April 15, 2024


With the arrival of the ninth generation and teracrystallization, there are many mysteries that the Pokémon saga leaves us, many related to a Pokémon. Glimmora is the star Pokémon of the champion Sagittarius and a Pokémon closely related to Area Zero and Teracrystallization, but it is also an excellent addition to your Competitive Pokémon teams .

Good mix of types, great offensive potential, and versatility of roles. With this Pokémon we can do great damage, as well as being a great sweeper against some very uncomfortable walls . Do you want to know how to use it? Well, let’s see this great Pokémon and what it offers us.


    Its stats add up to a total of 525 points , along with a fairly efficient cast:

    • Health: 83.
    • Attack: 55.
    • Defense: 90.
    • Special Attack: 130.
    • Special Defense: 81.
    • Speed: 86.

    Glimmora’s cast is very efficient, although it does have its weaknesses. 83 Health isn’t great and his Defense and Special Defense are 90 and 81 respectively, so even though he’s not badly lacking, we need to be careful when taking hits.

    Offensively is another story. 130 Special Attack is crazy, although with those 86 Speed ​​we must keep an eye on the opponent’s Speed, since most sweepers will be faster.


    Glimmora is a Poison Rock-Type , just like Nihilego, which gives it the following weaknesses and resistances:

    • It is very resistant to Poison.
    • It is resistant to Normal, Fire, Flying, Bug, and Fairy.
    • It is weak to Water, Psychic and Steel.
    • It is very weak to Earth.

    Defensively Poison Rock is an interesting guy. 5 resistances and an immunity give him a lot of options to switch into, though one of them is the Bug type (the worst type in the game). But it also has complicated weaknesses, let’s see some examples of the most dangerous Pokémon of each type:

    • Water : One of the best types in the game, which also has level Pokémon such as Palafin , Dondozo (and his companion Tatsugiri) or Gyarados .
    • Psychic : Even being a less common type, there are very dangerous Pokémon like Hatterene or Armarouge .
    • Poison : A rare type, but still dangerous. Pokémon like Venusaur or Toxtricity can give us problems.
    • Earth(x4) : A x4 weakness is always very awkward and Earthquake is always a constant in competitive. Pokemon like the big Garchomp or Longfang are big threats.


    Let’s now see their abilities and which ones could be interesting:


    When the Pokémon is hit by a physical move, it spreads a layer of Toxic Spikes onto the opponent’s field . In the same way as the movement, up to two layers of spikes can be accumulated and whenever a Pokémon enters the opponent’s field it will be poisoned (if there is one layer) or severely poisoned (if there are two). It is Glimmora’s best ability.


    This ability allows you to poison the opponent regardless of its type, allowing us to poison other Poison-type Pokémon or even Steel. It’s not a useless ability, but Toxic Cloak is superior.


    The perfect Iv’s and in EV’s we will enhance their Special Attack and Speed:

    • EV’s : We will use 252 in Special Attack, 252 in Speed ​​and 4 in Special Defense or Health.
    • Nature : We will carry Modest Nature (+Special Attack, -Attack) or Fearful (+Speed, -Attack).


    These are the objects that we recommend for Glimmora:

    • Vidasfera : Enhances the damage produced by 30% and damages our Pokémon for 10% of its life. It will give us a lot of damage without losing versatility.
    • Choice Glasses : Gives us even more damage, which can be surprising by weakening Pokémon that we do neutral damage to. Be careful because this locks us to only use one movement once we use it! And in the same way, we will see a little trick that this gives us.
    • Choice Scarf : Increases the Pokémon’s Speed ​​by 50%, but forces us to use only one movement. This way we will boost that Speed ​​​​to pass many dangerous Pokémon.
    • Focus Band : This object will leave us at 1 point of Health if an attack is going to weaken us with 100% Health.


    These are the movements that we recommend for our toxic jellyfish:

