April 21, 2024


We continue with the Octopath Traveler 2 boss guides , this time we will see Clarissa , who is the boss of chapter 3 of Osvald’s story (I think it is more of a “mini-boss”, but hey). Remember that to unlock Osvald we had to do 2 chapters at once, so now it would be time to beat the third chapter.

Clarissa was once Osvald’s assistant in his large laboratory and for some reason she will confront us. She says that to make sure you’re really Osvald. Luckily, the boss is probably one of the simplest we’ve faced so far in Octopath Traveler 2. Especially if you follow the strategy that we’ll discuss below, we’ll practically get a 1 Hit KO thanks to the almighty Osvald .


It is highly recommended to follow the level recommendation provided by the game itself in order not to complicate things too much, in this case they ask us for a minimum level of 18 in our characters, so the ideal would be for the lowest level character that we go to take it has at least level 18 if we want the battle not to get too complicated.

If you’ve been following the guides on the blog, you’ll almost certainly meet this requirement and since we’ve used Osvald in every battle so far, you’ll most likely have him at level 27 or so by this point in the game. Thanks to this we will be able to delete poor Clarissa, you’ll see. Oh yeah, I recommend you equip Osvald with the best you can, especially facing his Staff to do more damage.


These are Clarissa’s weaknesses, with the characters that I will recommend below you will be able to exploit them very well:

  • Lance
  • Dagger
  • Ray


These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : I always carry it with me because of its excellent physical damage; he is also one of the characters that have higher damage to individual enemies. His Spear will also come in handy to lower his shield.
  • Agnea : To go boosting our group. If you didn’t seduce the girl who makes it so that when you use a boost you also recover the target’s AP, I highly recommend that you take a look at La’Mani ‘s post since I explain it better there and Agnea improves a lot as a character thanks to this.
  • Osvald : Due to its tremendous damage, we must use its «Lightning» spell to take advantage of Clarissa’s Lightning weakness. We will do a tremendous combo to annihilate Clarissa with a single hit, I explain below. I run it with the Inventor side job, though I don’t use those job skills; I keep it that way simply because it gives me a little more spell damage.
  • Temenos : Mainly to heal the group, but we can also use «Lightning» (I put it as a secondary job Scholar) when our group has good health in order to reduce the shield.


Agnea should be boosting the group with her tremendous buffs . The priority is to have Osvald with Strutting, then Hikari with Lion Dance (as long as you have these 2 characters buffed you’ll go very well) and then Temenos and Agnea herself (these being much less relevant for being a Support and a healer ). His thing is to save the momentum to use it when the boss is stunned and use «Fatal Heels», although Osvald will be enough to eat this boss. You can also use his Dagger attacks if you want to lower the boss’s shield (although remember that Fatal Click also lowers the shield regardless of the enemy’s weaknesses).

Hikari will be hitting with his spear to gradually reduce the shield. Reduce it little by little because the idea is that you stun him right when you have your characters with 3 boost. When you want to stun him, it is as simple as using “Spear Fishing” (something like that), a blow with which we will hit the enemy between 2 and 5 times (one of those that can be learned by doing duels), so when using it we will lower him a lot The shield. You can also attack with basics, but use the spear; when he is stunned use some ability of the spear with maximum impulse (if you have the potential use Celestial Slash, which does a lot of damage), but you will see that this time Osvald will eat the boss and it is likely that Hikari will not have time to do the same.

Temenos will heal the group with “Heal Wounds” when necessary, when the group is good you will have to use “Lightning” to lower the shield a bit. Save the boost for a mega-heal if things get messy (doesn’t do much damage Clarissa) or use when the boss is stunned with a 3 Boost Lightning Bolt.

Osvald must do this every turn:

  1. Lightning to reduce his shield by 1 (Agnea will Strut him this turn).
  2. Advanced Magic to buff your magic.
  3. Lightning with 3 impulse and with its potential.

You will give him a terrible blow with which you will delete the boss , if for whatever reason he holds the blow (it shouldn’t, but maybe you don’t have the available potential or something like that), you finish the job with Hikari and you will see how he falls easily.

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