April 21, 2024


The Skull Hydra , affectionately nicknamed “Lernie” by Zagreo, will be the second boss of the Underworld to beat after having defeated Megera , Tisiphone or Alecto in Hades .

The fight against Lernie takes place on an islet completely surrounded by lava; In the upper part of this we will find the main head that will have reduced mobility, since it is anchored to the place and has a fairly limited area of ​​movement.

The peculiarity of this boss is that, at a certain point in the fight, it will summon multiple heads that we will have to defeat to progress in the fight, since when this happens, Lernie’s main head creates a shield to become invulnerable until we destroy the rest of it. their heads.


    The Skull Hydra is protecting the last chamber of the Asphodels and will face us to prevent us from reaching the Elysees.

    In the first confrontations that we have with her, this will not happen, but as we progress in the game, Lernie will change his appearance and, based on this, he will modify the attacks he uses against us.


    The first times we fight Lernie, she will only have 3 very basic attacks (a lunge, a flurry of ranged shots, and headbutts that generate a hit that does area damage) with which she will start attacking us until we reduce her life by one. 66%

    When this happens, the Skull Hydra will protect itself with a shield that will mitigate all the damage we do to it and will summon three additional heads that we will have to eliminate immediately so that Lernie’s shield vanishes.

    Once these heads are defeated, we can continue attacking him normally until we reduce his life by 33% and this dynamic repeats itself; the thing is that this time he will summon six heads instead of three.

    Finally, Lernie will become furious once we have defeated all his heads and he will begin to attack us more quickly and will enhance the dynamics of his movements a bit to make them more brutal; but once we get to this point we only have to deal a few hits to finish defeating her.

    Each head that comes out to help the original has some special attacks depending on the color it has, which would be the following:

    • Green Head : Spits out bone eggs that will turn into skeletons once they spend 5 seconds on the field, try to break them quickly so they don’t get in the way.
    • Blue Head : Performs the Seismic Wave just like the original head, only that it produces this attack with a smaller area than the original.
    • Orange Head : It spits out multiple fireballs near its head, these balls will leave the ground covered in magma for a while and we will suffer damage if we step on it.
    • Purple Head : This is one of the most annoying, since it launches a burst of waves that cover a good area.
    • Standard Head : Can perform the Pin Missile attack, but does less damage than the original head.

    After defeating Lernie at least three times, the color of his head will change and he will obtain different powers depending on the type that touches us.


    These are all the attacks that the Skull Hydra can perform:

    • Seismic Wave : It is his most characteristic attack, Lernie will hit his skull against the ground generating an area with a moderate range around him; once her health is reduced to 33%, she will perform this attack 3 times in a row.
    • Onslaught : When we are close to her, she will remain immobile for a second and will move her skeleton at high speed to ram us, so we must dash in another direction to evade this movement.
    • Pin Missile : The Skull Hydra will attack us from a distance by launching multiple missiles towards us, we can hit them with a standard or special attack to evade them. Once its health drops to 66%, this attack gains a lot of speed and increases the amount it throws at us.
    • Skull Invocation (Green Head) : Lernie will spit out a kind of armored eggs, we will have 5 seconds to break them or they will hatch and an enemy in the shape of a skeleton will come out of it, said enemy will be present in the battle until we defeat it. At the beginning of the fight she will only spit out one egg, but as her health decreases, she will be able to spit up to 3 at a time.
    • Sharp Stalagmite (Green Head) : Sometimes Lernie makes a kind of squeal and immediately afterwards we will notice a shadow over our head, we will have to move away immediately to avoid the crushing enemy that will try to impact on us; when Lernie’s life is reduced to 66%, two crushing enemies will drop consecutively and when he reaches 33% health, the number will increase to three.
    • Stalagmite Rain (Blue Head): The blue head has so much physical strength that every time it creates a Seismic Wave it will shake the entire field and many stalagmites will fall, we must look at the marks on the battlefield that will warn us of the place where the that will impact
    • Seismic Wave + (Blue Head): This variant of the Skull Hydra has greater physical strength and upon reaching 66% of life, each time it performs the Seismic Wave it will generate 3 consecutive impacts and also, upon reaching 33% of life it will increase the area covered by this attack.
    • Igneous Spit (Orange Head): Instead of performing the Pin Missile, this head will spit out multiple fireballs that will create lava pools around it, which will deal damage if we step on them. When his health is reduced, the number of fireballs he can create will increase.
    • Deadly Burst (Purple Head) : Replaces the Pin Missile with bursts of waves that cannot be removed with a hit or blocked by the protection of a pillar, we can only evade them by reflecting them with some blessing from Athena or dodging them with a dash. The more life he loses, the more waves he will throw at us.


    If it is the first time we have defeated Lernie with a weapon or with a higher heat level, we will get a Diamond as a reward; otherwise we will only get Darkness, but a higher amount than what the Erinyes give us.

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