April 21, 2024


We finally have the Honkai Star Rail available ! Surely many of you will know it because it is the new Hoyoverse game, this time with a more futuristic setting and with a very different combat system since it is an RPG of turn-based battles (a combat style that to me is really which I like a lot).

Hoyoverse again bets on a gacha system  (the power of the stonks ) in which we will have to go getting certain coins to throw at different banners in order to obtain the characters of the game. The banner system works very similar to what we already saw in Genshin Impact , although there is a little difference that you will like; If you’ve already played Genshin Impact, most of the things I’ve mentioned will already sound pretty familiar to you.

Understanding the banners and how they work is of vital importance in order not to waste our valuable spins, so let’s see each one in detail and I will recommend the best way to perform the spins. Let’s go there!


  • Trade Coin : Star Rails Special Pass (gold coin).

It would be the promotional banner , we can roll to get the characters that appear in said banner with a higher probability . They will always be one out of 5 stars and 3 out of 4 stars. Every 22 days the characters will change, so yours would be to save for those that are more powerful, that best fit your style of play or, in short, those that you like the most.

To better understand each other from now on, you should know that in this game the rolls are called “Jumps”. The case, these are the rules of this banner :

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐:
    • 0.6% chance of getting 5 stars per jump.
    • 5-star character guaranteed in circulation 90 (it accumulates for future banners ).
    • 50% of obtaining the 5-star promotional character from the banner .
    • 50% chance of getting a 5-star character from the “Normal Jump” banner (the permanent).
    • Promotional 5-star character of the insured banner  if the last time in 50% you did not get this.
    • From circulation 70, a 5-star rating is more likely.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐:
    • 5.1% chance to get a 4 star per jump.
    • 2.55% chance of being a character.
    • 2.55% chance of it being a Cone of Light (the weapons in the game).
    • 4 stars secured every 10 jumps.
    • 50% of getting one of the 4 star banner characters .
    • Character 4 stars of the insured banner  if the last time you did not get one of these (same probability for each of the three) at 50%.

In the vast majority of cases, it is best to use the Star Jade in this banner , especially when you are very interested in the promotional character.


  • Trade Coin : Star Rails Special Pass (gold coin).

This would be the weapons banner , its operation is very similar to the “Character Event Jump” but instead we can obtain “Light Cones”. In the same way, this will change as certain days pass.

These would be the rules of this:

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐:
    • 0.8% chance to get 5 stars per jump (0.2% more than character).
    • Cone of Light 5 stars secured in roll 80 (10 rolls less than in the case of characters).
    • 50% chance to get the 5 star Cone of Light from the banner .
    • 50% chance of getting one of the “permanent” Cones of Light (Night in the Milky Way, Something Irreplaceable, The Battle Is Not Over, In the Name of the World, The Moment of Victory, Sleeping Like a Log or Time Doesn’t Wait).
    • Cone of Light 5 promotional stars of the insured banner  if you didn’t get this last time.
    • From circulation 60, a 5-star rating is more likely.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐:
    • 6.6% chance to get 4 stars per jump (1.5% more than character).
    • 3.3% chance of it being a Cone of Light.
    • 3.3% chance to be a character.
    • 4 stars secured every 10 jumps.
    • 75% chance to get one of the 4 star Cones of Light from the banner .
    • 25% chance of it being one of the “permanent” Cones of Light.
    • Cone of Light 4 stars from the insured banner  if you didn’t get one of these last time.

As you can see, in this banner it is a little more likely that you will get a 5 star. And in case you come from Genshin Impact, here we can secure the weapons and this system works like the character system and accumulates for subsequent banners , a much better system, everything is said.

In general it is better to roll for the characters than for the Cones of Light, I would only recommend you roll for a weapon if you are very interested in one of your characters as long as you have a good assortment of these and you do not intend to roll for a relatively soon for whatever reason (or go very left of Jumps).


  • Trade Coin : Star Rails Pass (silver coin).

The ” permanent banner ” has this name because it will always be active and will never change a priori (at most in the future they can add something to it). This is where we will spend the Star Rails Passes as long as we have already exhausted the Beginner Jump banner (we see it below because it is quite interesting).

In this banner will appear the characters and the Cones of Light that we usually get when we don’t get the promotional ones for said banner , which is why it is a less interesting banner . It works exactly the same as the Character Event Jump except for the issue of characters and Cones of Light with a higher spawn chance; in this the probabilities of everything are always the same. Again at 90 jumps a 5 star is guaranteed and at 10 a 4 star, but there will be no greater chance for any of them.

Something very interesting about this banner is that as you make Jumps they will be counted and when you reach 300 (which are cloth) you can choose one of the following 5-star characters (those who can appear on said banner, come on):

  • Himeko.
  • Welt.
  • Bronya.
  • Gepard.
  • Clear.
  • yanqing.
  • Bailu.


It is a very interesting banner that we will only have available at the beginning of our Honkai Star Rail game in which we can only do a maximum of 50 Jumps (after this it will disappear, we understand that forever).

It has the advantage that by making 10 jumps at once we will save 2 , so we will only spend 8 jumps for a roll of 10. The good thing is that in the face of “5-star things” only one of the characters can jump from what we It would be the  “normal jump” banner (no Cones of Light appear). It’s a good way to early game to ease up by getting your second (the protagonist is 5 star) 5 star character.

Otherwise, it works exactly the same as “Normal Jump”.

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