April 14, 2024


Little by little, Genshin Impact is incorporating some new functions into the game, as in its day happened with the Relaxatetera and from this December 7th we will have the new function called Invocation of Wise Men available in our game .

The Summoning of Sages is a card game that follows the style of very famous games like Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering. By completing the world mission “Battle of dice, cats and cards” we will be able to get our initial deck to play alone against the machine or face off against our friends.

Personally, I think it is a very fun function that adds some diversity to the game and in the event that it does not convince you, you do not have to worry, since we will only lose a few Protogems and we will not get any object that will help us with our adventure, so that it is not mandatory that you play it in case you do not like card games.

And without further ado, we are going to tell you a little about how this game works, how to get cards and how to level up the player and other important points of the game.


    In this phase we will get our hand, we will make our first roll to get elemental dice and we will choose the first character we will play with to start our combat.


    Changing Hands in Summoning Sages in Genshin Impact

    The first thing when starting a fight will be to manage our hand ; We will receive five random cards from our deck as soon as we start the game and after this we can decide which ones we want to keep in our hand and which ones we are not interested in.

    All those cards that do not interest us we have to select them to discard them and replace them with new ones; the discard has no limits so we can even discard our hand completely if it does not interest us.


    Rolling Dice in Summoning Sages in Genshin Impact

    After finishing preparing our hand, a first round will begin in which the first thing we will do is throw eight elemental dice . If in this throw we get elements that are not useful for our cards, we can select all the dice we want and re-throw them without any penalty.


    Types of Elemental Dice in Summoning Sages in Genshin Impact

    Each elemental dice has eight faces that are different from each other; seven of them are represented by the elements Pyro, Cryo, Anemo, Dendro, Geo, Hydro and Electro. The last face that has the Paimon suit symbol is known as “omnidado”, which acts as a kind of wild card that can validate any elemental type.

    We will use these dice to pay the cost of each card to be played or to be able to carry out attacks with our character cards. For this we will need to look for the elements corresponding to the characters with whom we are going to play.


    Choosing the Starting Character in Summoning Sages in Genshin Impact

    Finally, we click on the character with whom we decide to start the fight and click on the button on the right that says “select character”. Take into account the combo of Elemental Reactions  that you are interested in doing to defeat the rival since a large part of our strategy lies in these.

    The other two characters that we do not use will remain in reserve until we do a rotation, so they will not be able to receive damage and will only be able to hit the character that we have chosen.


    In this part we will have everything ready to play and we will begin to develop our strategy ; Next we will see all the actions that we can carry out during this phase.


    Playing Cards in Summoning Sages in Genshin Impact

    Before attacking the enemy we can spend some of our dice to play a card that helps us win the fight; keep in mind that when attacking the enemy the turn will pass to the other player, so if we want to play any card we must do it before making any attack.

    In our deck we will have 30 cards with which we can empower our characters, activate certain dynamics and annoy the adversary; These letters are distinguished into three types:

    • Equipment Cards : Within this type of weapon are included artifacts (equipped to a specific elemental type, eg: Burning Hat of the Witch – Pyro), weapons (equipped to a character who wields that type of weapon, eg: Tombstone of the Wolf – Diluc ) and the talents that can only be assigned to the character they come from (ex: Flaming Flux – Diluc).
    • Support Cards : In this type of cards we will find illustrations of companions or locations and these bonuses will be given continuously (eg: Vineyard of Dawn will spend one less elemental dice each round we play when changing characters).
    • Event Cards : These are activated only once to perform their effect and disappear; we will distinguish them by the illustrations of characters performing some task; food is also included within this type (eg: Honey Roasted Chicken restores one Life point to the target character).


