April 14, 2024


One of the sections in which Hades stands out the most is in the variety of weapons it has and how different they all are, each one has its own mechanics and therefore each one will require a very different game mode.

We will start with Styx, which is the sword of Zagreus, but as we progress through the game we can unlock until we have a total of 6 different weapons. In this guide I will explain how to unlock all weapons , I will tell you the mechanics of each one and we will discuss which is the best Hades weapon.


The process is very simple. As I have already told you, we will start with Styx as standard and you will quickly notice that in the room where we escaped to Tartarus (where Bones is) you will find what seems to be the accommodation for the other weapons and one that will be blocked (specifically the spear varatea).

To unlock Varatea and all the weapons you will have to invest Chthonic Keys , which you can get without problems in the underworld, simply enter the doors that have keys as a symbol.

When unlocking a weapon, the next one will appear and you will have to invest more Chthonic Keys and so on until you have unlocked the 6 weapons, there is not much mystery. Mind you, you’re going to have to farm quite a few Chthonic keys if you want to unlock them all quickly at the start.


Once we have unlocked the weapons we have 3 other additional aspects apart from the Zagreo aspect, we have two of them available to unlock them simply with Blood of Titan , which if you enter the link you have a guide on how to get it.

Apart from these two we find another blocked that we cannot activate. These are the Hidden Aspects , for which we will have to meet the following requirements:


This aspect must be unlocked so we can go for the rest . The first thing we must do is go to the dwelling contractor and buy the list of minor omens, we must have defeated Hades at least once. Once this is done, we must invest at least five units of Titan Blood in different aspects of Varatea and the final step would be to talk to Achilles after each escape attempt until the time comes when he tells us the following sentence:

I see you through the eyes of the crimson phoenix.

Once Achilles has told us this, we just have to go to Varatea and this new aspect will appear, all the other weapons are activated in a similar way by means of a phrase.


Just like we did with Varatea on Guan Yu’s skin, we have to invest five units of Titan’s Blood in our Styx. Once this is done, we have to talk to Nyx in the same way we did with Achilles until she tells us:

I see your royal forgiveness of a stone prison.


As usual we have to spend five units of Titan Blood in Aegis, then we must go with the Chaos aspect and find it, then it will give us the phrase that unlocks the Beowulf aspect:

I see you stand firm against the flame of the serpent and the fertilizers.


After investing five units of Titan Blood in Coronacto, we must speak several times with Artemis until she says:

I see you lying in the arms of the seventh avatar.

In this case it is not necessary to have the bow equipped when talking to Artemis.


This aspect is the most complex to achieve because we are not always sure to find the character we need. First, as always, we spend five units of Titan’s Blood on Malfon and then we must search the Elysium for Asterion. We must look for him when he is without Theseus so that he can tell us:

I see you defeat nature and make peace with death.


This case is exactly the same as Rama’s, only instead of Artemis we must look for Zeus and talk to him until he tells us:

“I see your proud fall from the skies to the flames.”


Let’s now look at each of Hades’ weapons:


The most balanced weapon in Hades and the one we will start with. It has quite fast and powerful attacks, it will also allow us to hit multiple enemies (horizontally) thanks to the fact that the combo begins with a horizontal slash.

  • Standard Attack : A fairly powerful combo of 3 fast attacks.
  • Special Attack : We will hit the ground and damage all the enemies around us in a fairly large area. Causes quite a bit of damage.
  • Rush Attack : An attack after the dash with decent damage that will allow us to get close to enemies and hit them.

From the outset it seems like a fairly simple weapon, which it is, but for me it is the best weapon in the game because of how powerful it is (both with combos and with the special) and especially because of the improvements to the Daedalus Hammer, which is a pass.

Let’s see all its aspects:

  • Aspect of Zagreo : It is the most basic and gives us up to 15% attack and movement speed if we invest titan blood in it.
  • Aspect of Nemesis : It gives us a benefit very similar to the blessings of Artemis, after using the special attack it gives us up to 30% chance of doing critical damage with the standard attack.
  • Aspect of Poseidon : This aspect causes that when using the special attack the enemies release the throwing attack that we have launched before and we can raise the damage of the throwing attacks up to 50%.
  • Arturo’s aspect : For my taste the best aspect of Estigiana, it makes us a little slower when attacking but it gives us 50 extra life points and with the special attack we make a fairly wide field in which we reduce the damage we receive by 40% if we stay in it.


A spear with powerful and fast attacks, but where it stands out the most (as with all spears) is because of the tremendous range it has, which will allow us to attack enemies from a safe distance, which is something very important.

