April 21, 2024


Chaos (also known as Chaos) is a rather peculiar Chthonic god of Hades who will offer us, like the Gods of Olympus, his blessings.

The fact is that Chaos works in a quite different way since it will only grant you if you overcome a challenge first. For you to understand it better, we will have to carry a curse during “x” confrontations and overcoming them is when we will obtain the blessing in question, the curse disappearing in the process.


I already explained this in the post about the Zones and Secret Zones of Hades since the area where this god appears is also called Chaos. Basically it is something random , sometimes a kind of circle will appear on the ground that will allow us to access this dimension where only this god lives.

Be careful because there is a cost to enter the world of Chaos, which is basically a reasonable amount of health, so it would be better if you don’t even think about it in case you are quite lacking in it or you are in an area that gives you a lot of problems .


Remember that we will only obtain the blessings by overcoming the curse (you will see them below) that touches us during x confrontations. These are the blessings at their lowest rarity, increasing the rarity will further enhance these effects:

  • Assault : You will deal 43% more damage to unpunished enemies.
    • Requirements: Fiery Presence (Mirror of Night attribute).
  • Gathering : You gain an Additional Bloodstone (with which you cast the Spell).
  • Ambush : +46% extra damage when hitting from behind.
    • Requirements: Spectral Presence (the Burning Presence variant).
  • Favor : You have an 11% greater chance that the boons that appear to you will be rare or better (of higher rarity and more powerful, come on).
  • Slam : The attack along with the dash will deal 50% more damage.
  • Psyche : It will increase our health by 37 points.
  • Attack : +32% more damage with the standard attack.
  • Eclipse : You will get 79% more Darkness and Gems .
  • Fasto : You will get 40% more Charon’s Obols (the coins).
  • Shot : +32% damage with the Spell.
  • Fist : You will cause 44% more damage with the Special Attack.
  • Challenge : Legendary Blessing. You gain 1 more use of Mortal Challenge (which causes us to revive). Be careful with this huh, you don’t replace, but you get 1 extra, let’s say that even if your maximum of challenges is three, you can get another one.

You can see that unlike the Blessings of the other Gods , these are not focused on any particular mechanic, but rather they improve everything a bit and therefore combine well with any of the other gods.


And now the curses, which is what we will have to overcome to obtain the blessing that we have chosen:

  • Elusive : During 3 confrontations you will not collect Blood Stones.
    • Prerequisite: Infernal Psyche.
  • Confused : During 4 matches you will lose 4 health when using the Spell.
  • Martyrizer : During 3 confrontations you will receive 25% more damage.
  • Brake : During the next 3 matches your dash will have 25% less range.
  • Caustic : During 4 confrontations the enemies will drop a bomb when dying.
  • Atrophic : You will have -35 total health in the next 3 matchups.
  • Incognito : You will not see the door symbol in the next 4 rooms.
  • Lethargic : You will move 44% slower for 4 engagements.
  • Poor : You won’t earn any Charon’s Pence in 4 matches.
  • Mutilator : You lose 3 health each time you use the standard attack. 4 clashes.
  • Skinner : You lose 4 health when using the special attack. 4 clashes.
  • Convulsive : 31% more enemies appear in the next 3 encounters.
  • Abysmal : Traps will deal 364% more damage for 4 engagements.

Keep in mind that while it is true that some of the curses are very annoying… they will be active only for a few confrontations and then you will have forever the blessing that you have chosen, that you have already seen that there are some that are very worthwhile.

I do not recommend it if you are going badly in the game, that without a doubt.

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