April 16, 2024


Baldwin the Leper is a rather peculiar Darkest Dungeon 2 character since he has great advantages but also great drawbacks, so it will be important above all to know how to deal with his negative part to get the most out of him.

Its virtues (which are not few) are the following: It has tremendous damage, a lot of health (one of the most resistant characters in the game), a very interesting Depletion to reduce the damage of the enemies and it is also capable of self-healing both the health as stress; As you can see, they are very interesting virtues.

But… since it couldn’t all be so nice, to compensate for this they have also given him a series of disadvantages that he will have to know how to deal with: Every two by three he will obtain signs of Blindness (they reduce the probability of hitting attacks by 50% ), is very susceptible to being moved to back stances and also doesn’t have good damage abilities to hit enemies in stances 3 and 4.


These are the 5 abilities that we recommend for Baldwin the Leper:

  • Cleavage : Melee attack that deals very good Damage to a target that is in position 1 or 2; It can be performed in the 2 forward positions. The downside is that it has a 75% chance to apply a Blind sign (50% chance to miss the next hit), but the good thing is that if the target has a Combination sign, we’ll ignore the Blind; that is the key to making the most of this ability.
    • Upgrading it will increase the Damage and the chance to get Blind will be 60% (which is pretty much the same).
  • Endure : It is a buff that we can use in all positions except the first. We will obtain 2 signs of Block (-50% Damage received from the next attack), 2 signs of Taunt (enemies will attack this character), +15% RES to Infection, Bleeding, Burn and Movement and at the beginning of the turn he will obtain 1 sign of Additional lock.
    • By upgrading the Block signs will be Block+ (75% Damage reduction) and the Resistances will be 25%.
  • Solemnity : A quite powerful cure for both health and stress (or Anguish) that we can use in the first two positions.
    • The upgrade will increase health and stress healing.
  • Carving : A Melee attack that we can perform in the first 2 positions with which we will hit the two enemies in front simultaneously (causing less Damage than Cleavage, of course). It works the same as Split, we will have a 75% chance to receive Blind when using it and we will ignore it if the enemy has Combination.
    • Enhanced will increase Damage and reduce Blind sign chance by 60%.
  • Intimidation : It can only be used in the first position, the good thing is that we can hit all positions. It is a Melee attack that causes very little Damage, the good thing is that when using it we will apply 2 signs of Weakness to the enemy (it will cause 50% less Damage when attacking) and we will apply 2 signs of Taunt to ourselves.
    • The buff isn’t really worth it as we’ll only increase the Damage a bit (it’ll still be very little), but what matters is that we’ll bypass the enemies’ stealth and remove it. It may be fine depending on the situation, but generally it won’t do us much good.

The ” Break ” Skill can be an interesting alternative to Carving (the others are sacred in my opinion) to be able to hit enemies with Block signs well and eliminate them along the way. It has the same mechanics with the theme of Blindness and Combination.


These are the paths of the Leper, we will order them from best to worst according to our opinion about it. Remember that another path that we will not mention (and that is actually not bad at all, especially if you do not want to complicate your life) is the path of the Nomad (the base character without any changes):

  • Tempest : +33% Slash Damage, +33% Shrink RES, +100% Disease Res, -25% Health and -3 Speed.
    • Which would be the safest option since it will always be effective. Mention that the RES to Depletion will be extremely useful to make it much less likely that Blind will be applied to us. The loss of Life and Speed ​​are not that relevant given the self-sustaining capacity that this hero has since he is already slow by default and being slower will not have much influence.
  • Monarch : -30% Health, -75% Slash Damage, Intimidate applies Vulnerable (+50% Damage taken). Now comes the good part… If you face cosmic beings => +50% Life, +2 Speed ​​and +100% Slash Damage.
    • Cosmic Beings are the most powerful enemies in Darkest Dungeon 2 and almost all the final bosses (those on the Mountain) are of this type. It is true that we will lose a lot of damage in the other confrontations, but in my opinion the tremendous buff against this type of beings, which are the most dangerous, makes up for it. In normal battles we can pull Intimidate, which will be an incredibly useful ability (it was already standard) in this Path.
  • Poet : +50% to self heal, +50% Stun and Movement RES, but -25% Damage.
    • The best option if you want to focus purely on tanking. In addition, the RES to Movement and Stun will come in handy. The downside is losing damage, so I generally don’t highly recommend it.


Jester in Darkest Dungeon

These are the teammates that we recommend the most along with the Leper:

  • Outlaw (Pos 2): Dismas is a character that fits pretty much anywhere with his tremendous damage, mobility, and ability to counter enemies. Also, the ability for him to move while attacking can help the Leper a lot if he’s moved to you.
  • Harlequin (pos 3): Sarmenti is the character that applies the most Combination signs, something that Baldwin gets a lot of use out of since this way we will ignore Blindness. In the same way that it happens with Dismas, this character also has attacks with which he can move simultaneously and again can help to reposition the Leper if they move him.
  • Healer (pos 4): Although he is a character with the ability to self-sustain, that does not mean that the other companions will heal themselves.
    • Occultist : Alhazred comes in very handy since it won’t be necessary to cure the Leper (the Occultist’s cure is quite dangerous), so he won’t be in such a hurry. He will provide us with good damage (also to the back positions, something Baldwin falters at) and plenty of support both offensively and defensively through his powerful Debuffs.
    • Plague Doctor : Paracelsus Infections will be very useful for us and of course also his cures and the possibility of removing altered states. Mention that his “Indiscriminate Science” Ability is very interesting since with it, in addition to healing us (if you improve it, it can heal a lot) we will also eliminate the negative signs (blindness, for example), this only works if we improve it (be careful that you also eliminate positive signs).
    • Vestal – Junia is the safest healing character, so if you want safety (in a game where that is in short supply), she is your best bet. The good thing is that she also brings great defensive support.


Regarding Statistics and Attributes, what is best for him (in an exaggerated way) is everything that allows him to resist or eliminate the signs of Blindness . For the rest, his thing would be to focus above all on the offensive since in the defensive aspect this character is already quite overdone; increased crit chance, damage… that sort of thing.

Despite the fact that I would not recommend boosting the defensive aspect too much due to what has already been mentioned, I would like to emphasize that if we improve this aspect, the best thing would be to improve his Life since since this character has so much (the character with the most Base Life in the game) he will take advantage of it even better and the cures will spread more.

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