April 21, 2024


One of the most interesting assets that we can acquire in Octopath Traveler 2 thanks to Partitio ‘s gold pick is nothing more and nothing less than a beautiful Ship that we can customize a bit, but the most important thing is that it will allow us to navigate the world at will. sea ​​to discover lots of secrets and chests that are in the sea or on the small islands that we will find. To give you an idea, thanks to the Ship you will be able to unlock the Arcanist’s Secret Job (which is tremendous for Osvald ).

It’s designed for the late-half of the game, so if you’re at the beginning, don’t even think about it, mostly because in order to get it you’ll need a colossal amount of money (and at the beginning, it’s normal that you’re pretty fair in this regard). and also the areas of the sea, islands and others, are designed for characters who are more or less at levels above 36.

The truth is that it is quite cool and worth it, so I have decided to explain in detail how you can achieve it in this post. We will go step by step and I will also give you some advice in order to get the money, although patience will be the key.


Trophop in Octopath Traveler 2

Trophop is the area that is furthest to the right of the photo above, you will have to go there in one of the Agnea chapters , so sooner or later you will end up going there. Keep in mind that to get to Trophop you will have to go through a level 32 area , so that said, it is better that you leave it for when you are more or less in that range of levels (I would take advantage of the Agnea mission, honestly) .

Once you get to Trophop make sure you have Partitio in your group otherwise you won’t be able to activate the quest to get the Ship, you have a tavern in Trophop so don’t worry. The case, that from Trophop you will have to go to the right from the part of the beach to reach a new area called “Trophop: Shipyard” and find a girl named Terry, she will start the mission.

He will tell us that the Ship is not finished and that it is not for sale, but Partitio will offer him 100,000 Coins if he sells it and he ends up agreeing thinking that Partitio is joking (how little does he know our Merchant). So yes, you will have to get the exorbitant amount of 100,000 Coins if you want to have your own Ship.


Navigating Octopath Traveler 2

As I have already told you, don’t even think about it up to level 36 because the areas that you will find by the sea are designed for a minimum of that level and the Boat will be of little use to you if you can’t even walk around because the enemies destroy you in nothing (and This would be to visit the lighter areas, there are areas that require levels above 40, so you are not in a hurry).

Also, keep in mind that as you progress further in the game, you will get more and more money , so if you wait for more or less that range of levels, it will most likely be quite easy for you to collect that amount. In my case, I am already in the final stretch and collecting that amount does not mean anything to me (right now I have plenty of money).

Anyway, if for whatever reason you are stiff, I will give you several tips to get more coins:

  • Agnea and Throné : Both characters will allow us to get a lot of objects through their path action. If you are selling the things that you do not need in any store, you will get a lot of money. Very often we will obtain objects that are only for sale. Take the opportunity to sell old equipment or things that you are not going to use by the way.
  • The Merchant : This job has several ways to obtain more money, such as the “Collect” Ability (we will steal money from an enemy), the Divine Ability that will provide us with money depending on the damage we do (so the higher the level, the more it goes) or the Support Skill “Grow on Trees” that will increase the coins we get at the end of a battle.
  • The Thief : We will be able to get some extra coins through the “Steal” Skill, what it does is that we will steal an object from an enemy, so it will be enough to sell it to get some extra coins.

In any case, what has been said, my recommendation is that you not be anxious and wait until you have your characters more or less at level 36 or so and from there save a little; It won’t take you long to collect the 100,000 coins.

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