April 21, 2024


Urshifu is perhaps one of the most interesting novelties that the Isle of Armor has brought when it comes to Competitive Pokémon , since it has a lot of things that make it a very interesting option to consider.

Something curious that this Pokémon has is that it has two forms; today we will only see one of them: Fluid Urshifu , to start with one… because come on, both forms seem brutal to me. And if you’re looking for the Brusque Urshifu Strategy, fear not, I’ll have it soon and link here.

Let’s go to the mess!


His stats add up to a total of 550 points , so we’re off to a good start so far. The good thing is that its cast is also incredible.

  • Health: 100.
  • Attack: 130.
  • Defense: 100.
  • Special Attack: 63.
  • Special Defense: 60.
  • Speed: 97.

Offensively we already see that it is a bad beast: It has a brutal Attack and a good Speed ​​(I like that they reach 100, but it is not about three points either), which does not mean that there are Pokémon faster than him that could put him in a rush like Alakazam, Talonflame or Venusaur with Chlorophyll and Clima de Sol.

And what’s even funny is that defensively it doesn’t fall short either: 100 Health and Defense is something to keep in mind, many Pokémon would like to… the bad thing (it had to have something) is that its Special Defense is low, so on that side it can suffer a lot.


The Fighting and Water Type is in my opinion one of its weaknesses:

  • It is resistant to Bug, Fire, Ice, Water, Dark, Steel and Rock.
  • It is weak to Fairy, Electric, Psychic, Grass and Flying.

Lots of resistances, but also a few weaknesses… and I don’t like that too much. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how many resistances you have if you also end up with a lot of weaknesses, it will still be very easy for a Pokémon to have a very effective move against you since one of the priorities in Competitive is having good coverage. What we cannot take away from him is that so many resistances will allow us to easily take him out on the battlefield.

The weaknesses, although they are not so annoying, are quite a few… We will have to be careful with Pokémon like Rillaboom , Talonflame, Alakazam or Regieleki .


We only have one skill under our belt, but luckily it’s brutal. Invisible Fist is Urshifu’s signature ability and it allows you to hit Pokemon that are guarding themselves with moves like Shield or Bunker with your contact moves (all of which we’ll put on it lol); so no matter how much it hurts them, they won’t be able to protect themselves from our blows .


We will strengthen the offensive, which is where it spreads the most:

  • IVs: All perfect.
  • EVs: All in Attack and Speed, the rest in Defense.
  • Nature: Cheerful (Increases Speed ​​and lowers Special Attack).
  • Ability: Invisible Fist.
  • Object: Ribbon or Handkerchief Choice.

With the Tape we will burst a lot (which is very good for us) while with the Scarf we will make sure to practically be the fastest but with less power (and therefore with a better role as Revenge Killer ).

I keep the Election Ribbon , the truth; that you don’t see how it bursts with it and we are already quick by default… in any case, we will have to know which Pokémon outperform us in Speed.


Best Moves for Fluid Urshifu:

  • Torrential Slam : STAB Water, Physical, 25 power, 100% accuracy, hits three times (75 power) plus will always critically hit. Brutal attack with a barbaric power for always being critical and that also bursts substitutes and continues hitting; as a curious fact oneshoots Mimikyu . Water is effective against Fire, Rock, and Earth.
  • Point Blank: STAB Fighting, physical, 120 power, 100% accuracy and as he hits it will lower Urshifu’s Defense and Special Defense. Fighting is effective against Ice, Normal, Steel, Rock, and Dark.
  • Thunder Punch : Electric, physical, 75 power, 100% accuracy, and a 10% chance to paralyze the target. It will cover us against Flying and Water, two extremely common Types in competitive.
  • Aqua Jet : STAB Water, Physical, 40 Power, 100% Accuracy, and has priority. Very useful to finish off enemies, priority is always appreciated in a Pokémon.

Optional Moves:

  • Ice Punch : Ice, physical, 75 power, 100% accuracy, and a 10% chance to freeze the target. It will cover us above all against Grass, Flying and Dragon.

We’ll hit really hard (with tape), we’ve got really good coverage, and we’ll be quickies, but don’t forget that a lot of Pokémon outmatch you and can hit you back with a really hard hit easily.

Torrential Slam hits really hard even though it’s neutral damage, Close Close also, we have Thunder Punch for coverage (or whatever you choose), Aqua Jet to have priority and finish off and on top of that they won’t be able to protect themselves from our hits.

If you pull the handkerchief you will gain Speed, but you will also lose a power that comes in handy; you choose, I keep the Choice Ribbon.


Gigantamax Fluid Urshifu is a good Pokémon but it doesn’t quite convince me more than anything because Torrential Slam is very brutal and I don’t like the idea of ​​losing it in that mode.

Anyway fabric, since we would have part of the extra health; that it would be enough given his good health; these moves:

  • Torrential Scourge would become Fluid Gigastrike, which will be a tremendous host (although I like it more than normal, but anyway) that will also cross all kinds of barriers (including Maxibarrier).
  • A Point Blank or the Fight move you carry would be Maxi Fist , with which we would also boost our Attack.
  • We’d trade Aqua Jet for some Flying Attack to have MaxiCyclone for both coverage and a speed boost .
  • And the last move would be some more coverage; the psychic and electric ones would give us field control against Rillaboom, but at the same time we would put a field that enhances attacks that weaken us. An ice one could go a long way as coverage, since we would boost a Type that we actually resist and also covers us against various things; so I would pull Ice Punch.

As for item we would not use any Choice, better Life Orb or Weakness Insurance.

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