April 16, 2024


León Limpísimo  (L. Limpísimo) is one of the first Thanagers that can appear in Have a Nice Death and in general terms he is a fairly simple boss, something quite consistent with the fact of being one of the first, the most normal thing we go.

It is about a man who in life was a true legend of cleaning, an ace of the rag and the vacuum cleaner. Your passion for cleaning is so great that even in death you continued working on it, that is being committed to your work and the rest is nonsense.

The case; If this skeleton is giving you problems, keep reading as we explain how you can defeat him in the easiest way.


    We can find León Limpísimo in the Hall of Eternity in Have a Nice Death, which is roughly the first area of ​​the game. In case you don’t know, the Thanagers (the mini-bosses) of this area will always appear on the third screen of the Hall of Eternity. You will simply have to select the room called “Thanager Room” (something like that).

    However, the Thanager that you will have to defeat will not always be the Cleanest Lion (in the name of the room it will tell you who exactly is the miniboss you will face), the following Thanagers can also appear:

    • Arnaldo Colgado : This is the easiest in the area without a doubt.
    • Pump Quinn Oméga : Perhaps the worst of them all, similar in difficulty to L. Squeaky Clean anyway.


    To defeat him we will have to be very careful since he has some attacks that can be quite confusing in the sense that it seems that he is going to attack to one side and does so to the other (a bit like you don’t see the blows coming); Now below I clarify it better.


    These are his attacks and how to act in response to them:

    • Vacuum Strike : His most basic move, he will strike forward with his vacuum cleaner, it has a relatively high range, so be careful. His thing would be to dash to get behind him and proceed to lynch him.
    • Somersault : You will see that he does a mini-jump with the vacuum pointing downwards, after this he will do a somersault creating an arc with his vacuum cleaner, doing damage in front of himself and where he moves. Sometimes he will somersault forward and sometimes backward. As long as you dash shortly after you see him jump and then keep hitting him, that’s it.
    • Aspire : The attack that you should best master to succeed in this battle since it is an attack that if you do not know it well it is very easy to receive damage from it. You will see that it begins to aspire in one direction, at which point you will have to get on its back since after a while it will attract some projectiles towards it that will cause you damage if they hit you. But, once he absorbs the projectiles with his vacuum cleaner, you’ll have to quickly dash in order to now get in front of him and continue your offensive. This is because after absorbing those projectiles it will perform a rather trolling attack backwards.


    I can give you little advice since I consider that if you know yourself and know how to respond well to their attacks, you will have enough; I have already explained it to you above, but the most important one to master would be the “Aspire” attack, once you get the hang of it you will see that it is actually quite easy to dodge and it will allow us to hit it for a long time, so it will fall easily.

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