April 21, 2024


After defeating a Lament in Have a Nice Death , the next room we visit will be the Rest Room ; In this room we will often meet some Death Incorporated workers like Gerardo, Mr. Spit or our intern Pump Quinn.

And what is this room for? It is a safe point where we can relax a bit to have a snack from the fridge, be able to get a few Blue Souls in exchange for a certain amount of Almeuros, try our luck in the Distribig® and have a chat with our company buddies.

The Rest Room will always be available after defeating a Lament at the end of its respective department, except for the Department of Inexorable Time, since it is the last department to visit in the company.


The first thing we will find in the Rest Room will be the fridge, inside it we will find an appetizer randomly. Once we consume the appetizer that is inside we will have to pay 25 Almeuros to fill it.

The cost to fill the fridge will increase exponentially: 25, 75, 125, 175, 225… So every time we fill the fridge to replace an aperitif, the cost of this action will go up a total of 50 Almeuros .

If the appetizer that we have had is not suitable for us or we simply do not need to consume it, we can safely leave it in the fridge; since the next time we go to the Rest Room this aperitif will have changed for another (wow, even if we pay to replace the fridge and leave without eating it, we will not lose it and it will only be changed for another).


These are all the appetizers that we can find randomly in the fridge, some of which we will already have unlocked at the base, but others we will have to buy with Gold Ingots in José’s Shop.

  • Eye Stew : This appetizer will increase the total damage of all the Reaper’s attacks by 50% for 10 minutes.
  • Pump’s Lunch Box : Defeating any enemy will have a 5% chance of obtaining a Prismium. The effects of this appetizer only last 5 minutes, so we must try to kill the minions as quickly as possible to try to get one or a couple of Prismium while the effects last.
  • JCOA Tiramorto : Consuming this appetizer will increase the speed of the Grim Reaper by +35% for 10 minutes.
  • Lethalburguesa® : Increases defense by 5 points and gives +50 HP to the health bar, but only until we eliminate a Thanager. It does not seem like a very good appetizer to me since it is always convenient for us to kill the Thanagers to obtain a greater amount of Curses.
  • Descarnate Hand : If we consume this appetizer we will obtain a 75% discount on healing objects ; it does not affect the prices of the Anima Fountain.
  • Juicy Giblets : The effects of this appetizer will be in effect for 10 minutes; If during this time we consume an Anima, we will have a 10% chance that another will be generated automatically.
  • Sticky Pineapple : One of the best things that can come out in the fridge; increases the bonus damage of all Reaper’s attacks by 50% while you do not consume any Anima.
  • Hormoned Chicken : This appetizer will allow us to passively recover PS for 5 minutes until said effect ends.
  • Very Ripe Cheese : The Grim Reaper’s defense will increase by 5 points for 10 minutes upon consuming it.
  • Sandwichazord : Increases the damage of Cloak weapons by 50% and you gain +150% mana regeneration, but if you kill a single enemy with the Scythe you will lose these bonuses.
  • Old Pizza Edges : The Reaper’s max HP will increase by 25 points if we defeat a Thanager or Lamento in less than 10 minutes.
  • Wine of the Damned : This drink will increase your mana bar by 999 points, allowing you to cast an infinite number of spells , but the moment you receive a hit, you will lose this bonus and your mana bar will return to normal.
  • Vitaminizer : +10 to all damage dealt by the Grim Reaper for 10 minutes.
  • Deathtox Juice : When consuming this drink, 3 blue Animas will fall next to the fridge. It can be very useful to us if we don’t have Almeuros to buy Souls at the source and we have low health.


This source will allow us to buy Blue Souls in case we have been very dry after having had an intense battle with a Lament, just like in the fridge we will have to pay with Almeuros to use this gadget.

The first Anima that we take from the fountain will cost us 10 Almeuros, but then the cost will increase by 30, 50, 70, 90… Wow, every time we buy a blue Anima the price of the next one will be 20 more Almeuros.


It looks like the typical snack machine that we can find in any office or shopping center, but it’s really more of a slot machine. To use it we will have to use a blue Anima (it does not work with the golden Animas) and one of these prizes can randomly come out:

  • almeuros.
  • Short Coffee.
  • 2 Blue Souls.
  • Nothing.

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