April 16, 2024


On Disney Dreamlight Valley , we have the opportunity to meet and invite new characters to come and live in the Valley, such as Remy (Ratatouille) or Wall-E . Moreover, in the following, we show you how to unlock Wall-E on Disney Dreamlight Valley by explaining to you step by step the first quest related to said character.


In order to invite Wall-E into the Valley , it is imperative to have carried out several actions beforehand, in particular to have unlocked the Castle of Dreams as well as the door giving access to the kingdom of Wall-E . Indeed, you will have understood it, it is in his kingdom that you will be able to meet him.

Once you are in the realm of said character, make your way to him by removing the waste obstructing you. By talking to Wall-E , you will discover that the little robot cannot move. So head to the Dilapidated Fridge, located to the right of the Crafting Station, and interact with the item. It is, in fact, a storage space, in which you will find a caterpillar. report the.

From then on, Wall-E will ask you to help him clean and beautify the land. You will therefore have to collect 60 waste (by removing the piles of waste on the ground) then transform them into cubes via the crafting station. You need 6 in total. Give him the cubes as soon as you have them. In order to beautify the land, you will need to plant 8 special seeds. Use your shovel to dig a hole and plant the seed. Don’t forget to water the young shoot as well. 

After processing the waste and planting the seeds, you’ll need to earn Wall-E ‘s trust . To do this, return to the Valley and talk to Merlin. From then on, you will have to collect different objects that may please Wall-E. On our side, we recovered the fire extinguisher from Scrooge, in exchange for 2 garnets (collected on the mining rocks).

The other two objects are related to Mickey and Goofy. Mickey will offer you a bouncing ball, which is to be found at home, between the two sofas. Goofy offers you to offer Wall-E a plant that grew in a boot. However, you will have to find it yourself: you have to fish it out of a pond in the Prairie Tranquille.

Once you have the three objects that may please Wall-E , return to the latter’s kingdom and talk to him. Wall-E will now be ready to move into the Valley. So you will have to build the house of Wall-E. To do this, return to your world, select the location of your choice for the Wall-E house and pay the construction cost (2,000 star coins) by interacting with the Scrooge sign, in front of the construction site.

You have now unlocked Wall-E. All you have to do is welcome him to complete the first quest related to the little robot, before discovering others.

As a reminder, Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but also on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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