April 16, 2024


After countless hours of fun and suffering in Darkest Dungeon (one of my favorite games), today I have decided to bring you my Tier List of the Best Characters in the game.

The truth is that it has not been easy, because in general terms all the characters are very good if you take them to the right area; For this reason, I have decided to rate better those that I consider to be very good in many situations or those that stand out a lot in some way.

To clarify that this is of course my opinion and surely you disagree with one of the posts, so you can leave yours in the comments if you want or tell me what you think of mine. I leave my Tier List below and below we comment on each character.

Darkest Dungeon Characters Tier List


Highwayman in Darkest Dungeon

The Bandit is in my opinion the best character in the game and the best DPS in general terms since it is suitable for practically all zones and bosses with a few small exceptions.

He can hit all positions very well, he has very good displacement skills, good Damage, good Critical, good Camping Skills… but what undoubtedly makes the Bandit shine above all others is his Ability to counterattack enemies. enemies attacking him, thus doing some nice extra Damage when it’s not his turn. The Man-at-Arms has this too, but he doesn’t have the tremendous Damage of this character.

As said, a character that I highly recommend to everyone because he is simply… the best of them all.


Darkest Dungeon Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is another of those characters that cannot be missing from your teams, although it is true that in areas where the Infection is not effective it loses a lot of potential. But he makes up for it with his tremendous support skills.

He is the character that has the best damage through Infections, having one that can even affect the 2 rear positions (which are usually the worst). He also has a stun 2 enemy (again at the back 2 positions) which is incredibly useful (one of the best moves in the game hands down).

But that’s not all, he can also cure Bleeding and Infection and incidentally slightly heal his companions and through camping he gains a lot of value since he can eliminate Diseases or heal his companions a lot (in addition to removing altered states).


Vestal in Darkest Dungeon

The Vestal is a tremendous character for being the best Healer in the game, or at least the one that provides healing in the safest and most efficient way. Also, healing her to the whole party is incredibly useful and effective in many situations; she of course also has a more powerful individual healing for being focused on a single target.

He can also give more support by stunning enemies and has a ranged attack that isn’t bad considering that he is not a character that stands out precisely for his Damage. Heals are essential in Darkest Dungeon, so the Vestal is also essential since she is the best in said role without a doubt.


Devil in Darkest Dungeon

La Diabla in my opinion is the best character for first position in the vast majority of situations. She stands out for having a very high Damage to all positions (even to fourth, something rare in characters who are usually in first position) and for also being able to remove Bleeds and Bleeds from herself while applying a Band-Aid in the process. .

He also has attacks that apply Bleeding and Camping Abilities that will allow him to do a lot more Damage. La Diabla is that, pure damage to all positions and for that reason she seems to me an incredible character.


Flagellant in Darkest Dungeon

The Flagellant is an incredibly powerful character, we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than the god of Bleeding; In that sense he is unrivaled as he possesses a powerful Bleed that applies to 2 enemies simultaneously (similar to Plague Doctor, but with Bleed) and also the most powerful single Bleed.

But he is also a character that can withstand a lot of Damage, that increases his Damage as his health decreases and that with low health he has powerful movements that can even heal him. Lots of Damage, tremendous Bleeds and self-sustaining ability, a brutal character.


Jester in Darkest Dungeon

We’re down tier, but I think the Jester isn’t too far off from the previous ones. And it is that this character is the best Support in the entire game since he has an Ability to greatly increase the statistics of the entire group and can also help them a lot to reduce their stress , something very valuable in Darkest Dungeon for obvious reasons.

But if it were only for that reason, he wouldn’t be so high in the Tier, because this character also has enviable mobility and very good Bleeding Skills (not at the level of the Flagellant, but close to it). Good support, best “stress reliever”, good mobility and good damage => tremendous character.


Occultist in Darkest Dungeon

The Occultist could have been a Tier S character if it weren’t for the fact that his only heal is playing Russian roulette and anyone who has played him a lot will have been terrified of the mythical 0 heal with Bleed as a bonus (which can suppose the death of a character at a critical moment).

For the rest he is an incredible character; he has very good damage especially for a Healer, a lot of Critical, increased Damage to Eldritch (which is surely the type of enemy that is most interested in damaging him a lot), he can apply Signs and he has a tremendous debuff that reduces Protection and Damage from enemies (which is brutal for bosses and invaluable in Veteran and Champion level dungeons). Too bad that damn cure is sometimes our worst nightmare, but something had to be wrong or it would be broken.


Canine Master in Darkest Dungeon

The Canine Master is probably the best character for Ranged Damage as he has a pretty powerful attack that can hit all enemy positions and also applies a light Bleed. If we combine it with the use of the «Biscuit» (they will give us a couple when we take him to the dungeons) which greatly increases the Damage of this blow and we also have the fact that it boosts a lot with the Signs (which he can also put a), because we have an incredible DPS.

