April 15, 2024
Destiny 2: Dusk Weapons – What Weapons Are This Week?

Destiny 2: Dusk Weapons – What Weapons Are This Week?

In this guide to the Dusk Weapons in Destiny 2 – Season 18 you will learn:

  • Which twilight strike is in the playlist this week
  • What weapons await you as a reward
  • The god rolls for the twilight weapons

The twilight strikes in Destiny 2 are particularly challenging strikes, which therefore also bring exclusive loot. The higher you set the difficulty, the higher the probability that you will end up with a twilight weapon.

As of October 4th, the Apex versions of the Nightfall Strikes are active. These are among the hardest endgame content in Destiny 2 and require a power level of 1595. You can also get the master versions of the twilight weapons here.

If you have already completed the Conqueror Seal , you can also choose between all the top versions of the Nightfall Strikes that you still have to do in order to gild the seal.

Nightfall Strike: Disgraced (10/25 – 11/1)

In the Fallen from Grace twilight strike, you’ll face off against Fallen and the Hive. Barrier and Unstoppable Champions await you on Hero difficulty and up .

You will encounter solar, void and arc shields in the strike – at the latest from the “Legend” level of difficulty you should make sure that you have the appropriate elemental weapons with you, since then the modifier “Fitted” takes effect, which makes enemy shields highly resistant to unequal elemental damage .

Active as modifiers this week are “ Empath ” (radar is improved and melee damage taken increased) and “ Cosmic Superconductor ” (Arc and Stasis users have increased super regeneration, but take more elemental damage from all sources).

On Grandmaster difficulty , rare ammo boxes appear thanks to Scarcity.

Tip for the higher difficulties: Be sure to put an arc resistance mod in your chest armor, since Acute Arc Burn is active in the Dusk Strike – you deal 25 percent more arc damage, but you also take 50 percent more arc damage Damage.

Frontrunner modifier

In addition to the typical Frontier events (limited revives, additional champions, etc.), Frontrunner Dawn relies on the following modifiers:

  • Fire Pit : Acolytes leave pools of fire upon death that deal damage over time.
  • Attrition : Radar is disabled.

Dusk weapon in the current week (10/25 – 11/1)

Whiplash (The Militia’s Birthright)

The Whiplash Kinetic Grenade Launcher returns in Season of the Raiders as a Dusk weapon. Especially the combination of “Flashing Grenades” and “Wuuusch!” is perfect for endgame content to continuously blind enemies.

PvE Godroll Recommendation :

  • Fast Shots (+10 Speed, +15 Handling)
  • Flash grenades (blind enemies) / spike grenades (+10 stability and increases direct hit impact damage by 50 percent)
  • whoosh! (Sliding charges the magazine and increases Handling and Stability by +20.)
  • Frenzy (After 12 seconds in combat, reload speed and handling are increased by +50 and damage is increased by 15 percent.)

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