April 21, 2024


Megara is the first great boss of Hades and despite the fact that it is a boss that is not really very complicated, it is true that it can be a bit uphill, especially because the normal thing would be to reach him when we are not yet very used to this indie .

The truth is that she is the nicest Eriny of all and she is the one you always want to come out (also because she is the easiest), the other two are more complicated and more annoying.


We will find it at the end of Tartarus guarding the gate of Asphodelos, which is the next area. At the beginning, Megara will always appear as the final boss of Tartarus , but when we advance a little, other bosses may also appear in its place: Tisiphone and Alecto .

So we could say that when you have advanced somewhat in the game, there is a 33% chance that Erinia will be the boss that will touch you in Tartarus (the first zone).


These are Eriny’s attacks and how to counter her:

  • Charge : When you see the Erinyes stop and crouch, after a short time it will make a charge in the direction it is facing. You can easily dodge him with the dash. The idea is that after avoiding her charge you run towards her, hit her 2 or 3 times and quickly separate yourself from her so as not to receive an attack.
  • Area Strike : When we are close to her, on many occasions she will make an area attack around her that we must avoid at all costs. This is the reason why we should not attack him for a long time. This if you go with a melee weapon , if you attack from a distance you will not have this problem.
  • Summon Enemies : From time to time Megara will summon enemies, which are usually the mages or those sucked monsters that you have already seen in Tartarus. My advice is not to focus too much on them, focus more on Megara, but from time to time you see killing one that you are not interested in accumulating either.
  • Circle Streak : An attack in which several circles will appear on the ground where Zagreus is and after a short time they will explode and damage you if you are in their area. Simply dash out of the circle. When the circles are not where Megara is, take the opportunity to hit her, but be careful because more circles will quickly appear where you are and you will have to move away.
  • Ball Streak : Megara will start shooting balls in all directions while standing still. Focus on dodging them until it stops. The shield here comes in handy since you can cover yourself and it will be very easy for them not to damage you.

Another fact to keep in mind is that when you reach certain health sections, a shield will be put on that will immunize you from all damage for a short period of time, at which point you must stop attacking. The shield is easily seen.


Some tips for this battle:

  • You must be very careful as there are several traps in the room that are activated when you step on them. These will also damage Megara if she steps on them, so you can take advantage of this to deal extra damage just by staying close to them (don’t step on them yourself).
  • If the fight is too hard for you, I recommend that you use the shield (with Condemnation of Ares’s Blessings in the special attack), this will make the battle much easier. This also happens with the bow, keeping your distance helps a lot with this boss. In any case, you will see that with melee weapons it can also be done in a simple way, but you will have to know all its patterns and attacks better and follow the attack guide that you have above.
  • Remember to use your Spell, this will allow you to deal damage from a distance and also through the improvements of the mirror you will make the enemies that have the Spell mark receive more damage, something that is very key.
  • Make sure you come into this fight with high health for obvious reasons. You will know when the confrontation will play the first time you go (until you defeat it once) with each different weapon because the symbol on the door will be a kind of “blood”. From there you can follow it knowing that it will appear as a little star next to the door symbol. In this post you have tips to heal yourself .

If you also unlock the attribute that allows us to revive once when dying, it will come in handy, but try to have it when you get to Megara. It is unlocked at the beginning of the game in the mirror and its first upgrade is not expensive so you can have it for the battle.


The first time you defeat Megara with each of the weapons you will get Titan’s Blood (you can continue to get it by increasing the heat level, a mechanic you get from defeating Hades’ final boss.

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