April 16, 2024


Breloom is a Pokémon that stands out above all for having a fairly high Attack statistic, which together with its good ability, makes it a Pokémon that can give some very good beatings despite having some problems such as having somewhat low speed.

In general terms, it is an offensive Pokémon that is highly recommended due to its good skill kit, but it is the typical Pokémon that you should take very good care of because it is also true that it will be quite easy to knock it down if we attack a weakness (if they hit it with Flying you can saying goodbye to him because he has a x4 weakness), but nothing that can’t be solved with a little skill.

In this post I will show you a complete analysis of this Pokémon in which I will comment on all the good and bad points of it and at the end of it all we will develop what I consider to be its best strategy for the Competitive. Come on, let’s go!


Its statistics add up to a total of 460 points , so it is somewhat below the 500 minimum points that we usually recommend for a Pokémon in Competitive. In any case, what ends up mattering in the end is the cast:

  • Health: 60.
  • Attack: 130.
  • Defense: 80.
  • Special Attack: 60.
  • Special Defense: 60.
  • Speed: 70.

As you can see, it has a generally fairly balanced cast except for the Attack statistic that stands out a lot with those 130 points, which is really nonsense. Defensively it’s something meh, that’s for sure.

What is true and I would like to comment is that this Speed ​​of 70 is going to have a negative impact on it since it is a fairly slow Pokémon, but it is not slow enough to be fast in Trick Space either, so a little F in that sense.


Breloom is a Grass-Type Fighting , a rather rare combination that I think only this Pokémon currently possesses. These are their weaknesses and resistances:

  • It is resistant to Grass, Ground, Electric, Dark, Water and Rock.
  • It is weak to Fairy, Fire, Psychic, Ice and Poison.
  • It is very weak to Flying.

It has quite a few resistances and some of them are quite interesting, but it does have a few weaknesses, although not overly dangerous in general. It is not the best combination of types in the world, everything is said.

Let’s talk a little about its weaknesses as we always do in this blog:

  • Flying : A x4 weakness is always something to fear. He is not the most dangerous type, but come on, if we take a good blow from Volador they will knock us down very easily. You will have to be careful against Pokemon like Talonflame or Dragonite  as they are clear threats to Breloom.
  • Fairy : A type to be feared, be careful against Pokémon like Azumarill  (at least we can hit this hard with the Plant Type) or Hatterene .
  • Fire : This is dangerous especially due to the presence of very powerful Pokémon of this type in the competitive one. An example would be Cinderace or also Volcarona .
  • Psychic : One of the less dangerous types, especially in the 9th generation due to the high presence of powerful ghosts in the Competitive Pokémon meta . In any case, you will have to be careful with clear threats such as Armarouge or Ferroverdor.
  • Ice : Be careful with this weakness since many Pokémon have movements of this type as coverage since Ice effectively hits many types. You should be afraid of Pokémon like Weavile or Baxcalibur and also Water-types because they almost always have Ice moves in their arsenal.
  • Poison : One of the milder weaknesses because it’s not a type that looks too competitive or often used as coverage. In any case, be careful against Pokémon like Glimmora .


These are their abilities, I will tell you what I think of each one and the one I recommend the most:


30% chance to paralyze, poison, or sleep when Breloom is hit by a contact attack. It is a 10% chance that each of the things will jump. The ability is not bad, but it has a better one in my opinion.


Interesting ability since it is like carrying a Remains (we will heal at the end of each turn for 6.25% of total Health) with the advantage that since we will have the Poison altered state, other altered states cannot be applied to us. Also, we will be immune to Poison damage, instead we will be healed.

It is a very good ability since Leftovers is one of the best items in the game and this would allow us to have a better “other Leftovers” for the purpose of immunizing ourselves to status ailments. But the truth is that his best ability is the following (which is the hidden one).


Expert increases the power of moves with 60 power or less by 50% , that is, a hit with 60 power would become 90, so not too bad. It is a great move to improve the offense of many moves and our Breloom will be great for it.


The perfect Iv’s as usual (in Trick Room you better get 0 in Speed), but in the face of EV’s and Nature I recommend this:

  • EV’s : 252 Attack, 252 Speed ​​and 4 Defense.
  • Nature : Firm (+Attack, – Special Attack).


These are the objects that I recommend the most for Breloom:

  • Choice Scarf : Increases our Speed ​​by 50%, but when we use a movement it will be anchored and we will not be able to use the others until we return the Pokémon to its Poké Ball.
  • Choice Ribbon : Like the Bandana but increasing the power of physical attacks by 50%.
  • Vidasfera : Increases the power of all attacks by 30% with the downside that we will lose 10% of the Pokémon’s total health when using offensive movements. The good thing is that since the movements do not anchor us, we will be able to play better with the coverages; but we will lose health every turn, of course.
  • Toxisphere : In the event that you carry it with the Antidote ability in order to heal each turn with the poisoning; remember that we will also be immune to altered states. Anyway, what has been said, I recommend the Expert skill more.


