April 21, 2024


Today we will talk about Weavile , a Pokémon that despite having quite a few cons on its part, ends up having a pretty good performance; I would even tell you that it is one of the best Ice Pokémon and maybe one of the Dark-types as well.

It is one of the best examples of a Pokémon that hits very hard but is extremely weak and therefore easy to kill, what we know in the world as a “Glass Canon” or Crystal Cannon. This implies that we will have to be quite careful with it, but if we use it in the correct way, it will give us a lot.

As always, let’s take a deep look at this Pokémon and at the end I will make a strategy for it.


His stats add up to a total of 510 points , so for the moment things are not bad, let’s see them in detail:

  • Health: 70.
  • Attack: 120.
  • Defense: 65.
  • Special Attack: 45.
  • Special Defense: 85.
  • Speed: 125.

What I was telling you, very powerful offensively and quite lousy defensively; a full-fledged Glass Canon. 120 Attack is a lot and together with that Speed ​​of 125 (which few reach) we can wreak havoc.

Defensively, as mentioned, a very low Health and Defense; and a Special Defense that is true that it is not bad, but insufficient to save this Pokémon on the defensive side.

We will cause a lot of damage, we will be very fast, but we will have to be careful not to receive hits or we will not last at all; that will be the key in Weavile.


Weavile is a Dark Ice Type , which gives it the following weaknesses and resistances:

  • He is immune to Psychic and Abilities that grant priority like Prankster.
  • It is resistant to Dark, Ice and Ghost.
  • It is weak to Fire, Fairy, Rock, Steel and Bug.
  • It is very weak to Fighting.

Immunity to Psychic although it is not the best of all immunities, it is something that we always appreciate; It also comes hand in hand with immunity to abilities that give priority to the enemy, something that in itself is a hoot, but that Weavile comes in especially well with.

As for resistance, they are not too many, but it is not bad either since they are quite grateful. The downside is its weaknesses, which are quite a few and dangerous, so you’ll have to be very careful. Fight is one of the worst we can have and on top of that it is a x4 weakness, and others like Fire, Fairy and Rock are also quite damn, especially the last one because of the Rock Trap, something that we will also have to be very careful with.


Let’s now see his abilities and which ones could become interesting:


It’s not bad at all, but it’s more appreciated with more resistant Pokémon than Weavile. When they attack us, the opponent’s moves will spend 2 PP instead of just 1. Since the idea is that they don’t attack us too much, we won’t get as much out of it as a Defensive Pokémon could.

In any case, we will pull this ability because the next one «is worthless to us».


When the rival uses a contact movement against us, we will proceed to steal an object, the only thing is that this only works if we do not have an equipped object, and that is something that obviously does not interest us. In addition, we are in the same situation as the previous case, the idea would be that they do not attack us; but since we need an object yes or yes and depending on stealing it is very situational and dangerous, we better roll Pressure.

On top of this, we can already remove objects through Disarm, so nothing Worth It this ability.


The perfect Iv’s, seldom will it be like that… let’s get to the interesting thing, which are the EV’s and Nature:

  • EV’s : We want it to be as fast and lethal as possible, so all in Attack and Speed, the rest in Special Defense.
  • Nature : The best thing would be Happy (+Speed ​​-Special Attack) to be even faster and not be passed by other Pokémon that are somewhat slower but have a nature like this that increases their Speed. An alternative would be Steadfast (+Attack-Special) to deal even more damage, but I recommend Cheerful because we’re going to need that extra Speed ​​to have a better chance of outpacing the opponent (which it will be in most cases).


These are the items I recommend for Weavile:

  • Choice Ribbon : Increases physical damage by 50% but when we use a movement we will be forced to continue using it until we remove the Pokémon from the field, at which time this resets. We really need that extra power to burst, but we will have to be careful when choosing moves and withdraw the Pokémon when necessary.
  • Election Scarf : Same as the tape but increases Speed ​​by 50%, with it we will easily be the fastest Pokémon on the field, but you will see that for Weavile to spread we will need more power and therefore I recommend the Tape more.


