April 21, 2024


The Blood of Titan is without a doubt one of the most coveted items in Hades and this does not surprise me at all since it is one of the most useful items in the entire game, especially in the late-game, which is when we can really get “lots” of them.

We can easily get a few in our first games (it will also depend on the skill of each one) but since we are going to need a lot of Titan Blood, we will need to know all the methods that we have available. Anyway, first I will tell you what this object is for and after that all the methods to get it.


And why is this item so coveted by Hades players? Well, you see, it turns out that we need the Blood of the Titan to be able to unlock the different aspects of the Weapons of Hades . These skins are kind of an alternate version of weapons with different quirks and unique benefits, there are some really cool skins!

The fact is that it not only serves to unlock aspects, but it will also allow us to level them up to make them even better. And keep in mind, the default skin (the one a weapon has when you unlock it from stock) can also be upgraded.

Another fact to keep in mind is that the last aspect of each weapon will be locked (it will not allow us to invest Titan Blood in it) and you will have to do a series of things to unlock it. Later I will make a post explaining this in detail.


And now we go to what is interesting, all the methods that exist to obtain the precious Blood of Titan:


It is the method with which you will surely get your first Blood of Titan, but it has the drawback of being limited , I tell you. The first time you defeat one of the final bosses of Tartarus ( Megara , Alecto , or Tisiphone) with each different weapon, you will obtain Titan’s Blood. Similarly this will also happen with the final boss of the game.

Come on, you can only get 2 Titan’s Blood (one for the first boss and one for the end) for each different weapon (aspects don’t count, it’s the same weapon) and once you’ve got them, bad luck because they won’t come out more with this method.


If you get to the area of ​​Estigia (the last one) you will see that on the right side there will be a Charonte store but much more beastly. It will have more objects than usual and some of them will be very expensive. There’s a chance that one of them is actually Titan’s Blood, but watch out because it’ll cost 1,500 Charon’s Obols , which is said soon, so you’d better save up for it.

His thing would be that you don’t spend the money and keep it in case you are lucky and the Blood of Titan appears, other billet objects can also appear, such as the Diamond or the Ambrosia . Remember that there are attributes of the Mirror that help us collect more coins as well as some blessings such as one from Hermes, also from Poseidon and even some from Chaos that will help us in this regard.


In the Miserable Moneychanger he will also occasionally offer us some barter in which we can obtain the Blood of the Titan, the problem is that this object is so valuable that he will usually ask you for things of considerable value and in general it will not be worth the exchange, but continue being an option.


Another method is through the List of Omens, a table that we will unlock soon in Hades that will appear in our room and in which they will give us juicy rewards (including objects from billets such as Titan’s Blood) for completing certain achievements.

These are the ones that will give us Blood of Titan:

  • War God’s Bloodlust : 2 reward Titan’s Blood. We must kill 10,000 enemies or more and then talk to Ares.
  • Weapons Master : 10 Titan Blood. We have to defeat Hades with each of the weapons in the game (Stygian Sword, Eternal Spear, Shield of Chaos, Heartpiercer Bow, The Twin Fists and Adamantine Cannon).
  • Subhuman Conditions : 15 Titan Blood. We must beat the game with each of the conditions of the Pact of Punishment. They don’t have to be all at once eh (how crazy), it can be in all the games you want.
  • Mindless Plunder : 3 Titan Blood. You will need to defeat all mini-bosses in all Hades zones . Including those of Stygia (end zone), which you will have to enter the doors with a skull.

As you can see, they are all quite affordable except for the Pact of Punishment, which is quite crazy and for a reason they give us 15 Titan Blood for it hahaha. Killing Hades with each of the weapons is very worthwhile, since it is within what it fits… “simple” and the reward is 10, which is cloth. The rest are easy to get.


For me it is the best method, or at least with which we can get more of this object, although it will require a lot of skill.

It is about the heat level: When you beat the game you will get a new mechanic that is the heat level, basically we can add certain things that will complicate the attempt even more, the more these things are, the higher the heat level will be. At each heat level you will be able to get rewards again from the tochas that only come out once with each weapon and among them is the Titan’s Blood. The idea is that you do the whole game with heat level 1 with each weapon, then you go to heat level 2 with each weapon and thus you will get a lot of Titan Blood.

And that would be all! As you can see, it is a somewhat complicated object to obtain, especially if we want to have many to unlock many aspects and enhance them. But yes, it is very worth it, because there are very good aspects and that our weapons are more powerful is always appreciated.

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