April 21, 2024


Osvald is my favorite character from Octopath Traveler 2 and that is why I have decided that the first Build I do in the game has to be his, a character that I really recommend you use for his tremendous magical power and that has never been lacking in my team.

It stands out above all for having some very powerful spells derived from the Scholar class, which is its Main Job. You will rarely be able to hit an enemy’s weakness since he has Ice, Fire and Electric spells. He is also, without a doubt, the character with the highest area damage in the game; in singles he doesn’t fall short (especially if you use his Potential) but in that sense I consider Hikari to be the king.

Anyway, I’ll show you everything this great Octopath Traveler 2 character can offer you and I’ll also tell you what his best Build is: The best Side Job, the stats you’re interested in, which skills are most interesting… that kind of thing. Let’s go there!


Let’s start by looking at the Scholar’s Active Skills, I’ll also tell you which ones you should use more of.

  • Fireball : We will hit all enemies with Fire.
  • Ice Wind : We will hit all enemies with Ice.
  • Lightning : We will hit all enemies with Lightning. This would be our trio of area elemental attacks and we should always use the elemental type that hits the most weaknesses of the enemies.
  • Analyze : Shows the enemy’s HP and 1 weakness. It’s interesting but the truth is that I don’t usually use it, I prefer to try trial and error, it ends up being much more profitable than losing a turn.
  • Ingenuity Manifestation : Grants 2 random enhancers, due to its randomness I do not recommend it; it’s better to spam offensive spells with Osvald.
  • Elemental Explosion : We will attack enemies randomly (and random element alternating Ice, Fire and Lightning) with 3 to 5 individual attacks. It is one of the best options that we have when we face a single enemy because since we will hit him with all the blows, it will be a good individual damage (I almost never use it to be honest). For area hits it’s best to turn to our main spell trio.
  • Advanced Magic : A tremendous ability as it will greatly improve the effectiveness of our main spells, these will now hit 2 times (although they will hit a little weaker, but it’s a big damage increase anyway), so it will be easier to stun as well. You lose a turn but I think it ends up compensating, anyway the best thing would be for a partner of his with Scholar’s Secondary Job to apply the buff so that he doesn’t lose any turns. I do it with Temenos.
  • Alephan’s Lore : Divine Ability, so you can only use it with 3 Impulse. It is an improved version of “Advanced Magic” since it does the same thing but we will hit 3 times with our Spells. However given the high cost of it (3 Impulse that you could spend on something offensive), I don’t recommend it, it is generally much more profitable to cast «Advanced Magic» ; although it would be interesting if our partner with Scholar’s Side Job applies it to us.


These are the Support Skills of the Scholar Job:

  • Evasive Maneuvers : Reduces the occurrence of enemy encounters, obviously not worth it in the face of battles and so on.
  • Elemental Augmentation : Increases the character’s magic attack by 50. Essential for all those characters who base their damage on magic like Osvald or others like Temenos.
  • More Experience : Increases the experience the character gains. It’s fine for leveling , but without further ado, you’ll generally want to wear things that will work in battle.
  • Advanced Magic Mastery : Increases the duration of the “Advanced Magic” and “Alephan’s Lore” buffs , so it’s pretty good if you usually use them; which I recommend since otherwise these buffs will last too little.


Osvald’s Potential is quite interesting since it will allow us to concentrate the power of his spells in the area (“Fireball”, “Ice Wind” and “Lightning”) so that they hit a single enemy but cause much more damage .

It’s great to use against a single target, especially if you’ve stunned him and can hit one of his weaknesses (easy stuff with Osvald) and if you have Advanced Magic or Alephan’s Lore or the Dancer’s Strut buff I don’t even tell you anymore; the blow will be tremendous.


The number one priority to equip our Osvald is to increase his Elemental Attack as much as you can , so it will be important to put a good Staff on him. Increasing his max AP will also be very important because this character consumes AP in a nice way.

Regarding the rest, being less of a priority, it will be quite good for him to improve his Evasion and his Elemental Defense since as a magical class that it is, it pays more for him to also be resistant to this type of damage and already has good statistics in that category. sense. Pretending that he has a good Physical Defense and Health would be quite complicated and would make us spend too many resources when I insist that in the end what we want is for him to have the highest Elemental Attack Possible. Each type of character in its role.


Regarding Side Jobs, these are my recommendations in order from best to worst:

  • Arcanist : Undoubtedly the best Secondary Job for Osvald since it will greatly increase our Elemental Attack and PH and we will also be able to use good Spells in the area of ​​practically all the elements of the game. It also gives us tools to restore AP, which is something Osvald really needs. The pity is that you will unlock it practically at the end of the game.
  • Dancer : It is the Secondary Job that will give us more Elemental Attack, it will also be good for us to increase our repertoire of Spells since we can also perform Air damage spells. The buffs can come in handy too, but I prefer to attack as much as possible with it.
  • Cleric : It also gives us a lot of Elemental Attack and we can also count on Light spells to increase our repertoire. We can also heal with Osvald if the situation of the group is critical and the main Healer (Temenos or Castti) has a difficult time.
  • Inventor : More to increase our Elemental Attack than anything else, really.

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