The movements that I recommend the most for Weavile:

  • Frostsong : STAB Ice, Physical, 40 Potency, 100% Accuracy, +1 Priority. Very interesting movement for the STAB and for the priority when attacking, which will be one of the great strengths of Weavile. Especially taking into account the wide coverage that the Ice type has, with this we will be the terror of Pokémon like Garchomp , Dragonite or Salamence (which have a x4 weakness to Ice and as above we have priority and a tremendous offensive…).
  • Shots : STAB Ice, Physical, 85 power, 90% accuracy, and a 30% chance to knock the target back. Tremendous hit with STAB though that 90 accuracy is always a bit of a gamble; anyway it is a tremendous blow and the 30% chance to push the opponent back is greatly appreciated especially being how fast Weavile is.
  • Low Kick : Fighting, Physical, variable power, 100% accuracy. Despite the hardest Pokémon, we will beat him, the power will go from 20 to 120 depending on the weight. It will give us Fighting coverage, very good coverage and it will also be a powerful ally against heavy enemies, a nightmare for Tyranitar .
  • Disarm : STAB Dark, Physical, 65 power and 100% Accuracy. The rival will lose the item they have equipped, which is a hoot, and on top of that when this happens the attack will cause 50% more damage. Without a doubt, an incredible STAB Dark-Type move that we can’t go without for both utility and power.
  • Surprise : Normal, Physical, 40 power and 100% accuracy. Priority attack that only works if we use it as our first move when we go out on the field. The good thing is that if we attack before the rival, we will always push him back.


Now I will assemble some strategies that I consider to be very worthwhile, you can assemble yours with all the data that I have given you, but it can serve as an example:


  • IVs: Perfect.
  • EVs: All in Attack and Speed, remaining in Special Defense.
  • Nature: Cheerful.
  • Object: Choice Ribbon.
  • Ability: Pressure.
  • Movements:
    • Chuzos.
    • I sing ice cream
    • Disarm.
    • Low kick.

We have physical power, a lot of speed, an infarct coverage and Icy Song that will allow us to hit with priority decently thanks to our power and STAB; not forgetting the hoot of having Disarm to remove items and as coverage for Dark and again with STAB.

The best we can do is play with the “terror” that this Pokémon will normally cause against many opponents to take advantage of the turn in which they change to attack hard (here Disarm is a good option to take the item from the Pokémon that enters). Playing well with Frozen Song will also be key, as the priority it gives us will give us a great advantage against many Pokémon and it is a very useful tool to dispatch Pokémon that are already somewhat weakened without problems.

Chuzos is also a tremendous option because of how hard it hits and because if we are faster we have a 30% chance of pushing the enemy back and therefore gaining an extra turn that will come in handy.

And if you save Weavile for the end of the game, when the opponent is quite weak, you can easily sweep and if you play it well you will have the game won. As long as you’ve gotten rid of threats, of course.


And now the opposite, what to do to defeat a Weavile and some of its counters:

  • Pokémon faster than him : And here the Election Scarf will be our worst enemy since we can trust that we are faster than the rival to surprise us with the fact that since he is wearing the Election Scarf, he surpasses us and deletes us. Let’s also keep in mind that while it’s true that we are very fast, there are a few dangerous Pokémon that outperform us in base Speed ​​like Dragapult or Talonflame .
  • Burn : Like any physical offensive, burn will render you nearly useless as you will deal 50% less damage with your physical attacks (usually all of them).
  • Fire Pokemon : The only threat to these Pokemon would be Disarm, but if you’ve got one tough enough to take a hit (eg Volcarona  or Heatran ), you’ll be able to hit it back and kill it. Of course, losing the object is a problem, but it is what it is; damn Weavile.
  • Resistant Pokémon : Pokémon capable of holding it well and making it Stall will destroy it. An example would be Toxapex , although again we have the problem that Weavile will steal the item from us and that is not cool at all.

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