April 21, 2024


Today we will see the guide to defeat Bergomi de la Libre Blanca , the boss that we will have to defeat to finish chapter 2 of the thief Throné in Octopath Traveler 2 .

It is a fairly simple boss and at this point at least in my opinion, it shows that we are already more comfortable in chapter 2, at first it took a little more to adapt. In addition, this battle will be much easier if you use the characters that I will tell you about in this guide, since we can easily stun the boss.


What we’ve always discussed lately in these guides, don’t forget to follow the minimum level recommendation provided by the game itself, otherwise the battle will get quite complicated and we don’t want to complicate our lives. In this case we are asked to go with the minimum characters at level 15, so make sure that your lowest level character reaches at least level 15 , otherwise you will have to level up a bit.

When it comes to buying equipment and so on, I recommend above all that you have Osvald and Hikari well equipped (or your most powerful characters, each one handles it in their own way, but these 2 characters are tremendous on offense) since that will make it easier pretty things.


These are Bergomi’s weaknesses, we’ll look at those of his thief minions as well, but let’s start with Bergomi’s own:

  • Sword
  • Bow
  • Fire

Now let’s see those of his lackeys:

  • Dagger
  • Walking stick
  • Ray
  • Light


These are the characters that I recommend for this boss. It is not mandatory that you use the same ones, but they are the ones I used:

  • Hikari : His «Aggressive Slash» ability to hit multiple times with the Sword (this is especially good when you knock down all the lackeys) will be great to stun the boss very quickly.
  • Throné : We have a bit of padding for the poor thing in this battle because yes or yes we have to take her with us, she will help us, above all, to stun the enemies with her Dagger and her Sword and it will also be interesting to use the abilities of « Owl Acid” to nerf Bergomi’s physical defense and “Vampire Bridles” to reduce the boss’s physical attack. This is not strictly necessary, but it can help.
  • Osvald : As always, for its tremendous damage. In this case we will exploit their weakness to Fire with «Fireball» and that of the lackeys with «Lightning». Remember to activate “Advanced Magic” to cause much more damage with your spells and spend the momentum to cause even more damage. Its potential will be tremendous if we use it in a “Fireball” with 3 impulse with Bergomi stunned and “Advanced Magic” activated. There are many conditions, but it is easy to achieve and the blow will be tremendous.
  • Temenos : To heal. We also have his Light attacks to help with the minions (the first target) and if you have him with the Scholar secondary job (I changed it to do more damage because it already heals phenomenally) you can also use «Fireball» against Bergomi to hit his weakness.


The first objective will be to quickly defeat the lackeys so that they don’t bother us, so that we take less damage and in order to unlock all of Bergomi’s weaknesses since he will block absolutely all of his weaknesses while his lackeys are alive. So that being said, we’ll take care of them first.

Osvald will be of great help to quickly finish off both lackeys using «Lightning Bolt», with «Advanced Magic» and using the impulse they will fall quickly, especially if they are stunned. Meanwhile the other characters will support him: Temenos with Luminescence (Light spell in area), Hikari in this case cannot hit them with a weakness, but we can go damaging and accumulating momentum for the boss and Throné can go hitting them with the Daggers to go to them reducing shield and so on. You will see how easily they fall.

As soon as you’re alone with Bergomi, you’ll need to save as much momentum as you can and hit him when he’s stunned. You will see that in addition to unlocking her weaknesses, she will also acquire 8 shield points, but thanks to Hikari’s “Aggressive Slash” ability and the attacks of the other members, you will quickly stun him. As soon as he’s stunned, drop all the heavy artillery; you know, spend the boost, the potential, the most damaging abilities of your characters hitting one of Bergomi’s weaknesses.

Once he is alone and following this strategy you will see that he falls quickly and you will be able to continue with the adventures of the other characters.

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