    Skills in Summoning Sages in Genshin Impact

    As in the game, the characters have their set of abilities and it is with this that we will inflict damage on the enemies; to perform them we will need to spend elemental dice to pay the cost of use that each one has (they do not have a fixed cost, it varies in each character). The set of character skills is made up of the following:

    • Normal Attack : Deals a certain amount of damage; this attack is usually physical on almost all characters with the exception of catalyst users. Every time we execute a Normal Attack we will charge an energy point from the bar that we have in the upper corner of the card; when said bar is filled it will allow us to use the Ultimate Ability.
    • Elemental Ability : Inflicts Elemental Damage and in certain cases activates certain effects (ex: Fischl summons Oz, who stays on the battlefield dealing damage passively) and will also recharge an energy point for the Ulti bar .
    • Ultimate Ability : Consumes all of the bar’s energy to deal a lot of Elemental Damage against enemies; it usually has a high cost in elemental dice.
    • Passive Skill : Gives a bonus to the character in play; not all characters possess this ability.


    Elemental Conversion is a technique that will help us get an elemental dice corresponding to the character we have active on the board in exchange for a card and another elemental dice.

    For example, imagine that Diluc has his Ulti ready but we only have 3 Pyro elemental dice; Well, in this case we would drag a card to the right of the board and we would choose a dice from another element to transform it into one of Pyro and be able to execute its Ulti.

    It is a very interesting dynamic that will help us a lot when we have bad luck with the spreads and also, even the cards that have come out in our hand and are of no use to us will have their uses.


    In order to execute Elemental Reactions and inflict a lot of damage on enemies with them, we will have to change characters; To do this, we only have to select the character we want to change to and once we have selected it, we will press the button in the lower right corner.

    Keep in mind that normally when changing characters we will have to spend an elemental dice and also when doing this our turn will end (although there are cards that reduce the cost of elemental dice when changing characters and others that prevent us from losing the turn).


    When we have exhausted all our elemental dice or it simply does not suit us to continue playing this round, we will have to click on the hourglass icon that we have located on the left side of the screen.

    It may seem silly, but it is quite important to know how to finish your turn on time since the first player to press that button will be the first player to start the next turn and therefore will have an advantage.

    After this, each player will get two additional cards and this whole process will be repeated again until one of the players is defeated by not having any characters left alive.


    After having defeated Sucrose in a Summoning of Sages duel through the world quest “Battle of Dice, Cats and Cards”, we will talk to Shuyun in the Cat Tail Tavern and he will send us to look for Margaret, who will be the in charge of giving us the Arcane Box .

    We can find this object in our inventory within the gadgets category. This box mainly has two functions: allowing us to make changes to our Summon Sage deck and locating rivals with whom we can duel.

    When using the player search function, the map will open and the players with whom we can play a duel who are near us will be marked; so we just have to mark them to follow them and talk to them to challenge them.


    As we defeat opponents around the world, we will increase our player experience; This can be raised to level ten and will reward us with Duel Invitations, Protogems, Lucky Coins, card backs, and different board designs.

    To upload this experience we will need to use the Arcane Box to locate the duelists that we will find throughout the world and weekly there will be new clients in the Cola de Gato tavern that we can challenge in search of this experience.

    Also, upon reaching certain Player Levels (2, 4, 6 and 9) we will have to complete an ascension mission in order to continue leveling up (just like it happened with the World Level and its ascension missions). Having a higher Player Level will allow us to unlock functions such as tavern duels, multiplayer duels, we will unlock new opponents around the world… etc.


    The Lucky Coins are the gift that we will get by defeating the duelists of the Summoning of Sages; These coins will help us buy the following products in the Cola de Gato tavern or in the Card Shop:

    • Support, Event and Equipment Cards.
    • Card Backs.
    • Holographic Covers.


    Duel Invitation in Summon of Sages

    On the Invitation Board of the Cola de Gato tavern we can use Duel Invitations to call some game characters like Kamisato Ayaka and challenge them to a duel to get both their character card and their talent cards.

    If we are in multiplayer mode, this board will also serve as a means to challenge our friends to a duel.

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