On top of this, he also has damage bonuses against Beasts (which are pretty plentiful), one of the best Stuns, and is able to self-sustain a bit in the face of health and stress.


Shieldbreaker in Darkest Dungeon

Shieldbreaker is a frontline character capable of being the tank of the group that stands out in many ways She has quite high Damage and also a Skill that applies a fairly generous amount of Infection, good Critical, enviable mobility in a tank and a very powerful attack that hits all positions. And let’s not forget her ability to apply 2 blocks (2 attacks that will do nothing to you).

But where it stands out the most since in the end it is its specialization is in hitting enemies with a lot of Protection or those that are being protected (those who receive damage from another enemy) since it has many abilities to ignore this type of thing and no one can do this in Darkest Dungeon as well as she does (not even close).


Man-at-Arms in Darkest Dungeon

The Man-at-Arms is without a doubt the best Tank in the game; especially when we refer to the purest and hardest Tanking in this type of game. He is a very resistant character who can also protect his teammates (we mark one and it will be the Man-at-Arms who will receive the blows for him), something that is great especially for those position 2 characters who are usually somewhat weak or for any partner who is going through a bad time.

But it also has a stun move, and best of all, a Counter Skill like the Bandit, so it will also do pretty decent damage given its Tank role. As we can also receive blows from a partner, it will be more likely that we will counterattack.


Bounty Hunter in Darkest Dungeon

The Bounty Hunter could probably be Tier A, but some had to go down and I think the top ones are usually better. He is a character with very good Damage specialized mainly in hitting Humans (there is also cloth).

He has good Damage to all but the fourth position (which is what grates me about him), one of the best Marks in the game, and a lot of bonus Damage to Humans, Marked enemies, Stunned enemies… so he can fit into many situations.


Arbalester in Darkest Dungeon

The Arbalestera or Musketeer (both are the same character, the Musketeer is like a skin ) is a character specialized in Ranged Damage and in that sense it is clearly one of the best; especially if we Signal the enemy (she has her own Signal in addition to her).

He seems like a very good character to me, but it is true that I consider that his performance is a little below that provided by the Canine Master, so I have lowered him positions. It also has an interesting support heal as it applies a buff so that the character receives more powerful heals, which can be very helpful for a Healer.


Leper in Darkest Dungeon

Some will be mad at me for this, but I think the Leper is a bit overrated even though he’s obviously a good character (they all are).

There are many virtues of this character: He has tremendous Damage to the first 2 positions, he can self-heal both life and stress, and he has one of the best debuffs in the game to reduce the Damage dealt by enemies ( ideal for bosses).

Why is it so low then? Because it also has quite a few problems: It has low Accuracy (so we either increase it with Trinkets or we’ll miss a lot), it can’t hit efficiently at positions 3 and 4, and also, if we move it to the back positions we won’t be able to do anything at all. nothing (which is a big problem). Great virtues but also great defects.


Grave raiders in Darkest Dungeon

It makes me a little sorry to put Grave Raider here because she is actually a character that I really like, but it is true that she does not quite stand out in any aspect and that generally the other characters are better than her.

She is a character with decent Damage, decent Infections, a lot of Evasion (we do have to give her that) and she can remove status ailments from herself. Very versatile in terms of her position and to hit all enemy positions. But what has been said, something else is missing to be worth more, it is like too “average”.


Crusader Darkest Dungeon

In my opinion, the Crusader is the worst Tank-style character in the game, which does not mean that he still seems like a good character to me, especially when going to the Ruins area, which is where he stands out the most for his abilities that cause more Damage to the Wicked.

It doesn’t stand out above the other Tanks although it does have a good moveset, but it’s like it has a little bit of everything and doesn’t end up being the best at anything except for the already mentioned Wicked thing. It’s always nice to have one anyway, as it is with all characters.


Abomination in Darkest Dungeon

The Abomination is not a bad character at all, but the truth is that it doesn’t quite convince me. The fact that when he becomes a monster (which is what happens) he stresses all his companions a bit is something that is not too cool and that when you transform you only have 3 movements (in monster he has 3, in human he has another 3 and always has the ability to transform) takes away its versatility.

It has very good Damage, everything is said, but personally it is not a character that I like too much and it is one of the ones that I use the least.


Antique in Darkest Dungeon

It is somewhat unfair that the Antiquarian is here because in the end it fulfills its role with excellence, which is its ability to get more money, which is something that is always phenomenal. In that sense it is great, but the weight of it is clearly having the weakest character in the entire game and it is quite noticeable when we take it.

If sometimes with the best characters in the game things can get tricky, you can imagine if you take an Antiques shop on top of it. The ideal is to take it in simple areas, I usually do it in Apprentice level dungeons. Of course, his ability to improve the Evasion of the entire group is one of the best in the game, something good he had to have for the battles.

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