April 15, 2024


Strawberries are, without a doubt, the most profitable spring crop in Stardew Valley and for this reason I can only recommend them highly However, stay to read everything I want to explain to you because there are many things that you will have to take into account with this fruit.

The main problem is that we can only buy them on the 13th of Spring and if we really want to get the most out of it, it would be best to wait until the second year of the game. If you do not know the peculiarities that surround this crop, this may surprise you, but in this post I will try to show you with data the profitability that you can obtain from the Strawberry and I will explain why you should consider cultivating them from your second year of game (if you are one of those who want to make the most of things, of course).


    Strawberries can only be obtained in the Egg Festival event (Spring 13), which is why the first year of Stardew Valley you will not be able to get the most out of it, which does not mean that they are still a good option even if you plants on day 13.

    The most recommended thing to get the most out of them is to buy them one year to plant them the next , so you can plant them on the 1st and obtain the highest profitability; but we will see that better below.


    Let’s start by looking at your data:

    • Seed Cost: 100.
    • Growth Time: 8 days.
    • Production: 1 Strawberry/4 days (with a small probability of obtaining additional strawberries).
    • Sale of raw Strawberry:
      • Normal: 120 (132 with Labrador).
      • Silver: 150 (165 with Labrador).
      • Gold: 180 (198 with Labrador).
      • Iridium: 240 (264 with Labrador).
    • Sale of Strawberry Jam:
      • 290 (406 with Artisan).
    • Sale of Strawberry Wine:
      • Normal: 360 (504 with Artisan).
      • Silver: 450 (630 with Artisan).
      • Gold: 540 (756 with Artisan).
      • Iridium: 720 (1008 with Artisan).


    Assuming we plant them on the 1st of Spring (which you won’t be able to do the first year), we could harvest strawberries a total of 5 times (without taking into account fertilizers or growth acceleration bonuses, in which case we could harvest them 6 times ). So in that case we would obtain these benefits:

    • 500 minimum x each plantation .
      • Assuming all the strawberries are of normal quality, so you can really get a lot more.
      • Assuming no extra Strawberries come out (chance is 2% and extra Strawberries will always be of normal quality. On average that would be a 12x increase per planting.
      • Without taking into account the +10% of Sale if you have Labrador

    If we make Strawberry Jam with them:

    • 1350 x plantation.
    • 1950 x plantation (with Craftsman).

    If we make Strawberry Wine with them (assuming that they all come out with the same rarity):

    • Without Craftsman:
      • Normal: 1,700 x plantation.
      • Silver: 2,150″.
      • Gold: 2,600″.
      • Iridium: 3,500″.
      • Average: 2,487.5″.
    • With Craftsman:
      • Regular: 2.420″.
      • Silver: 3,050″.
      • Gold: 3.725″.
      • Iridium: 4.940″.
      • Average: 3,540 “.

    I think the data speaks for itself, it is a brutal return if we plant them on day 1. As you can see and as usually happens with most crops (in this case a fruit), the most common thing to get the most out of it is to do Strawberry Wine. However, if you prefer to sell the strawberries raw, they are still well worth it.


    If you want to plant them the first year (which I do not recommend), since we would have to plant them on the 13th of Spring (at least), you could only harvest them 2 times (3 times if you use an accelerator fertilizer), so it will spread much less the thing. Since you already know what things we are analyzing and what we take into account and what not, here we will go a little more to the point now.

    Raw Strawberry:

    • 140 minimum x each plantation .

    Strawberry jam:

    • Without Artisan: 480 x each plantation.
    • With Artisan: 712 x each plantation.

    Strawberry Wine:

    • Without Craftsman:
      • Normal: 620 x plantation.
      • Silver: 800″.
      • Gold: 980 “.
      • Iridium: 1.340″.
      • Medium: 935″.
    • With Craftsman:
      • Regular: 908″.
      • Silver: 1,160″.
      • Gold: 1,412″.
      • Iridium: 1.916″.
      • Medium: 1.349″.

    As you can see, the profitability drops a lot if we rush to plant them on the first day of the year in which we could plant them (the 13th), so I strongly insist that you wait for the next one. However, it is surprising that even in these terms, it is a crop that is still worth growing since it provides a higher return than most spring crops. But what has been said, better wait for the second year and do well !

    Anyway, clarify that it is not a bad idea to sell them the first year to get some extra money for the preparation of Summer. Everything will depend on each case, but if you get it right (I recommend you look at the Green Beans post ) you shouldn’t need Strawberries during the first month of the first year of the game; If you see that you are in a hurry, then hit the Strawberries, but… you know, you would get the most out of it by planting them on the 1st.

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