April 21, 2024
Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2022 - All Info

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2022 – All Info

In our guide to the Festival of the Lost 2022 in Destiny 2 we tell you:

  • How you make manifested sides out of spectral sides
  • How to master the Haunted Sectors
  • What rewards you can earn
  • Where to get the exclusive mecha armor

Festival of the Lost is Destiny 2 ‘s annual free Halloween event . The Haunted Sectors and a new sniper rifle await you again this year.

How long is the Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2?

The Festival of the Lost runs from October 18, 2022 to November 8, 2022 . So you have three weeks to earn all the rewards and triumphs.

How does Festival of the Lost 2022 work?

As in the previous year, in Haunted Sectors you have to contend with so-called headless ones – bosses with pumpkin heads. You can get the starting quest to take part in the event from Eva in the tower. She is right at the top spawn point by the big decorated tree. Accept the quest and follow the individual quest steps.

During the course of the quest line, you will receive a Festival Mask that you should put on immediately, since you will only get the event materials if you wear a mask.

Festival Bounties

Before you jump into the heart of the festival, pick up the festival bounties from Eva. There are two weekly bounties that award Bright Dust, Candy, Glimmer, and experience points, and daily bounties that reward Candy and experience.

Bounty tasks are centered around the Festival of the Lost, such as collecting candy, defeating enemies in Haunted Sectors, or completing activities while wearing a festival mask.

So remember to grab the bounties every day to stock up on candy.

What do I need sweets for?

You can also get the event currency candy through almost all activities in Destiny 2 and by simply defeating opponents – but only if you wear a festival mask.

With the sweets you can buy surprise bags from Eva that contain random loot. You can read more about the rewards below in the guide.

Tip : Climb the tree by Eva and the tree below by Ikora. There are some candy packages hidden there.

Spectral Pages, Manifest Pages and the Book of the Forgotten

In the tower next to Eva you will find the Book of the Forgotten . There you have to uncover 27 cloaked sides with the help of manifested sides. In order to get to manifested pages, you need spectral pages again. Don’t worry, that sounds more complicated than it actually is.

  • Spectral Pages : These pages are earned by completing almost every activity in Destiny 2.
  • Manifest Sides : When you have at least ten spectral sides (before it’s not worth it), start the Haunted Sectors event playlist. You convert the spectral sides into manifest sides by killing Headless in the sectors – one side per Headless.
  • Book of the Forgotten : Use the manifested pages there to reveal a cloaked page. For a cloaked side you need either two, five or nine manifested sides.

If you uncover all 27 pages , you will get the exotic ship “Coffin Nail”.

Tips & Tricks for the Haunted Sectors

You start the event activity “Haunted Sectors” in the tower via the blue playlist button. For the Activity, Bungie has enriched Lost Sectors with new enemies and quests.

You have about five minutes to capture points, each spawning a Headless One that you must defeat. During this time you can spawn a maximum of ten headless ones.

Once the timer runs out, the actual boss spawns. Whenever you drain a third of his life, the boss gains an energy shield that makes him immune. Points now appear again that you must capture in order to spaw Headless. Killing them now will drop three Pumpkin Charges . Pick up the charges and throw them at the boss to break the shield and then deal damage again.

Caution : The pumpkin charges have a very large explosion radius. So throw them at the boss from as far away as possible to avoid killing yourself – we’re speaking from experience.

Destiny 2: What rewards does Festival of the Lost offer?

All Weapons of Festival of the Lost 2022

For completing the Haunted Sectors, you will receive the event-exclusive weapons. New this year is the Dread Tech arc sniper rifle , which has a mecha theme to match the ornament sets.

But you can also get the old festival weapons again:

  • BrayTech Werewolf (Kinetic Auto Rifle)
  • Scary Story (Kinetic Auto Rifle)
  • Primeval Green (Solar Pulse Rifle)

In order to make the hunt for the old weapons interesting again, Bungie has revised their perk pool . For example, Primeval Green can now drop with the Incandescent perk.

For the first time this year, Festival weapons have their own origin perk , Search Party. This causes the weapon to gain faster aiming speed and movement speed while aiming when no allies are nearby. Of course, this perk is mainly interesting for PvP matches and will especially please fans of Rumble.

Cosmetic Rewards

In addition to the weapons, numerous new cosmetics await you, which you will receive by completing the 18 event challenges during the Festival of the Lost.

For completing the challenges, you will receive candy, event tickets and the following exclusive rewards:

  • Blueberry Mask
  • Emblem: Lost at Sea
  • Shader: Broad Texture
  • Exotic Ship: Coffin Nail
  • bread mask
  • Telesto mask
  • Caital mask
  • Riven Mask
  • Savathûn Mask

If you complete 16 of the 18 event challenges, you will receive the title “Ghostbuster” as well as an Ascendant Fragment and an Ascendant Alloy. In the linked guides we tell you where else you can get the rare materials in Destiny 2.

Premium rewards with the improved event map

If you are looking for even more loot, you have to buy the improved event card for around 10 euros , which has more cosmetic rewards in store. Be unlocked immediately:

  • Exotic Gesture: Apple snapping
  • Exotic Sparrow: Brave Chapalu
  • Shaders: Angelic Lights

For the other items on the event card, you need event tickets that you get by completing event challenges:

  • Ghost Shell: Caramel Apple Shell (8 Tickets)
  • Legendary Gesture: Investigative Dance (5 tickets)
  • Teleport Effect: Pumpkin Bomb (2 Tickets)
  • Ghost Projection: Candy Projection (1 ticket)

How do I get the new mecha armor?

A few months ago, Bungie let the community vote again on which Halloween armor sets should be available this year. There was a choice between a monster and a mecha set – the latter narrowly won the vote.

However, you cannot earn the sets. You have to buy them in Eververse. A full ornament set will cost you either 6,000 Bright Dust or 1,500 Silver , which is about $15. Anyone who has diligently saved up luster dust can now strike.

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