April 21, 2024


It seems unbelievable that at this point, after having made so many strategies for Competitive Pokémon , I still haven’t made Slowbro ‘s . And we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than what is probably my favorite Pokémon (probably because I am not 100% sure because there are many, but top 3 for sure).

I’ve had the Slowbro Galar Strategy for a long time , but in its base form I didn’t have it… the truth is that it’s enough for me. And the thing is not that it is a bad Pokémon, in fact it is a very good Pokémon in competition since it has a very good defensive kit (defensive Pokémon are quite cool to me); what is certain is that since the god Toxapex appeared, he was a bit overshadowed because they more or less fulfill the same role but obviously Slowbro (despite being very good at his job) does not reach that level.

The case, that I bring you as always the in-depth analysis of this Pokémon and you will see that it is frankly well despite the Toxapex issue already mentioned … well, let’s be honest, Toxapex is quite op.


His stats add up to a total of 490 points , which is fine, almost almost the 500 that I usually recommend as the ideal amount of stats; that of course in the end it is the distribution of the same that matters.

  • Health: 95.
  • Attack: 75.
  • Defense: 110.
  • Special Attack: 100.
  • Special Defense: 80.
  • Speed: 30.

As you can see, it’s quite a hybrid offensively and defensively, something that in my opinion detracts a bit from it because it would be better if it were a little more defensive, but it is what it is. We have a good Defense (it’s more of a physical tank), a Special Defense that’s just decent, and a Special Attack of 100 that’s fine; It is not a Pokémon that does absurd damage at all, but we cannot say that it hits little either, it is fine, without more.

Speed, what am I going to tell you… it’s terrible, after all it’s SLOWbro. You know it’s common on defensive Pokémon, but remember that being slow is a huge advantage on Trick Space teams .


Slowbro is a Psychic Water-type , which gives it the following weaknesses and resistances:

  • It is resistant to Fire, Psychic, Fighting, Ice, Water and Steel.
  • It is weak to Electric, Grass, Bug, Dark and Ghost.

Regarding resistances, the truth is that there are a few and in general they are guys who are quite grateful for having resistance except for Steel and a little Psychic who would be somewhat less relevant at least compared to the others, which does not take away which is obviously still very nice to have.

Regarding weaknesses… there are a few but at least I must say that in general they are not very dangerous (in the end that depends on many things, but in general terms), the one that I do want to highlight is the weakness to Sinister since I personally I hate the presence of the Pursuit move as it will prevent us from leaving the field without taking a beating in the process. And let’s not talk about Disarmament, which will be a terrible blow and on top of that they will take the object from us.


Let’s now see his abilities and which ones could become interesting:


It gives us immunity to falling in love, which is not usually seen in competition, so nothing.


It immunizes us against confusion, which again is not common in competition. Let’s go to the next one, which is the cool one.


It’s Slowbro’s hidden ability and it’s fantastic. When we return Slowbro to our Poké Ball, he will recover 1/3 of his total health, which will help us a lot to keep him alive. It is the same ability that is usually carried in Toxapex and personally I think it is one of the best in all of Pokémon.


The perfect Iv’s, as almost always; yes, if you want it for Trick Space do not put the Speed ​​IVs to the minimum. Regarding EV’s and Nature…

  • EV’s : All the EVs in Health and the rest I would distribute especially in Defense and perhaps some in Special Defense.
  • Nature : Bold (+Defense -Attack). In Rare Space better Shy (+Defense -Speed).


These are the items I recommend for Slowbro:

  • Leftovers : Essential for defensives, we will restore a little health each turn.
  • Jagged Helmet : Great for physical walls as we will deal some damage to enemies that hit us from the physical side.

I would put Scraps on it, but if you’ve already used it on another Pokémon you can put Jagged Helmet on it, which is still very good.


The movements that I recommend the most for Slowbro:

  • Scald : STAB Water, Special, 80 power, 100% accuracy, and a 30% chance to burn the target. Water is good against Rock, Fire, and Earth.
  • Relax : We will heal half of the total health.
  • Toxic : Severely poisons the target causing them to lose more life each turn.
  • Ice Beam : Ice, Special, 90 power, 100% accuracy, and a 10% chance to freeze. Ice is good against Grass, Bug, Ground, and Dragon.
  • Psychocharge : Psychic, Special, 80 power, 100% accuracy, and the quirk that it hits based on the enemy’s Defense instead of Special Defense. Psychic is great against Fighting and Poison.
  • Thunder Wave : We will paralyze the target.
  • Trick Space : We will apply Trick Space for 5 turns, making the slowest Pokémon attack first.


This is the strategy that I recommend the most for Slowbro:

  • IVs: Perfect. Perfect except Speed ​​at minimum in Trick Space.
  • EVs: 252 Health, 180 Defense and 76 Special Defense.
  • Nature: Bold, or Shy in Trick Space.
  • Item: Scraps or Jagged Helmet, preferably Scraps.
  • Ability: Regeneration.
  • Movements:
    • Scald.
    • Ice Lightning.
    • Toxic (in 8a you can’t). Optional: Psychocharge.
    • I relax.

We have a Pokémon that is very difficult to shoot both for defenses and for health recovery through remains, regeneration and relaxation with also very good movements to reduce enemies.

Scald will hopefully allow us to burn down offensive threats to chip away at their damage output and is our best option for dealing STAB damage and potency. Ice Beam is mostly for coverage (we also cover Grass and Fighting weaknesses) and if you get really lucky and freeze then go crazy. Toxic to gradually reduce the enemies while we are resisting and Relax to heal us if necessary; remember anyway that by returning to the Poké Ball we will heal a third of the health for free.

As for when to roll Toxic and when not … generally I would always roll Toxic unless it’s your typical very physically aggressive Pokémon and you want to try burning it with Scald to leave it for drag.

You nothing, you see draining everything you can from the rival and retreat when things get too ugly, that no matter how resistant it is, a Pokémon that hits its weaknesses very hard can send you to the ground just the same. The idea is to use it to annoy Pokémon that have no chance of killing us, the typical wall we go.

If you don’t have Toxic, it rolls Psi Charge, which in the end is a good Psychic STAB move, but it has to be said that this set loses a lot without Toxic.


If you want to get rid of a Slowbro from the rival team, I recommend the following:

  • Offensive Pokémon that hit their weaknesses : The best thing to defeat him is to go with a very powerful offensive Pokémon that can hit one of his weaknesses to spell him, the only thing is that obviously the rival will not be stupid and it will be normal to withdraw it in that case. Pokemon like Tapu-Koko, Rillaboom , or Gengar can get it into serious trouble.

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