April 21, 2024


The Flagellant  is a Darkest Dungeon class that I personally have to say that I love since it is a character with many peculiarities and the truth is that I highly recommend that you invest your time and love in having a couple of them well armed because they will be useful to you. great help.

It is without a doubt the king of Hemorrhage (bleeding and such) since it has some very powerful attacks in that sense. He reminds me a bit of the Plague Doctor, but instead of having Infections, he has massive Bleeds. Of course, to have it available you will have to purchase the DLC ” The Crimson Court “.

But… in addition to this, the Flagellant has an interesting mechanic in which he benefits from having low health or high Stress (he is a bit of a masochistic character, after all, he enjoys pain and self-flagellates). In fact, this mechanic is so complete that I might as well make a whole section for it:


The less health and more Stress, the more our Flagellant will be enhanced; These would be the rules (to give it a name):

  • Health below 40% : You will get a buff of +20% DMG and +7% CRIT. Besides this. You will also be able to use some very interesting abilities that are locked until you meet this requirement, some of them even allow us to heal.
  • At Death’s Gate : +20% DMG, +5 SPR, +2 SPD and +20% Resistance to Stun, Bleed, Bleed and Shrink. In addition, he will not acquire the typical Debuff from exiting the Doors of Death, but he can get Debuffs if he has a Heart Attack. In addition, he will also heal 10% of the total Health of all his teammates.
  • When you have 100 Stress : +25% DAMAGE, +3 SPD and -20 EVASION. He will always get the Enthusiasm Affliction, which will give him that buff and also cause him to attack a bit randomly (he’ll attack whoever he really wants, be it an enemy or a teammate, so this doesn’t matter too much). He can never gain another Affliction, nor can he gain a Virtue.

They are tremendous damage buffs , although I personally would recommend that you not play it too much. The one with health below 40% is quite good because we will also unlock some very powerful abilities, but with the others do not risk it because the risk is too high.

But in addition to this, it also has the following characteristics:

  • You’ll just want to relieve your stress  in the Abbey Penance Room in the Freehold . You cannot acquire Traits that prevent you from visiting it or force you to use other locations.
  • He will categorically refuse to be accompanied by another Flagellant (it would be terrible to take 2), he will say something like “pain cannot be shared”.


These are the 4 abilities that we recommend (remember that you can only equip 4):

  • Punish : You can use it in positions 1 and 2 to hit the same enemy positions. It is an attack with decent damage that also applies a good amount of Bleed and incidentally will also apply a Debuff to reduce the enemy’s Bleed Resistance, which will be great for us to make it easier to reapply them (it will also be useful for others colleagues who have Bleeding). It also has a decent chance to Crit. Very good basic attack the truth.
  • Wailing Rain : A tremendous attack that you can perform in positions 1 and 2 (almost all of your attacks are like this, unless I say otherwise it will be like this, so as not to repeat myself so much) to hit the two enemy rear positions simultaneously. Doesn’t do as much physical damage as the previous one (as is normal for hitting 2 targets) and applies a bit less amount of Bleed (not as bad anyway), but it’s awesome for hitting 2 enemies in a single way. Simultaneous (in addition, the most annoying bugs tend to be on the back lines). It reminds me a lot of the Plague Doctor ‘s “Plague Grenade” attack (it’s the same but applying Infection and it’s also a tremendous move).
  • Bleed : His best offensive movement with which we can hit the first 2 enemy positions and we can only do it with health below 40% (so on top of that we will have that juicy Damage and Critical bonus). It could be said to be an improved version of “Punish” since it does the same Damage (you’ll do more because of the buff ) but applies a bit more Bleed. But in addition to this, we will also heal a high amount of Health, the bad thing is that when using it we will also get a Depletion that will make us receive less healing in the future and we will also be a little slower. In any case, I highly recommend using it when you can because of its excellent Damage and to heal yourself, especially if you are in a difficult situation.
  • Redeem : Another ability that we can only use with Health below 40%, we can use this on one of our companions with the drawback that it cannot be the Flagellant himself since we will also heal ourselves. It is a fairly powerful cure with which we will cure 2 characters (one is the Flagellant and the other the one we choose) but it will give us the same Depletion as with “Bleed”.

It is a simply incredible movement kit, I already told you that it is a tremendous character; In my opinion one of the best in the game .


The Flagellant only has 4 exclusive Camping Skills , he does not have the other 3 that all characters usually have. All of them are oriented to apply something to himself, he is an extremely selfish character when it comes to camping.

  • Wrath of the Whip : 4 cost. +40 Stress is applied, so passing a bit.
  • Solace of the Whip : 3 cost. We will reduce Stress by 50 points. A tremendous reduction, it can come in very handy if we are stressed a lot because remember that his Affliction can be quite annoying and I do not recommend it at all.
  • Kiss of the Whip : 3 cost. The Flagellant will be healed for 33% of his Max Health and we will also get rid of the Bleeds and Infections that he has. Also gains a +4 SPD buff . Very good healing for when needed.
  • Whip Cure : 2 cost. We will cure all the Diseases , so it will be great if they make us sick on an expedition.

As I told you, it is a very selfish kit, it has very good abilities to stay healthy and sane, but the truth is that some buff is missing .


Jester in Darkest Dungeon

The ideal would be to take him to areas where the Bleeding is effective ( Forest and Labyrinth let’s go) so in general we will accompany him with other characters that apply Bleeding to make a Bleeding Build.

  • Diabla : In my opinion the best option for position 1 next to him for his tremendous damage to all positions and for also having Bleeds. You could alternatively accompany him with a Leper , Crusader , or Man-at-Arms .
  • Bandolero : For a change, you know, a character that fits everywhere because of his tremendous damage, his counterattack and his mobility. It would only take him in the event that you decide to put the Flagellant in position 1 (which is a very valid option) so that they rotate between the first 2 positions. A Bounty Hunter would be another very valid option.
  • Canine Master / Jester : These would be great options for position 3. The Canine Master has a lot of damage to all positions and a rather light Bleed. The Jester seems to me the best partner for him because he also has a very good Bleed application, he will be able to buff him a lot or reduce his stress if necessary.
  • Occultist : Despite the fact that Flagellant himself has cures, to play it safe, I recommend that you take a pure Healer just in case. I recommend the Occultist more because you will not need as much healing with the Flagellant and this also has greater Damage and can also reduce the Damage done by the enemies, which is phenomenal; in that case you could put the Occultist in position 3 so you can use all of his offensive abilities and leave the Jester as a Full Support . The Vestal is another option for its good heals and the Stun from it, which is great.


With regard to Trinkets and Traits , we are mainly interested in improving their Bleeding application , their Accuracy (their attacks do not have much Accuracy, it will be noticeable, although the Jester’s buffs can cover that aspect for us) and as in most offensive characters, Critical will go a long way (to increase Damage and reduce more Stress). Increasing his HP is also very interesting to improve his stamina and so that the health threshold he has with life below 40% is higher, in order to have that great buff .

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