it out in one hit : With a Pokemon that STABs it into one of its weaknesses, Pawmot will go down. Preferably if we’re faster, to prevent him from using Life Prayer before he fades. Pokemon like Hatterene (if we have Trick Room ) or Krookodile can be perfect for this.
    • Taunt : If we Taunt Pawmot he will not be able to use Life Prayer for 2 turns, breaking his resurrection ability. Pokemon with access to Taunter claim to use Taunt before Pawmot can move. You can use Sableye or Grimmsnarl, for example.

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