April 15, 2024


Alecto is another of the different three Erinyes that can appear as the final boss in Hades . At first, only Megara will appear, but after we have progressed a little more, Alecto or Tisífone may also appear, which are much more complicated.

Today we will focus on Alecto, which we could say is an improved version of Megara since it has practically the same attacks but enhanced and with a quite curious as well as dangerous new mechanic called “Cholera”, let’s go with the guide to defeat her! !


Like the other Erinyes, it will appear randomly as the final boss of the Tartarus area , which is the area where we start in the escape attempts. However, he will never appear in our first game, that will always be Megara.


As I have already told you, Alecto’s attacks are practically the same attacks as Megara , but enhanced:

  • Charge : Almost constantly it will charge as it happens with all Erinyes.
  • Area Strike : In the same way that it happened with Megara, we will have to try not to be too close to her for too long since then she can hit us with an area attack that she does fast enough to make it almost impossible to dodge it by pure reflex. The key is to attack him a little, move away, and so on.
  • Streak of Circles : It will invoke those circles that Megara invoked that after a few moments would damage you if you are on top of them. However, Alecto will summon them one at a time. Never be on those circles and between what you dodge try to hit him.
  • Balls of Wrath : You will often see Alecto start spinning on the spot as she launches several red-black spheres. You will have to try to dodge them but here the important thing is to attack him quickly to stop his attack, because otherwise he will start charging his anger bar, below I will tell you more about this mechanic.
  • Sierra Slicer : This will only do it from 50% of its health, it will start to summon some disks that will stay on the screen for a long time and will bounce around it. He be very careful to dodge them and remember that Alecto will continue to attack. There may be a few on the screen, but luckily after a while they end up disappearing and therefore you can’t accumulate so many that it’s impossible to get past the boss.


If Alecto fills her Wrath bar to 100% (remember to attack her when she throws the red balls so she doesn’t pass) she will enter a kind of rage mode in which she will be much more powerful. Luckily this will only last a few seconds, but when he has 25% health or less, he will enter yes or yes (regardless of the rage bar, it will jump to 100%) in Rage mode and this time it will be permanent until die.

Most of his attacks will be empowered and the boss will become more aggressive. If he enters this mode before reaching 25% health, simply dodge until he loses his rage, if it is already permanent rage try to dodge him but above all get very offensive (without being crazy either, with head), because in this mode you want Alecto to fall fast, it’s very dangerous and at 25% health she will actually fall pretty fast.

Weapons that can strike from a distance (including the spear, which has such a range that it almost is) will be very useful in this mode since it will be more dangerous to be close to it.


Some tips for this battle:

  • Watch out for the traps around the room, careful not to step on them.
  • Chaos Shield will allow you to block most of his attacks (not circles for example, because they attack on the ground). It is especially useful for blocking the red balls, but remember that when he does this attack you must hit him to stop his Wrath increase.
  • Remember to cast your spell on it to apply the Blood Stone mark, which, together with one of the first attributes of the Mirror of Night, will cause you to deal 50% more damage.
  • Chaos Shield with Ares’s blessing on the special attack is great if you’re just starting out and can’t do Alecto, with that setup you can easily take down most of the bosses in the game.


It happens the same as with the other Erinyes, you will get Titan Blood the first time you defeat it and the following only Darkness. The only thing is that it shares a “hole” with the other Furies , that is, if you have already defeated Tisiphone or Megara with a weapon, you will not get Titan’s Blood, it will only happen with the first Furies you defeat with each weapon, F.

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