April 15, 2024


Pump Quinn Omega is another of the Thanagers that we can find in the Hall of Eternity in Have a Nice Death ; If we compare him with León Limpísimo and Arnaldo Colgado, the difficulty level increases a little, but there is not a colossal difference either (although the fight with Arnaldo is much easier than the rest).

Although at the beginning of the combat animation we can see the innocent Grim Reaper fellow transform into this monster, they really are not the same person, since this Thanager is a product of a parallel quantum alteration created by a time rift (later on, you can get an idea of ​​why this happens).

Unlike the other Thanagers in this zone, Pump Quinn Omega is much larger in size and has a much more varied moveset, but its weak point is that its attacks are very predictable and mostly only affect one side of the field.


Pump Quinn Omega is in the third room of the Hall of Eternity , however, this Thanager will not come out first until we have played a couple of runs, just like Bernabé Bigfoot.

As often happens in some departments, Pump Quinn Omega is not the only Thanager that we will find in the Hall of Eternity, since he will share the possibility of leaving randomly with these other minibosses:

  • Arnaldo Colgado : Performs ranged attacks with a rope; this is the easiest in the area without a doubt.
  • León Pissimo : A passionate about cleaning who fights along with his vacuum cleaner.


Pump Quinn Omega is quite a sizeable enemy and all his attacks cover a fairly large area on the field, let’s see the set of moves he has and how to counter them.


These are his attacks and how to act in response to them:

  • Rooting : Pump will create a huge vine from which he will jump with great force towards the ground, creating vines to his right and left that will cover a good part of the field and will hurt us if we touch them; although we can go to one of the corners that the range of this attack does not reach. The most effective way to dodge this attack is to perform a jump followed by an upward attack at the moment we see what the vine creates, it will be enough to stay in the air for a couple of seconds while it finishes spreading its vines.
  • Trick or Treat : From time to time the Thanager will spit out two seeds that will become pumpkin-shaped bombs, these will not explode by themselves or inflict damage if you step on them, they will only damage us if we break them while we are near them; to avoid this we can break them at long range with a Pitbook spell or a Cloak weapon or just not attack near them for a few seconds, because if we don’t detonate them in a few seconds they will vanish from the field without exploding.
  • Sledgehammer : The Thanager will plunge its arm into the ground to generate a huge spiked fist that will impact the field covering a good part; To dodge it, we can either sprint to get behind him once we see that he is creating the fist or quickly move away to the opposite end of the field so that his attack range reaches us.
  • Wild vines : Pump will raise his arms quickly and immediately sink them into the ground to create a long trail of stinging vines that will do us damage, it will be enough to jump at the indicated moment or with a sprint to get behind his back.
  • Thorny Lash : The enemy will retract his arm and launch a very fast thrust with a fist-shaped vine; the procedure to dodge will be the same as the previous attack.


With the exception of Rooted, all the attacks that Pump Quinn Omega has only have a trajectory and will not affect us if we are behind him, therefore the strategy to follow will be to look in the direction he is facing to perform a sprint and position ourselves in the opposite side .

When we meet this Thanager we will hardly have a Curse, so there are not many resources to help us, the only thing I can recommend is that you buy a weapon from José before entering the elevator or that you enter a floor where you guarantee a weapon or spell, because this enemy is so big that almost anything will do us.

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