April 15, 2024


This time we continue with the story of the Castti Apothecary from Octopath Traveler 2 on her mission to recover her memory, little by little some mysteries are being solved. In this post we will see the best way to defeat the boss of chapter 2 of this character, it is called Lion of the Dunes and we will find it near the City of Sai.

The boss itself, despite its rather intimidating appearance, is not overly complicated and unlike the other bosses in Chapter 2, this one for some reason will not block its weaknesses, which will make things a bit easier. With the characters that I will recommend and following the strategy described below, you will see how this boss falls very easily. Let’s go there!


It is practically mandatory (unless you like to complicate your life a lot, that’s your situation) strictly follow the character level recommendation provided by the game itself, in this case the requirement is level 17 . Make sure that your lowest level character from the team of characters that you intend to use in this battle is at least at that level, otherwise the boss will be quite complicated (if you don’t usually use Castti as in my case, which I prefer Temenos, then you will have than level it up a bit).

As for recommended equipment of weapons, armor and other … nothing special, the boss is quite simple. Of course, he always tries to have the best equipment possible for all your characters.


These are the weaknesses of the Lion of the Dunes. He’s a lone boss, he doesn’t summon other bugs or anything like that.

  • Lance
  • Axe
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Darkness


These are the characters I recommend for the boss. You can really use whatever you want. These are the ones I used, with other characters the strategy changes.

  • Hikari : I always recommend it for being the best physical DPS (weapon damage and such), in this case we can make good use of its weakness to spears.
  • Agnea : To boost our teammates, especially Osvald with «Strutting» and Hikari with «Lion Dance». Remember that it is very key to have the partner that makes us recover the PH of the character to whom we apply it when using the boost , if you don’t have it, take a look at La’Mani ‘s post .
  • Osvald : Due to its enormous damage, in this case we must attack with Ice Wind to take advantage of the Dune Lion’s weakness to Ice.
  • Castti : We will use it mainly to heal the group, my recommendation is that if you can, take it with a secondary Cleric job so that you can heal in the area and have something similar to a Temenos.


The strategy for this boss is pretty straightforward as the boss is also straightforward.

Agnea will be boosting the group with priority, especially Osvald and Hikari since both do very good damage. She sees you saving up some momentum to use a “Fatal Click” when you stun the boss.

With Hikari we are going to attack him with the Spear to lower his shield, his thing would be to use the abilities that allow you to hit more times to lower his shield faster, in my case I had an ability with which I gave 2 spear hits (one the kind you can learn by challenging people with Hikari). Save the boost so that when he is stunned you can hit him with a “Critical Spear” at full boost to give him a massive hit or Heaven Slash when you have the potential available.

With Osvald you see using Ice Wind with no boost to build it up and don’t forget to activate “Advanced Magic” (I usually do it the second turn) so that you can land a tremendous blow with 3 boost when stunned (and if you have the potential available , better) with Ice Wind. If you do this, you lower half life to the boss in one hit .

And regarding Castti, we want her to heal the group, but since the boss is also weak to ax blows, it will be great for us to stun him when our group is good. But what has been said, his priority will always be to keep the group alive. To finish, what I have commented above; I highly recommend that you put Cleric as a secondary job in order to area heal the entire group and have a kind of Temenos.

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