April 21, 2024


Clodsire is the typical Pokémon that stands out in competitive due to its Stall strategy , the typical Pokémon that lasts a lot but gradually drains your life with a wide smile on its face while the rival trainer taunts you. It is the Paldea form of Quagsire and it is coming strong for the 9th generation.

This is due to its good defensive stats, its good combination of types, especially along with the ability Absorb Water, and a perfect moveset to stall its enemies. If your opponent is cunning, it will be very difficult to get down to a Clodsire and it will annoy that it is a pleasure in singles. A Pokémon that you want on your team, but that you will hate to suffer in the hands of the opponent.


Its statistics add up to a total of 430 points , somewhat lower than those 500 minimum that we usually recommend for Pokémon in competitive. This is their cast:

  • Health: 130.
  • Attack: 75.
  • Defense: 60.
  • Special Attack: 45.
  • Special Defense: 100.
  • Speed: 20.

As you can see, it is the typical Pokémon that stands out more in the defensive field with those tremendous 130 health points accompanied by a very good Special Defense. Although it is true that his Physical Defense limps a bit and it will be the best way to attack him from that side.

Offensively, it doesn’t stand out too much, 75 Attack points is not outrageous and let’s not even talk about the 45 Special Attack. Also… those 20 Speed ​​points make it without a doubt one of the slowest Pokémon in the meta. Although this is something that can be used very well in Trick Space . In any case, we are facing the typical Pokémon that is slow but very resistant.


Clodsire is a Ground Poison-type  just like other Pokemon like Nidoking and Nidoqueen. These are their weaknesses and resistances:

  • He is immune to Electric.
  • It is very resistant to Poison.
  • It is resistant to Fairy, Rock, Fighting and Bug.
  • It is weak to Ground, Psychic, Water and Ice.

In the face of resistances, it does not stand out especially, although of course that immunity to Electric is always appreciated to annoy Pokémon like Kilowattrel or Zapdos . Fairy is good resistance, as well as Rock and Fight, (double Poison not too bad), Bug’s is pretty meh.

Regarding weaknesses, it has some very dangerous weaknesses:

  • Earth : One of the types that we should fear the most in the competitive due to the presence of powerful movements such as Earthquake. Watch out for Pokémon like Garchomp or Excadrill .
  • Water : Another type to fear for its high presence in competition in all generations. Pokemon like Greninja and even Pelipper will be a big danger.
  • Ice : Ice is to be feared because Water Pokémon tend to have Ice moves and because lots of Pokémon use Ice moves for coverage. Watch out against Pokemon like Baxcalibur or Weavile .
  • Psychic : The least dangerous in her case (although the meta is changeable and any day she becomes very dangerous), but it must be taken into account anyway. Pokémon like Hatterene or Armarouge will destroy us.


These are their abilities, we will tell you which ones we think are the best:


We have a 30% chance to poison the target if it attacks us with a contact attack. It’s fine, but relying on that 30% and having contact moves on us is too situational and so we’re going to go with other abilities.


Tremendous ability since we will cover one of its weaknesses (a very dangerous one, the Water type) and on top of that when we receive water movements instead of damaging ourselves, these will heal us in an amount equivalent to 25% of the damage we would have received.

Do not doubt it, this is his ability.


Ignorant is a very good ability, but in our case we would recommend more Water Absorb. This will allow us to ignore the Pokémon’s own stat changes and also those of the opponent. Ideal for the typical ones that are boosted with Dragon Dance or Sword Dance to give some common examples.


The perfect Iv’s as usual unless we intend to use it in Trick Room (which then will be better 0 in Speed). Regarding EVs and nature, we will enhance its defensive side:

  • EV’s : 252 Health, 128 Defense and 128 Special Defense.
  • Nature : Cautious (+Special Defense, –Special Attack).


These are the items I highly recommend for Clodsire:

  • Remains : We will heal a little health each turn.
  • Jagged Helmet : The alternative to Remains in case we are already using it on another Pokémon. We will deal some damage to Pokémon that deal contact damage to us.


The movements that I recommend the most for Clodsire:

  • Earthquake : STAB Ground, 100 Power, 100% Accuracy, and deals double damage to Pokemon that are using Burrow. It is our favorite Ground STAB (remember that in Doubles we will hit all the Pokémon on the battlefield). Ground is effective against Fire, Electric, Rock, Steel, and Poison. So it will be a great move against Pokémon like Skeledirge , Pawmot , Glimmora (this one you destroy), Gholdengo , or Ironmoth (another one you destroy). It’s not for nothing that we always say that Tierra is a tremendous guy.
  • Toxic : We will severely poison the opponent, so that each turn they will receive more and more damage in a residual way. Remember that Poison and Steel type Pokémon are immune.
  • Rock Trap : We will leave some sharp rocks in the opponent’s field, every time an opposing Pokémon enters the field it will receive damage from the rocks based on its Rock-type weakness. One of the best moves in singles for its high passive damage and for chipping away at the opponent’s Pokémon simply by coming onto the field.
  • Recovery : We will restore 50% of our total health.

It has other interesting moves, but nah, this kit of 4 is absolutely perfect.


We show you the strategies we have created for this Pokémon. This time only 1, but a piece of Stall strategy we bring you.


  • IVs: Perfect.
  • EVs: 252 Health, 128 Defense and 128 Special Defense.
  • Nature: Cautious.
  • Item: Wreckage / Jagged Helmet
  • Ability: Absorbs Water.
  • Movements:
    • Trap Rocks.
    • Earthquake.
    • Toxic.
    • Recovery.

The strategy is simple. We came in, used Trap Rock to pester the opponent with switch-ins, and then began to stall out to the death with Toxic and Recovery from there . We also have Earthquake for Pokémon that we can hit effectively, which will be a few.

That they take us out the typical hyper-offensive Pokémon that we know will knock us down with one hit (it will take damage from Trap Rocks on top), so we change Clodsire for another Pokémon and that’s it. If we get rid of the possible threats, neither god will get off this Pokémon.


  • Teracrystallization Earth .

To get double STAB from Ground and wreak havoc with Earthquake, this is still not a Pokemon I recommend using Teracrystallize on as many others will take better advantage of it.

  • Teracrystallization Water .

Teracrystallization of a defensive character, getting down to a Water-type Clodsire will not be easy since the opponent will not expect it.


Garchomp in Pokémon

Lowering it will be quite simple, there it will already depend on the cunning of your rival with the changes:

  • Faster Pokemon That Weakness Hits It : It’s very slow, so it will be easy to outspeed it. But it will have to be hit by the typical Pokémon that hits very hard, such as Garchomp or Greninja.
  • Pokémon that stall him : Ferrothorn would be a good example of this, in the stall battle he would be the winner without a doubt.

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