April 21, 2024


Pelipper is personally, and this will not be a surprise to some of you, a Pokémon that I love; And I’m not just referring to design and so on, I’m also talking about competitive issues.

And it is that we can surely get something wrong with this Pokémon, but what should generate no doubt is that this Pokémon is brutal mainly because it is the best Rain weather introducer. But not only that, but also he himself can get a very good game out of this climate.

A Pokémon the truth that quite complete in its kit, so nothing, let’s go with its analysis and strategy!


His stats add up to a total of 440 points , which is a bit far from the 500 I consider ideal. Let’s see their cast, don’t be scared… hahaha.

  • Health: 60.
  • Attack: 50.
  • Defense: 100.
  • Special Attack: 95.
  • Special Defense: 70.
  • Speed: 65.

Let’s be frank, statistically it’s unfortunate, that’s a fact. He saves himself a bit by having a good Special Attack and a good Defense (not crazy either, but good). For the rest, you see, a low Special Defense, a health with which you should be careful and a Speed ​​also on the ground (at least it would be good in Trick Space , but even in those it would not be so good because there are many slower Pokémon).

But nothing, I promise you that this is a good Pokémon despite this, keep reading.


Pelipper is a Flying Water-type , which gives it the following weaknesses and resistances:

  • He is immune to Earth.
  • It is resistant to Water, Fire, Steel, Fight and Bug.
  • It is weak to Rock.
  • It is very weak to Electric.

The tradition is to start with the good, so here we go. It must be said that in the face of resistances and others, it obviously has that immunity to Earth that we always appreciate so much for being Earth a guy so present in Competitive; but in addition to that, resistances like Water, Fire and Fight are also very interesting because they are all types that we usually meet often (fight maybe not so much, but it is super common to put fighting moves as coverage).

And facing the bad, well, well… A double weakness to Electric with which we must be very careful because on top of that we do not have plenty of health and a common weakness towards the guy for whom, at least in singles, it is less appropriate to have a weakness for the presence Rock Trap; that is quite F the truth and personally it would seem to me a waste to put the Thick Boots on this Pokémon.


Now let’s take a look at his abilities, this is where things start to get interesting:


Very good ability since it makes it impossible to lower the evasion of this Pokémon, but of course… in the competitive community there is a rule of not lowering the evasion of the Pokémon because basically it is too broken… so at least with people that controls competitive and that is respectable… well, it won’t do you any good because they will never use it.

Anyway, let’s get to the skill that matters.


Which makes Pelipper tremendous. As soon as Pelipper enters the field he will automatically summon rainy weather for 5 turns (if there was other weather, it replaces it, suck that Tyranitar ; just kidding, I love Tyranitar).

This will basically increase the damage of water attacks by 50% (and in turn will reduce the damage of fire attacks) and the best thing is that there are many Pokémon that have abilities to take better advantage of this weather, such as Barraskewda and Kingdra (which in rain double its speed) or Goodra (who has an ability to cure ailments in rain which includes sleep and has rest).

Anyway, I already talked about this topic better in the post about creating rain teams , so if you are interested, take a look at the link.


Here you could really take 2 paths, one would be to enhance its usefulness by giving it greater stamina and the other would be to enhance its damage, which will surprise more than one. For my part, I consider that it is better to take the path of utility since, after all, it is its strong point.

Facing Iv’s, well, perfect, as almost always… let’s go to the interesting thing, which are the EV’s and Nature:

  • EV’s : All in health, the rest we can distribute in Defense (I would put more in Defense) and Special Defense.
  • Nature : Bold (+Defense, -Attack).


This time I will only recommend one object because it seems indisputable to me:

  • Rain Rock : Increases the time that Rain lasts to 8 turns instead of the usual 5.

We mainly want it to automatically set the weather when entering, so the Rain Rock will be great for increasing rain turns by 3, which is awful.


The movements that I recommend the most for Pelipper:

  • Breath : You already know it, when you use it you restore 50% of your total health and on that turn you lose the flying type (so we would lose the double electrical weakness, but they could attack us with Earth with a megapredict that I would not risk it the truth, but it can happen). Ideal to keep our Pelipper alive, essential.
  • Scald : STAB Water, Special, 80 power, 100% accuracy, and a 30% chance to burn the target. Brutal movement of water that we remember that it will do 50% more damage in Rain and that on top of that it gives us a good chance of burning which implies extra damage and practically nullifies the physical Pokémon if this state jumps. Let’s remember that Water is effective against Fire, Rock and Earth.
  • Gale : STAB Flying, Special, 110 power, 70% accuracy, 30% chance to confuse the target and will never miss if there is Rain. Suffice it to say how brutal this move is in Rainy weather, something easy for Pelipper. Flying is tremendous against Fighting, Grass and Bug.
  • Round Trip : Bug, Physical, 70 power, 100% accuracy and after the attack you will change your Pokémon for another. Ideal for not losing turns when changing, but be careful because if you face a Pokémon faster than you (something simple) and that can hit you hard, you still run out of Pokémon… use it carefully and only when there is not so much risk.
  • Clear : Flying-type movement with which we will clean the field of traps (Rock Trap, Toxic Spikes), as well as Fog and Sacred Veil. We want it mainly to remove Trap Rock or whatever may arise, but since there are much better Pokémon for this purpose, I would not put it on Pelipper since in the event that there is Trap Rock on the field he is exposed a lot due to his weakness to rock (and on top of that we lose rain turns that could be used better).


This time I will only build a strategy since I consider it to be the best and at most you could change its EV and nature if you want to make it more offensive, but I still think that the key is to focus on keeping it alive because its main function will be to apply the weather.

  • IVs: Perfect.
  • EVs: 252 Health, 200 Defense, 56 Special Defense.
  • Nature: Bold.
  • Object: Rain Rock.
  • Ability: Drizzle.
  • Movements:
    • Scald.
    • Gale.
    • Respite.
    • Round trip.

The idea is to introduce the weather (it can come out as the first pokemon) and have Pokémon on your team that can take great advantage of this, as we have already discussed a little more in depth in the section on this ability. I remind you that above I have linked you to the post about Rain equipment where I explain better how these work.

From there, the idea will be to get him in and out of combat to introduce him and take care that they don’t kill him; if the situation arises, he may also be the one to attack (if he has a Raichu in front of him , of course not; memories of the story of Pelipper and Raichu ) and watch out because thanks to the rain it doesn’t hit anything badly and you will surely surprise someone.


And now the opposite, what to do to defeat a Pelipper and some of his counters:

  • Rock Trap : Since the idea is for him to go in and out of the field and he is weak to Rock, the presence of this trap on the field will wreak havoc on him if he doesn’t move.
  • Electric Attacks : A x4 weakness is a x4 weakness. Pokémon like Tapu-Koko or, without going too far, a Jolteon, will kill it. Also be careful with non-electric Pokémon that can have movements of this type as coverage, see a Gengar .
  • Other Weather Introducers : Other weather introducers like Tyranitar, Ninetales, or Alolan Ninetales will bother us a lot.

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