These are his attacks:

  • Standard Attack : A fast 3-hit combo with absurd range that deals damage in a straight line. If we keep it pressed we will charge a quite powerful blow in the area but in my opinion less effective than the Stygian one.
  • Special Attack : We will launch the spear as a projectile and after making a standard attack or pressing the special again, the spear will return to us, being able to cause damage again. The good thing about this is that also, by returning the spear we can usually hit enemies with the sword and that is a pretty powerful damage bonus.
  • Accelerated Attack : We will hit after the dash and create a small round area in front of us that can hit multiple enemies.

It’s a tremendously effective weapon, the only downside is that its damage is too lane. But yes, it has such an absurd range that it will be very easy to hit multiple enemies if they are in a line. I underestimated it a bit and the truth is that when I tried it it gave me very good results, it is one of my favorite weapons.

Varatea aspects:

  • Zagreo Aspect : Similar to Stygian’s Zagreo aspect, it gives us a speed bonus and increases the range of the special attack by 25% both.
  • Aspect of Achilles : When throwing Varatea with the special attack, when pressing it again we will charge to recover the spear, after doing it we can obtain a damage bonus of up to 150%.
  • Aspect of Hades : With this aspect we have to do spinning blows very often, since it attributes the punishing sweep to the enemies, while the enemies are affected by it we will inflict up to 150% more damage.
  • Guan Yu Aspect : This spear is the most powerful version of Varatea but the most dangerous to wield. It takes up to 50% of our life but when we execute the spinning attack we make a wave that mows down the life of the enemy and heals us, it enhances our standard attack and with the special it generates explosions.


As a bow that it is, it will allow us to attack from a distance, which will keep us very safe from enemy attacks. But it will also require us to constantly keep our distance since hand-to-hand we will be sold.

  • Standard Attack : A shot that we must charge (hold the button) that causes tremendous damage. Also, if we fire it right when Zagreus blinks, we’ll deal even more damage. The only drawback is that we will not be able to move while we are aiming.
  • Special Attack : We will launch a lot of arrows in a fan that will allow us to hit multiple enemies. Much less powerful than the standard, but with a lot of damage potential to multiple enemies and without having to charge.
  • Accelerated Attack : We will launch an arrow (which will not travel much distance, almost nothing in fact) after the dash. We can also charge the shot after the dash, but the truth is that it is an attack that is a bit too much.

It’s not a bad weapon as such, but I think there are better ones. The damage will be tremendous, although it will require precision to get the most out of it. The problem is what has already been mentioned, we will be a little sold in the melee and we will always have to keep our distance.

Its aspects:

  • Aspect of Zagreo : Similar to the aspect of Nemesis in Stygian, it increases the critical chance of the standard attack by up to 15%.
  • Aspect of Chiron : A most curious aspect, from here Coronacto becomes more interesting, with the special attack he launches a burst of eight projectiles that automatically seek the last enemy that we have hit with a standard attack.
  • Aspect of Hera : Similar to the aspect of Beowulf in Aegis, it does not allow us to make special attacks since with them it charges the standard attack making a strong impact, the more we improve it, the less time it will take to drop the blood stones to continue charging our standard attack (up to a minimum of 5 seconds).
  • Rama Aspect: Very powerful aspect, it changes the normal charged shot for a wave with a much wider area and our special attack for a triple projectile that bounces off enemies, finally, when hitting with the special attack, for 7 seconds we will do up to 60% more damage with the standard attack on the enemy affected by this skill called shared suffering; tremendous bow.


Undoubtedly an incredible weapon for the protection it offers us and for being also very good at distance damage as strange as this sounds. It is the weapon that will keep us safest of all and can also become very powerful with the relevant blessings (especially those of Ares with Doom and others).

  • Standard Attack : It is not a combo as such, it is an individual attack that we can perform as a combo, but it will always be the same blow. It deals considerable damage, but has a short range. The good thing is that if we keep it pressed we will cover ourselves (this will protect us from all the damage we receive from the front) and when we release it we will make a quite powerful charge.
  • Special Attack : We will throw our shield to Captain America and it will hit multiple enemies from a distance as it will bounce from one to another. The shield is thrown an absurd distance and will hit a ton of enemies. It is an incredible attack, since despite being quite weak, if we combine it with blessings such as Dooms of Ares, it will deal incredible damage to tons of enemies at once and even at a distance.
  • Accelerated Attack : Very similar to the standard attack but after a dash, no more.

An incredible weapon. The only one that will allow us to protect ourselves (it comes in incredibly handy for some boss attacks) and with an incredible ability to cause damage to multiple enemies from a distance. If they approach us, we can charge with the shield while protecting ourselves, which is very important.

