April 15, 2024


The Slime King is an optional boss in Terraria but it should definitely be the first boss you defeat as it is a fairly simple boss that can be used to warm up for the first true boss, which would be the Eye of Cthulhu.

As I have already commented, it is a fairly simple boss in general terms; or at least taking into account what will come next. But above all if you are starting with Terraria (which if you are reading this it surely is) and you are on a high difficulty such as Expert or Master, you should not trust yourself because after all, he is still a boss and it will be quite easy for him to defeat you.

Anyway, in this post I will explain in detail how you can summon this boss, how to prepare for the encounter, what equipment you should take and the best way to defeat him. At the end of the whole we will also talk about the loot that can drop us, which has something interesting.


    To summon the Slime King we have 3 different options:

    1. There is a very low chance (so it happens a bit) that it will appear in the center of the map naturally as long as you are far from the center.
    2. Defeating 150 Slimes during the Slime Rain event (this is also somewhat random, but much more common than the above, it will jump at you from time to time). However, I don’t recommend this method too much either because it will complicate the boss battle more since the slimes from the rain will bother us a lot. This is so in the event that you have never defeated him, after this the number of Slimes you have to defeat is reduced by half, that is, 75.
    3. Creating a Slime Crown . The method that I recommend the most, so I will expand a little more.


    The Slime Crown is an object that will allow us to summon the Slime King , all you have to do is put it in your hands and press the action button for the boss to appear.

    To get this item, you will first have to craft a Gold Crown or a Platinum Crown (depending on which of the 2 minerals you got in your world). The crafting is the following and you must do it in the Anvil:

    • 5x Gold or Platinum Bar.
    • 1x Ruby.

    Both are relatively rare materials, but come on, you will find them in your mining forays. But do not think that we are already there, this is the first part of the process.

    Now we will create the Slime Crown (we needed the Gold or Platinum Crown), but first you will have to find an Altar , the design will vary depending on whether your world is in Corruption or Crimson. You will find it randomly when mining, it is not something that appears every 2 x 3, but you will find them; If you haven’t found any yet, keep mining.

    This is what they look like, the one on the left is Crimson and the one on the right is Corruption.

    Altars in Terraria

    To be understood, it would be a special anvil, only this will allow us to create objects that can only be created there (such as objects to summon bosses). It will be enough to be close to it and enter the creation interface (as if it were the Anvil, let’s go), but keep in mind that you will not be able to take it (for now), so when you need it, you will have no choice but to go there.

    The case, once you are at the Altar, the recipe is as follows:

    • 1x Gold or Platinum Crown.
    • 20x Gel: The material that the Slimes drop us with which we make the torches.

    When you have it, don’t rush and summon it (the item is single use, so win or lose the battle, if you want to repeat it, you will have to create it again) since it is worth preparing for it, especially if this is your first game


    In general terms, it does not require great preparation since the boss is relatively simple, but in the first game it is easy for it to surprise you since as the boss it is, it is quite above the common enemies you are used to. I will make a somewhat exaggerated preparation, but it will be worth it because it will also serve you later.


    This is the kit that I recommend, as I said, you don’t need so much, but it doesn’t hurt.

    • About 160 Health points.
    • Gold/Platinum Armor or the best you have at the time.
    • Some weapon with good range (it doesn’t have to be from a distance, yes or yes, but it makes things a lot easier) and with decent damage, the best you can get. If it is also a weapon that has good area damage or is piercing (that passes through enemies), the better.
    • Quite a few potions (about 10 just in case?). With the little ones from the beginning you strip leftovers.
    • Anything that slightly improves your movement speed will also be great.


    Combat Zone in Terraria

    A bit exaggerated for what this boss is, but this way you get an idea of ​​the type of scenario that is usually used in the bosses of this game. Basically you will have to create several rows of platforms (the wooden ones work and are quite easy to create) in the air and put many torches (to be able to see and such) and some Bonfire. This will allow us to navigate better and have a flat and long environment in which to move.

    Bonfires are very key as they have an area of ​​effect that gives us increased health regeneration, which will be of great help to slowly restore our health during battle. They have a huge range, so you won’t have to put many; You can see how far its effect goes because when you have it active, a bonfire icon will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.


    From the outset, I recommend invoking it during the day (better first thing in the morning) since at night the enemies that appear on the map are more annoying (and even mounting this one will appear).


    Let’s first look at his attacks:

    • Jump : It is practically the only thing that it will do, go jumping towards us; Let’s remember that it does contact damage, so you must avoid it reaching you. You must move away from him while you attack him, but there is something that you will have to keep in mind, now I will explain.
    • Big Jump : It is a much bigger jump, usually he does 3 normal jumps and one big jump, but sometimes he does a little what he wants. This is the jump that you must take advantage of to turn around, it is the best moment for it, so be aware if you are reaching the end of your platform path or you are approaching an obstacle in case you have gone from creating what that I have mentioned above (you will have to do it yes or yes later).
    • Teleport : Occasionally it will Teleport to another place or to you if it is far away. Be careful because many times it teleports all over your face and therefore it will hurt you. If he decides to get away, take the opportunity to defeat the little Slimes, but be careful because sooner or later he will teleport to your location.
    • Summon Slimes : As the Slime King hits him, he will become smaller and faster, but at the same time he will summon Slimes; They don’t do much but they are quite annoying. It is for this reason that a weapon with area or piercing damage is highly recommended, so you can charge them while attacking the Slime King. Be careful because in addition to the usual Slimes, it will also summon ones with spikes that are much more annoying because they launch projectiles and have more life.

    The thing doesn’t have much more mystery, it has a lot of life, so be prepared to spend a good time hitting him (unless you’re very busy, of course).


    This is what we can get by defeating the Slime King (if you want everything you will have to defeat him several times):

    • 1 Gold Coin.
    • 5-10x Healing Potion.
    • One of these 2 objects:
      • Slime Weapon (66.6%): We will launch as a stream of slime that does not deal damage, but will leave enemies drenched. By the loles, it has no real function.
      • Slime Hook (33.3%): A hook with 19 range and 3 uppercuts.
    • A part of the Ninja armor set:
      • Ninja Cap (33.3%): 2 Defense, +3% Critical Chance.
      • Ninja Shirt (33.3%): 4 Defense, +3% Critical Chance.
      • Ninja Pants (33.3%): 3 Defense, +3% Critical Chance.
    • Slime Mount (25%): It is a Slime mount. Jump a lot and you will be able to damage enemies by jumping on them.
    • King Slime Mask (14%): A slime mask, purely cosmetic, but will also reduce the spawning of slimes.
    • King Slime Trophy (10%): A kind of slime decorative painting.
    • Treasure Bag (Expert or Master mode only):
      • 1 Gold Coin.
      • Real Gel: Accessory that will prevent the most basic Slimes from attacking you or causing you damage.
      • Solidifier: Creation station to create Slime decorations with Gel.
      • 1 Piece of Ninja Armor (66%).
      • Slime Weapon (50%).
      • Slime Hook (50%).
      • Slime King Mask (14%).

    And regarding achievements:

    • Elusive Shinobi : We will get it simply by defeating him.

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