The movements that I recommend the most for Breloom:

  • Ultra Punch : STAB Fighting, 40 power, 100% accuracy and has priority +1, so we will usually hit before the opponent unless he uses another priority movement and is faster. In addition, it will have 60 power for the Expert ability. Great priority move for Steel, Ice, Rock, Normal, or Dark-type Pokemon. Some examples of Pokémon that you would want to use this move on would be Maushold , Orthworm, Cetitan, Tyranitar (or Ferrupúas, but not with a x4).
  • Seeder : STAB Plant, 25 power, 100% accuracy and can hit between 2 and 5 times. With expert each hit will have 37.5 power, so if there are a lot of hits we will deal a lot of damage. Remember that Grass is very effective against Ground, Rock and Water; It will come in handy for Pokémon like Ting-Lu, Garganacl , or Quaquaval .
  • Drain Fist : STAB Fighting, 75 power, 100% accuracy and will heal your Pokémon for 50% of the damage it deals, ideal to heal us a little when necessary.
  • Earthtremor : Earth, 60 power, 100% precision and we will lower the opponent’s Speed ​​by a stadium if we land the blow. With expert it will have 90 power, so not bad. Ground is great for coverage as it effectively hits Fire, Electric, Rock, Poison, and Steel. Some example Pokemon that would take a lot of damage from this move would be Ceruledge , Toxapex , or Pawmot .
  • Tomb Rocks : Rock, 60 power, 100% accuracy and lowers the enemy’s Speed ​​by 1 when you hit them. Another coverage move, this one for Fire, Bug, Ice, and Flying-types. Some examples of Pokémon would be Dragonite , Volcarona , Kilowattrel , or Cloyster .
  • Espora : State, when using it we will put the opponent to sleep. Remember that you shouldn’t put more than one opponent’s Pokémon to sleep simultaneously to respect the Sleep Clause (you know, the rules that the community has created so that the battles are more balanced).


This is the strategy that we would carry out. If you want you can share yours by comments.


  • IVs: Perfect.
  • EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed ​​and 4 Defense.
  • Nature: Firm.
  • Item: Choice Scarf / Choice Ribbon / Life Orb
  • Skill: Expert.
  • Movements:
    • Seeder.
    • ultra punch
    • Spore.
    • Drain Fist / Earthquake / Tomb Rocks

We have a fairly good movement kit and the expert ability will be of great help to increase the damage of the vast majority of our attacks (Drain Punch does not enter because it has more than 60 power).

Seeder will do some brutal damage if we’re lucky and it skips a lot of moves. Ultrapuño will be great for us because of its priority to finish off enemies or to hit before our rival if his Pokémon is faster than us (easy thing); keep in mind that Breloom hits pretty hard even though it’s not a very (expert will help in that regard) power attack.

Espora will be great for us to have a breather by sleeping the opponent, either to force him to change or to go on to heal a little with Drainage Punch, which is the movement that I would most recommend for the fourth slot since otherwise we would not have anything that can heal us The other optional moves are to improve the coverage of Pokémon, both of which benefit greatly from the Expert ability and are not bad at all.

We will have to be very careful with the typical offensive Pokémon that are faster than us, there we will have to change as usual in this game. Against walls it is a monster, everything is said.


  • Teracrystallization Fight .

To get double STAB on our Fighting Type attacks, which will give us a very powerful Drain Punch (to heal more health) and Ultra Punch. I don’t think many Pokémon will resist a Drain Punch followed by an Ultra Punch while Teracrystallized, unless they resist the Fighting-type of course. The case, very good option.

  • Teracrystallization Plant .

Plant Teracrystallization wouldn’t be bad either for getting double STAB on moves of this type. If we’re lucky and land 5 hits with Seeder with this Teracrystallization active, we’ll land an extremely powerful hit.


Talonflame in Pokemon

These are some recommended Pokémon and strategies to defeat a Breloom:

  • Faster Pokémon that hit a weakness : Especially if you get hit with the Flying Type since it has a x4 weakness; for obvious reasons, a Talonflame destroys it. Other Pokemon like Dragonite or Dragapult (if you run it with the special set with a fire move) are also very good options.
  • Burn : Since it is a physical Pokémon, the burn depletes it a lot. Burning it with Wisp Fire with a Pokemon like Chandelure is a very good idea, it will do 50% less damage and it will be quite noticeable.

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