April 16, 2024


Green Beans are one of the Crops that we can plant in the Spring of Stardew Valley and the truth is that it is one of the most interesting crops of the season, especially for those players who have not advanced their game too much.

It is a crop that will suffice to plant once and once the plant has grown, we can harvest it several times until the end of the season, which makes life much easier for us and makes them quite profitable.

But… for the thing to spread to the fullest, it’s important that you plant them during the first 3 days of Spring. In any case, I will not tell you any more, in this post I will explain in detail all the profitability that you can obtain from this vegetable and what you will have to do to get the most out of it.


    Getting Green Beans couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is go to Pierre’s shop and buy them, he sells each “seed” (it’s not a seed in this case, it’s a “Kit of Beans”) for 60 coins . Of course, as a Spring Crop that it is, you can only buy it in that season.

    Also keep in mind that it is not like most Crops. Since Green Beans are planted with some sort of wooden structure to help them grow upwards, you won’t be able to “trespass” this crop, so you’ll need to make sure they always have access from somewhere.


    Let’s start by looking at your data:

    • Bean Kit Cost: 60.
    • Growth Time: 10 days.
    • Production: 1 Green Bean/3 days.
    • Sale of Raw Green Beans:
      • Normal: 40 (44 with Labrador).
      • Silver: 50 (55 with Labrador).
      • Gold: 60 (66 with Labrador).
      • Iridium: 80 (88 with Labrador).
    • Sale of Pickled Green Bean:
      • 130 (182 with Artisan).
    • Sale of Green Bean Juice:
      • 90 (126 with Craftsman)


    Since it is one of those crops that are planted and can be harvested multiple times until the end of its season, we will first see the case in which we plant it from day 1, which is how it will spread more (although planting it on day 2 would not have any influence). or 3, from 4 if we would lose a harvest). In the same way, if we use Accelerator Fertilizers, we can obtain an additional harvest and up to 2 if we use the Ultra-fast Fertilizer.

    For the calculations we will assume that the plants are between day 1 and 3 and that you do not use any Fertilizer, so you would harvest a total of 6 Green Beans per plantation . These would be the profits in this case, first by purely analyzing the sale of raw Green Beans (we will see the profit assuming that all the crops are of the same rarity and we will also do the average to have a better idea).

    Raw Green Bean:

    • No Labrador:
      • Normal: 180 x plantation.
      • Silver: 240″.
      • Gold: 300″.
      • Iridium: 420″.
      • Medium: 285 x planting .
    • With Labrador:
      • Normal: 204 x plantation.
      • Silver: 270″.
      • Gold: 336″.
      • Iridium: 468″.
      • Average: 319.5 x plantation .

    If we make Green Bean Juice, we will obtain much more, but I can tell you in advance that in this case it is more worthwhile to make a Green Bean Pickle.

    Green Bean Juice:

    • Without Artisan: 480 x each plantation .
    • With Artisan: 696 x each plantation .

    Quite more lucrative and we also don’t care about the rarity of the Beans, since the price is better than even selling the raw Iridium ones (even without Artisan, with Artisan things already increase a lot). But now we come to the real star product to get the most out of this vegetable.

    Green Bean Pickle:

    • Without Artisan: 680 x each plantation.
    • With Artisan: 1032 x each plantation.

    A rather succulent increase in benefit compared to Green Bean Juice, so as you can see, it is undoubtedly the best thing you can do with them.

    As you can see, it is a crop that is very worthwhile, especially if we plant it between the first 3 days of the month (and it could go a little further with the Growth Fertilizers to obtain one more harvest or even two if you use the best of all they).

    Of course they are not at the level of, for example, Strawberries (another Spring crop that I highly recommend), but these are much more problematic, especially at the beginning of the game because you can only buy them on the 13th of Spring and therefore on the first year of game things get a bit complicated.


    The longer it takes to plant them from day 3, the less you will get from the Green Beans since every 3 days that pass you will lose a crop, which equates to roughly 16% profit loss/crop loss x planting .

    My recommendation is that you always plant them during the first 3 days, at most the first 6 (you would only lose one crop, it’s not that much). But otherwise almost better than pulling other crops.


    The Green Bean can also be used for the following:

    • It is a product of the Spring Crops Bundle, so make sure you plant at least one in order to complete it.
    • Sometimes they will ask us for it in one of the daily missions on the Notice Board, so it is not a bad idea to save some to get some coins and especially to increase the friendship of the requesting person.
    • It is an ingredient of the Bean Stew , which specifically its recipe is with only 2 Green Beans. The dish restores 125 energy and 56 health. Its sale price is 100 coins, so in that sense it is more costly to sell them as Stewed Beans than to sell them Raw (only if their quality is normal or at most silver, but in the latter case only if you don’t have Labrador).
    • It serves as a green dye.

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