    • Light Jewel : Rock STAB, Special, 80 Power and 100 Accuracy. It will be very effective damage against Bug, Fire, Ice, and Flying, so it will be very useful against Pokemon like Corviknight , Charizard , or Baxcalibur .
    • Mud Bomb : STAB Poison, Special, 90 Power and 100 Accuracy. Has a 30% chance to poison the opponent. It’s very effective damage against Fairy and Grass-types, our best option against Pokemon like Fluttermane or Meowscarade .
    • Deadly Spin : Poison STAB, Physical, 30 Potency and 100% Accuracy. This movement, even though it deals damage, will be very low. We use it as a status effect, as it frees the Pokémon from trap effects like Drains, Constrict, Spikes, or Fire Spin. This has great value in Singles.
    • Barbs : Earth, State. Place a layer of spikes on the opponent’s field, being able to place up to 3. For each layer, every Pokémon that enters the field takes damage, so that:
      • With 1 layer of spikes the Pokémon will lose 1/8 (12.5%) of its maximum HP.
      • With 2 layers of spikes the Pokémon will lose 1/6 (16.67%) of its maximum HP.
      • With 3 layers of spikes the Pokémon will lose 1/4 (25%) of its maximum HP.
    • Living Earth : Earth, Special, 90 power and 100% accuracy. Has a 10% chance to reduce the target’s Special Defense by one stage. It’s our coverage against Steel, Electric, Rock, Poison, and Fire-type Pokémon. It will be great for us to face Pokémon like Kingambit , Magnezone, Tyranitar or Skeledirge .
    • Energy Ball : Grass, Special, 90 power and 100% accuracy. Has a 10% chance to reduce the target’s Special Defense by one stage. Our coverage for Water, Rock and Ground, which will come in handy in matchups against Pokémon like Greninja , Garganacl or Hippowdon .
    • Protection : Normal, Status, and 100% Accuracy (but can fail if used consecutively). Prevents all damage or status moves to the Pokémon using it.


    Thanks to its tremendous offensive capacity, Glimmora is capable of weakening many Pokémon, as long as we use it correctly. Additionally, it is one of the best sweepers against walls like Toxapex. We leave you 2 sets for you to incorporate this Pokémon into your teams:


    • IVs: Perfect.
    • EVs: 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense.
    • Nature: Fearful.
    • Object: Focus Band / Choice Glasses / Remains.
    • Skill: Toxic Cloak.
    • Movements:
      • Jewel of Light.
      • Mud pump.
      • Living Earth / Spikes / Energibola.
      • Death Twist / Spikes / Energiball.

    This set is what makes it capable of taking on opponents like the aforementioned Toxapex or Garganacl , but also Pokémon like Volcarona or Clodsire. Its two STAB are very necessary to be able to deal damage, which together with its type will make it very good in matchups against these stall Pokémon . If you want it to be even more of a counter to these, Restos is a good option.

    The coverages or effects are by necessity. Obviously if we take Choice Glasses we will take Living Earth and Energy Ball, pure damage. But Quills does a very good combo with our Toxic Cloak ability, as well as Death Twist to take away our opponent’s drains.


    • IVs: Perfect.
    • EVs: 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense.
    • Nature: Fearful.
    • Object: Focus Band / Vidasfera / Election Glasses.
    • Skill: Toxic Cloak.
    • Movements:
      • Jewel of Light.
      • Mud pump.
      • Living Earth / Energibola.
      • Protection / Energy Ball.

    We’ll use a more traditional sweeper set here , as cheating in doubles isn’t as critical as there are fewer switches. If we carry Choice Glasses we will carry Energibola in the 4th hole. It makes a great counter to very awkward Ground-type Pokemon such as Gastrodon . If we have to choose, Tierra Viva gives us an answer to the Steel type, very common and uncomfortable, so we recommend prioritizing this movement in its coverages.

    I recommend pairing it with Pokémon that help it control the Speed ​​of the field, like Talonflame with its Tailwind.


    • Teratype Water

    Whenever we have a x4 weakness, a defensive teratype is the best option and the unitary Water type is one of the strongest (if not the strongest). We gain resistances to Water and we will be neutral to Earth. We can also run Terablast to deal very effective damage to STAB Fire, Rock, and Ground types, not relying so much on Energy Ball.

    • Venom Teratype

    Glimmora’s offensive option for teracrystallization is Poison. Our Mud Bomb will hit very hard and since Glimmora is an anti-Fairy it comes in handy for the most resistant ones, such as Togekiss or Blissey.


    Groudon in Pokemon

    Obviously Glimmora’s biggest weakness is that x4 weakness to Ground, but we give you more ways to counter them:

    • Earth for the Medusa : Both in Singles and Doubles we can use Earthquake to finish off Glimmora, for which we recommend Pokémon like Groudon or Swampert . If you are looking for special attacker options, Gastrodon is one of the best options.
    • Trap Remover : If we remove the toxic spikes, spikes, or rocks that the enemy Glimmora places, we will remove a large impact from that set. Maushold with his General Cleanup is great, although remember that he will resist us from Proliferation damage.

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