April 21, 2024


Well, it seems that we have a series of fairly weak bosses in Elden Ring , obviously they are usually fearsome enemies, but that does not mean that there are some that are quite easy. This time I mean the Scaly Bastard .

It’s so weak that it could almost pass for a common enemy, pretty sucked to be a common, but come on… there are common enemies much more powerful than this, surely you have also found normal enemies more complicated than this. And if you haven’t done it yet, you’ll see when you do.

In this post I will show you the location of this boss and also his guide to defeat him, well, that part in particular is going to be quite light because I highly doubt that anyone will have problems defeating this boss; The truth is that he has nothing remarkable, nothing lasted for me, and I don’t say it to “cock”, I think that’s something that will happen to everyone.


Morne's Gallery in Elden Ring

We’ll meet the Scaled Bastard in Morne’s Gallery , located right where I’ve marked you in the photo above. As you can see in the photo, it is a little to the east of the big tree in the area and therefore there is no loss.

This area is the typical mine and this type of area must be said to be very cool because we can obtain the occasional Forge Stone in order to improve our weapons. The location of the boss inside the mine itself has no loss, just go forward and you will end up finding it; he’s not hidden at all and it’s certainly a pretty straightforward dungeon too.


Scaly Bastard doesn’t have very powerful attacks, he’s somewhat agile but he’s not something remarkable either, as if he is in this aspect, for example the Hound Knight Darriwil , he doesn’t have much life either… in fact I think it lasted 4 hits if that (well they were Jump + Heavy Attack with Guts Greatsword greatly improved, but that seemed too little to me at least compared to most bosses).

Fight it like you would fight a common enemy, because that’s more or less what it’s going to be… It shouldn’t give you problems if you know how to play well, because by now you’ll have faced much worse things and therefore it should be like that. The typical thing, play defensively, go around him with the shield up and dodge when he attacks…. wait for him to finish his blows to hit him and act defensively again… and so on; You will see that he is very weak.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Rusty Anchor : A weapon for Strength Builds that is actually quite interesting, it’s basically a huge rusty anchor with a moveset similar to that of an axe.

Well, this guide has been a bit short, but anyway, this boss is not enough for more, what are we going to do to him.

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