April 21, 2024
Scorn: Act 4 - Solve maze puzzles

Scorn: Act 4 – Solve maze puzzles

In this puzzle guide to Act 4 of Scorn you will learn:

  • What is your goal in Act 4 of Scorn
  • How to get the shotgun
  • Where to find the three maze screens
  • How to solve the maze puzzle

In Act 4 of Scorn , you must complete a three -screen console in order to solve a maze puzzle on it . To find the screens, you must rip three openings in a giant creature. In this guide you will learn how to do it.

First maze screen found in Act 4 of Scorn

If you stand in front of the giant creature in act 4 of Scorn , pull the lever on the control panel and a kind of door opens at the bottom of the giant. There you will reach a device with a maze with two lights on the screen. Pull the lever and it goes up.

Where can I find the shotgun?

Go up the ramp and follow the path until you come to an intersection with three junctions. Go left and you’ll find a medi-kit station and a control panel across from it. Activate it and another door in the giant will open.

Turn around and take the path down at the crossroads. In between, your parasite reports. Continue to the left and you’ll find the Labyrinth Console with the first of three screens attached. Make a note of this room, but ignore the console. Take the path behind it and you’ll reach two contraptions that will give you the shotgun and ammo .

Find second maze screen

Follow the corridor to the left, try the new weapon on the monster and take the elevator at the end of the path. In the room with the little monsters, run up the ramp and straight ahead until you come across some monsters again.

Take the path up to the right and you will find a console where you can customize your key . This opens the locked door one floor below. Run down the ramp and continue left. You reach the room with the maze console again. Follow the path behind it again. At the crossroads you can now unlock the door on the left and reach an elevator.

The path leads past a medi-kit counter and to another elevator. Run to the control panel and rip another hole in the giant . Take the elevator back down one floor. On the way to the next elevator, the new entrance is on the wall on the right. Pull the lever in front of the second maze screen.

Find third maze screen

Turn around and run up. Hit the console on the right with the thrust weapon and a gate will open. Follow the path straight, open the grate with your key and you will reach the third maze screen . Run back up, continue left and turn sharp left before the ramp. Below is the completed Maze Console and you can start the puzzle now.

Solve maze puzzles in Act 4

There are now three screens on the console that you can rotate. Each shows a slightly modified form of a maze . The locations of the cue ball and target remain the same on each screen no matter how many times you rotate the console. However, the maze changes with every spin. If the ball is in a dead end and you turn the console, the path to the next screen or the one after that could be clear.

How to solve the maze puzzle:

  1. Move the cue ball to the bottom right alcove.
  2. Rotate the console.
  3. The way to the right is now free. Slide it once to the right and once down.
  4. Rotate the console.
  5. Push the ball all the way up.
  6. Rotate the console.
  7. Move the ball to the right once.
  8. Rotate the console.
  9. Don’t move the ball.
  10. Rotate the console.
  11. Moves the ball right, up and left.
  12. Rotate the console.
  13. Don’t move the ball.
  14. Rotate the console.
  15. Pushes the ball into the target.

Once you have solved the maze puzzle , the platform moves up. Follow the corridor and you will reach the next section.

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