April 15, 2024


The Crystalian is a boss of the Elden Ring whose body is made of glass, so if we do not go with a correct equipment configuration, it will resist a lot of the damage you do to it; I will give you more details below so that you can exploit his great weakness.

This one has a kind of disk that it will throw at us and with which it will make quite annoying attacks due to its great reach, dealing with this disk will be a fundamental part of this battle. The boss is quite aggressive and as we have already mentioned, using the correct equipment for him will make things much easier since we can do enormous damage to him and also stun him very often.

If you don’t follow that recommendation, you can do it anyway, only that the battle will be a little longer, but it can be done without any problems.


Raya Lucaria Crystal Mine in Elden Ring

We will find the Cristaliano at the end of the route through the Raya Lucaria Crystal Mine , a mine where you can find a few minerals (so take advantage of it by the way) that is plagued by that kind of hole that has very hard skin ( as it happens with the boss). There you will also find the Crystal Knife weapon .

The boss is at the very end. You will have to go forward and down the mine as much as you can until you reach the typical foggy door where you will meet him. It doesn’t have much more of a mystery to find it, yes, the mine is quite large, keep that in mind.


The trick of this battle is to use a blunt weapon such as the Grafted Blade Broadsword or even the Claymore since having glass skin this boss is very resistant to cutting damage, so forget about weapons like the Uchigatana or the Scythe . So if you go with the typical Strength Build, you’re in luck.

If you use these types of weapons the boss will be a walk as you will take a ton of life from him with each hit and also stun him in the process so he will most likely last seconds.

If for whatever reason you can’t resort to this type of weapon, don’t worry, you’ll have to hit the boss quite a few times but luckily it’s not that complicated. In that case you will have to learn his attack kit very well and how to answer, so let’s get to it:

  • Disc Combo : First he will strike melee forward with his disc, then he will strike two consecutive hits of the same character (be careful because it seems not and he has a very good range with his attacks) and to finish he will proceed with the next attack of the list. Facing these first 2 hits, it’s as easy as dodge or keep your shield up. His thing would be to wait for the third blow to start our counteroffensive, now I’ll explain.
  • Throw Disc : He will launch his disc and it will move along the ground creating a circle or a straight line (as it suits him). If you go hand-to-hand, it’s best to dodge him and get on his back to hit him a few times. If you go Spells or Ranged, dodge back and throw your projectiles at him between picking up the puck.
  • Rotating Dance : The boss will begin to rotate on itself while it moves with the disk raised. It’s as easy as getting away from him or hard to keep your guard up, but this won’t be enough for you to last a long time since he will hit many times. So that said, it is best to walk away. He also has a faster version of this attack that he can sometimes do when you’re close to him to try to get you away; before doing so you will see how he crosses his arms (as if he is hugging himself), be aware when he does it to dodge backwards or to have the shield up (depending on your play style).

As you can see, this is a fairly simple move kit since the boss itself is actually quite easy. The only thing is what has already been said, if you do not go with blunt weapons, the battle can take longer than necessary and that is something that never interests us since then it could end up complicating things a bit.


This is the reward that we will obtain when defeating Cristaliano:

  • Forge Stone Mining Sphere [1] : This is an object that we must deliver to the Quiescent Twin Maidens at the Round Table. Doing so will unlock the ability to buy “Forge Stone [1]”, “Forge Stone [2]” and “Glowing Stone Shard” from this merchant NPC.

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