April 21, 2024


In Hades we will have to advance between different phases of the underworld until we can reach the outside in order to find Zagreo’s mother, that is the purpose of our protagonist and reaching the surface is not going to be easy.

There are a total of 4 different zones and some other secret that we will also mention in this post and as we go up the zone, the game will get more and more complicated. Let’s see then, all its zones in order and at the end the secret ones.


Tartarus will be the first area that we will have to overcome in Hades and it is without a doubt the easiest of all.

In this area you will have to be especially careful with the huge number of traps there are, especially some squares that when stepped on will activate either spikes or a mechanism that will activate something that damages us. You will find them practically in all areas.

The enemies in the area are not particularly complicated: You will have to be especially vigilant with the geodes that launch laser beams, the clusters of skulls that must die quickly or they will not stop summoning flying skulls that, although they are very weak, do not want them to accumulate and other more resistant and larger enemies that will require more damage from Zagreus to defeat them.

His final boss can be one of three Erinyes: Megara , Alecto , or Tisiphone. Megara will always appear at first, but as you advance a little in the game, the other two, which are more complicated, will be able to appear.


Asfodelos is the second zone of Hades and we will access it after defeating the final boss of Tartarus. This area stands out above all for having a lot of lava everywhere, that if for some reason we step on it we will receive a lot of constant damage while we continue on it, so try by all means not to step on it.

The good thing about this is that enemies can also take damage from the lava, except for the ones that fly like mages. And since the theme of the wizards comes up, beware, because there will be areas full of them and this time they will cast lots of spells (they will practically occupy the screen). Reflecting is very useful in these confrontations, otherwise, you will have no choice but to try to kill them while dodging tons of spells.

As for more enemies that we have to be careful with, there are the Jellyfish (who will launch projectiles at us that will petrify us for a few seconds, watch out), some skeletons that carry out powerful streaks of attacks, others that throw bombs (the same ones that appear in Tartarus as a mini-boss. Be careful because when they die they always drop a bomb and if you stay in the place you will eat it, it’s horrible) and an event that we will sometimes find in a confrontation in which we will be on a small island with quite little space to It will move and between reaching its destination you will have to defend yourself against numerous enemies.

His final boss is the Hydra.


Third area of ​​Hades that we access after defeating the final boss of Asphodelos and this is where things start to get really complicated.

The Elysee stands out mainly for two things:

  • Quite powerful enemies: We have several humanoids that carry different weapons (those with the shield are especially annoying because they cover themselves in front and watch out for those with the bow because they will shoot you from afar, a peephole mark will appear on you, take cover) that cause a lot damage and that when defeated they will become a kind of flying bug that if we don’t kill soon the humanoid will recover its form. Some pink balls that will summon some annoying butterflies that cause damage and fill the entire screen if left alone (your first priority is to defeat the pink ball). Some pretty fast and annoying cars, there are some big ones with a lot of health and some little ones with little health but they try to get close to you to explode so try to kill them without coming into contact with them.
  • Many Traps and Explosives: The area will be full of those bulbs that explode after a while when you hit them and these will be very helpful to kill the powerful and multiple enemies of the Elysium. We will also find some statues that shoot arrows and others with a spear that will hit you if you are close to them, be careful.

His final boss will be Theseus and the Minotaur, much more complicated than the previous ones, I personally got a bit stuck in this one, but now I make it quite easy.


The Temple of the Styx is the last area of ​​Hades and we will access it after defeating the final boss of Elysium, it is clearly the worst area in the game and it is very easy to die in it, so be careful.

There are several changes in this area that make it quite peculiar:

  • In front of us, straight ahead, we will find Cerberus guarding the door that leads to the exit to Greece and where we will find the final boss. He will not move unless we give him food, which we can find in one of the rooms that I will talk about in the next point.
  • In the upper area, left from where you enter, there will be 6 doors with different rewards. In one of them there will randomly be Cerberus’s food, in my numerous games I have realized that the food is never in the rooms that have the skull (the most dodgy), but I don’t know if it is the product of incredible luck or it is which is really so. These rooms are different since you will not get a reward until you pass several rooms and in one of them you will find food and a healing source at the end to go a little better to the final boss.
  • In the lower area, right from where you enter, will be Charon’s shop. This store is much bigger than usual, it will have a lot more items, but it will have some at an absurd price, so you probably won’t be able to buy them all. In addition, in this store you can sometimes buy the most coveted permanent items of Hades such as Titan’s Blood , Ambrosia and Diamonds .

There are several annoying enemies like those Geodes that launch laser beams but much more hardcore, the little bugs that lay mines, but now mines more beasts, various traps and worst of all: The damn poison.


There are several enemies that can poison us like the Satyrs and the giant rats (these will leave poisonous puddles on the ground that you must not step on under any circumstances).

The poison is very annoying because it will lower our life very quickly and it is easy to end up poisoned in this area, luckily curing the poison is very simple. You will simply have to activate some sources that are in each of the rooms and ready, you will cure the poison, you must have these sources very located to go quickly as soon as they poison you or you will die. His thing is that as soon as you enter you locate it to be able to act quickly in case of poisoning.

The final boss of this area will be none other than Hades himself, a very complicated boss, so be careful.


Greece is the objective of Zagreo and in this area you will not find any type of enemy, just an event that I will not spoil because it is a pretty big spoiler.


Now we will see the Secret Zones , which as secret as they are, we do not have to go through them to overcome the escape attempt, but it does not hurt to know them and see what they can offer us.


Chaos is the area where the god with the same name lives, Chaos , a rather peculiar god since his blessings not only give us benefits but also due to various confrontations we will also have certain disadvantages and until we overcome the relevant confrontations we will not obtain his blessing .

You can access this area through the holes of chaos that you will find randomly in the game rooms, it is like a circle on the ground that when you approach it becomes a kind of circle of darkness. Be careful because to enter this area we will suffer a lot of damage.


The Erebus is the most hidden area in all of Hades and you can only obtain it by unlocking it with one of the improvements of the Dwelling Contractor called “Gates of the Erebus” and they will also only appear if you have a certain level of heat and therefore you will not be able to see their portal until you at least defeat the final Hades boss.

You can find it as a circle on the ground of fire as it happens with Chaos, but this one is much more strange that it appears. You will see that a reward symbol will also appear in the circle-portal of fire, which is what you can get if you enter and overcome the challenge that appears in the Erebus (which is always to defeat several enemies without taking damage).

If you succeed you will get the reward, which will be more powerful than usual, if you don’t you will get a Smelly Red Onion that will simply restore 1 health point lol.

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