April 14, 2024


The Eye of Cthulhu is the first main boss that we will have to defeat in  Terraria  and I must say that to be the first… the truth is that things start a little strong (and it is one of the simplest bosses anyway), something that you will notice especially if this is your first game.

This will obviously depend a lot on the difficulty you choose; that even being a new player, I recommend you to play in Expert since you will be able to get things that you won’t be able to in Journey mode (Master is too hardcore for an initiate); but being generals, he is a boss that requires preparation if you want to make things easier and you don’t want to die many times and he can defeat you very easily. The bosses in this game are not simple at all.

My recommendation is that you face the Slime King before as it is a simpler boss and it will help you prepare for this boss.


    To invoke the Eye of Cthulhu we have 2 different options:


    For the first time, the best option is for it to appear naturally, which in fact is quite easy to happen. You will have to meet the following conditions:

    1. Have at least 200 Health points.
    2. Have at least 4 NPCs in your house, something that having the previous point is almost guaranteed that you will have it.

    Once you meet these requirements each night in the game there will be a 33% chance that you will see a message that says the following:

    You feel that an evil presence is watching you…

    As soon as you see this message you better be ready because when you go home the Eye of Cthulhu will appear to say good night.

    If he defeats you, don’t worry, the 33% chance that he will appear every night will continue until you defeat him.


    Less recommended way since it is not free, but the one that you will have to do yes or yes to summon it again since the previous one will only work once (until you kill it).

    The case, the Suspicious Looking Eye is an object that when used will allow us to summon the Eye of Cthulhu (you can only summon it at night) and the truth is that its crafting is quite simple since it will only require 6 Lenses . In case you don’t know, Lenses are dropped by Demon Eyes (those mini-flying eyes that usually appear at night). They drop very often and it’s not a difficult enemy to find, so you won’t have any kind of problem.

    The only thing is that you can only create this object in the Altars, a Creation Station that you will have to find around the world; They are rare but you will end up finding them in your mining forays. If you haven’t found any yet…keep digging.

    Altars in Terraria

    This is what an Altar looks like . If your world is Crimson it will be like the one on the left, if it is Corruption it will be the one on the right.

    As additional information, know that if you are lucky you could get a Suspicious Looking Eye in a chest .


    For this boss it is already quite important to have a good preparation, especially since in his second phase things get quite tricky.


    This is the equipment that I recommend, quite similar to the one that I recommended for the Slime King, only this time it will be quite vital that you comply with it to be well prepared.

    • 200 Health points.
    • Gold/Platinum Armor or the best you have at the time.
    • The best ranged weapon you have, in bad times you can always pull Gold/Platinum Bow. It is not very feasible that you intend to defeat him without a ranged weapon ; everything is possible in this life, but obviously the guide aims to find the best way to do things.
    • Quite a few potions (about 20 Minor Healing Potions, most likely you won’t spend that many, but be careful). I would also recommend that you take some Healing Potion (the ones that heal the most), since in the second phase things get quite complicated and you might need a stronger healing.
    • Hermes boots : An accessory that will allow us to run quickly, something vital in this boss. They appear in Chests; They are rare, but they will end up coming out.


    Combat Zone in Terraria

    The same one that I already recommended in the Slime King post, only in this case I strongly recommend that you do it (for the other one it was too much preparation, for this one not). It doesn’t have much mystery, they are platforms to be able to move easily in several levels with Torches for light and some Bonfire to increase our health regeneration (you will see that a buff appears in the upper left part of the screen when you are close to one, the effect is far-reaching).

    The more distance the platforms have to be able to run for a long time, the better; I know it’s lazy to put this together, but you’ll appreciate it, trust in me.


    On this occasion we will divide the guide into 2 parts to treat each of its phases separately. As I have already been commenting, phase 2 is the one that will really give us problems.


    In the first phase, all it will do is constantly follow us while constantly throwing Demon Eyes at us. The idea is quite simple, move backwards while we are shooting at it (and when you run out of paths and so on, you turn around, the typical thing to do); Do not worry too much about the Demonic Eyes because almost without realizing it you will annihilate them since when you go attacking the boss you will end up hitting them too almost without wanting it. Also remember that the boss itself has contact damage, so don’t let it get too close to you.

    When you more or less lower his life to half, that’s when the real party will begin.

    PHASE 2

    You will see that suddenly the Eye of Cthulhu shows a mouth where it had the pupil and it will become much more aggressive. A very positive point is that in this phase he will stop summoning Demon Eyes, but it does not mean at all that we are going to have it easier (you will continue to have the Demon Eyes that you have left from phase 1 on the battlefield, of course, but They won’t last long.)

    In this phase, the Eye of Cthulhu will become much faster and will approach us more effusively, making it more difficult to keep your distance from him. The strategy will remain the same as in the first phase, but you will have to be especially careful when you perform the attack that we will call the “Compulsive Charge”.

    When it does, you will see how this boss begins to charge quickly and constantly towards you, the idea is that you do not stop running since it will be very easy for it to hit you if you stop running. If you have to turn around the best time to do it (and pretty much the only time to do it safely) will be when the entire combo of charges is finished; but you will have to be very attentive and be fast.

    The problem is that as you lower and lower his health he will start to perform this attack more and more often; in fact, when he is about to die there will come a point where he will go completely crazy and will not stop making charges without rest … this is the moment when it will be easier to die. You will have to keep running backwards while shooting him and it will be the best time to have your Healing Potion (the one that heals the most) handy and pray that you finish him off before he does.


    This is the loot that we can obtain by defeating the Eye of Cthulhu (remember that if you want to get everything you will have to defeat him several times):

    • 3x Gold Coin (7.5 on Master).
    • 5-15x Minor Healing Potion.
    • One of these items if your world is Corruption:
      • 3o-90x Demon Ore.
      • 1-3 Corrupted Seeds.
      • 20-50x Infamous Arrow.
    • One of these items if your world is Crimson:
      • 3o-90x Crimson Ore.
      • 1-3 Crimson Seeds.
    • Eye of Cthulhu Mask (14%): A mask, purely cosmetic.
    • Eye of Cthulhu Trophy (10%): Decorative wall hanging trophy.
    • Binoculars (2.5%): Allows us to see further away by putting it in our hands.
    • Eye of Cthulhu Bag (Expert or Master Mode only):
      • 3x Gold Coin.
      • Crimson/Corruption items already listed.
      • Cthulhu’s Shield: Interesting accessory because if we press the left or right scroll key twice in a row, we will make a quick charge that also causes damage. When charging we will not receive contact damage from enemies.
      • Eye of Cthulhu Mask (14%).
      • Binoculars (3.3%).
    • Only in Master Mode:
      • Eye of Cthulhu Relic: A decorative Gold statue of the Eye of Cthulhu.
      • Aviators 0x33: Aviator glasses. aesthetic object.

    Regarding achievements:

    • I don’t take your eye off : We will get it simply by defeating him.

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