Aegis Aspects:

  • Zagreo Aspect : This aspect simply gives us a damage bonus for the standard and accelerated attack (up to a maximum of +15 damage), in my opinion it is the weakest version of this wonderful weapon.
  • Aspect of Chaos : If after performing an onslaught we perform a special attack, it will fire up to a maximum of 5 shields in the area simultaneously.
  • Aspect of Zeus : One of the most useful forms since it allows us to shoot an electric shield with the special attack and while it spins and deals area damage to enemies (doing up to a maximum of 30 base damage per hit) we can cover ourselves or do lunges with the standard attack.
  • Aspect of Beowulf : In this aspect we will not be able to carry out throwing attacks since when using the command we will enhance the attacks we make by holding down and releasing the standard attack, in its maximum refinement it gives us 100% to the damage and area bonus but at instead we suffer 10% more damage.


Hades’ fastest melee weapon. It has very little range, yes, but it hits very fast and that is something that we can take advantage of very well with the blessings of Zeus to cause more damage and make our attacks launch lots of lightning towards the other enemies.

  • Standard Attack : A very fast 5-hit combo.
  • Special Attack : A hook hit that deals high damage.
  • Accelerated Attack : Hit after the dash, we can do it with both the standard and the special.

It has a very good ability to do damage to a single target due to its fast combos and its powerful special (doing the whole combo followed by the hook hit goes a long way) but it loses in terms of range and in terms of damage to multiple enemies, something that we can compensate with blessings from Zeus.


  • Aspect of Zagreo : It has a passive very similar to one of the blessings that Hermes grants us, it gives us up to a 15% chance of dodging the blows of enemies that is not bad for us since we use it at a very short distance, even so there are ways that look more to my liking.
  • Aspect of Talos : With this form, the fighting style of this weapon changes a lot, since when using the special attack we attract the enemy and cause damage at the same time, which allows us to attack at a certain distance, it also provides us with up to 50% of damage bonus for magnetized throwing and standard attack.
  • Aspect of Demeter : By making a succession of 12 hits with the standard attack, the special attack is charged and allows it to hit more times.
  • Aspect of Gilgamesh : In this case we have a very powerful double-edged sword, when performing an accelerated hook we apply an effect to the enemy called mutilation, to an enemy affected by mutilation we inflict 25% more damage on enemies but they in return they hit us 50% more for 4 seconds, at the end of that time the enemy receives a fairly powerful blow of up to 250 damage, it is a very powerful weapon but if you make a room with a very high heat level it may be more damaging than beneficial.


A ranged weapon that deals a lot of damage via SMG-style hits and is also very good at ranged area damage. I don’t like it very much because we have to control the bullets we have, reload ammunition and that seems like a pain to me, but it’s tremendous.

  • Standard Attack : We will shoot very fast causing a not very high damage but by launching so many projectiles it will end up being a very good damage. We have 12 bullets and as soon as we spend them we will have to reload (it is automatic when we stop attacking), we can also reload whenever we want with a button, it depends on the device.
  • Special Attack : We will throw a grenade from a distance that will take a while to hit but will cause high damage in the area it falls. The good thing is that we can use it while we load the bullets so we don’t stay without doing anything.
  • Accelerated Attack : We will shoot after the dash, it is not worth much.

I hate the mechanic of having to reload the weapon, but it’s a weapon with incredible destructive potential. Let’s go with its aspects:

  • Aspect of Zagreo : This aspect increases our ammunition up to a maximum of 12 more bullets, it does not improve our attack but it means that we do not have to reload so much that it becomes a bit tedious.
  • Aspect of Eris : This version has a somewhat strange operation, we have to make a special attack against an enemy but we have to receive the impact to activate its passive, which gives us up to 75% bonus damage.
  • Aspect of Hestia : With this we have to be continuously reloading ammunition, because when reloading it manually, it enhances the next shot we make (150 damage at its maximum refinement).
  • Aspect of Lucifer : Here we find many changes in the gameplay, since the special attack throws a fireball to the field (at most we can throw 3, when throwing 4 they start to explode) while it is on the field it inflicts damage to the enemies that is in contact and when it explodes it makes a fire explosion that does up to a maximum of 63 damage. We can detonate it by throwing more balls or with the standard attack which turns into a jet of lava.


I consider that all the weapons are very good and that it depends on the game mode of each one, the important thing is that you take the one that suits you best with your way of playing and manage to create a good build of blessings (although as I already recommended in the advice post , his thing is to take advantage and take the weapon that has the purple aura to get more Darkness).

In my case, one of the weapons that I enjoyed the most was Aegis in his Zeus aspect because of the possibility of covering yourself and making charges while the special attack destroys the enemies by itself, another case was Malfon with his Talos aspect, when doing the special attack dragged the enemies and could attack from a distance to attract them and unleash a sequence of standard attacks, if you put a good blessing of Artemis in these weapons in the special attack you can get to do some crazy numbers.

A weapon that I highly recommend is the Stygian, especially the aspect of Nemesis and especially that of Arthur when you unlock it (what a thing this weapon puts in).

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