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This time we are going to see how to get all the achievements from the encounters in Genshin Impact ; Unlike the legendary missions that do not have any achievements, in each of the encounters that we do we can get a total of three.

Within the achievements section we can find these in the ” Memories of the Heart ” section to check which ones we are missing; one of the achievements of the encounters will always be to complete all the routes and the other two are usually to complete a specific route or carry out a specific action within one of the routes.

Both the legendary missions and the encounters give us 60 protogems upon completion, but the difference is that thanks to these achievements, in the encounters we will be able to get 30 additional protogems in each of them upon completion, so let’s see the requirements to obtain them.


    Bennett in Genshin Impact

    Bennett Encounter Achievements :

    • A Wonderful Adventure: Prologue : Complete <<A Wonderful Adventure>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • Master of Violent Lightning : Witness how Bennett’s bad luck can affect even the weather. To get this achievement we just have to follow the second route of Bennett’s Meeting and finish it; All we have to do to activate this route is suggest that he do something different instead of going on adventures.
    • The Power of Good Luck : Activate the mechanisms without making a mistake and get the treasure (the correct order to activate the mechanisms would be first the one with three torches, second the one with one and lastly the one with two).


    Chongyun in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Meeting with Chongyun :

    • Evil Has Been Banished : Complete <<Ghostbusters>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • The All Seeing Eye : Correctly evaluates all information; To get this achievement, answer the following to Chongyun’s three questions in the “keep looking for clues to the evil spirit” part on his first route:
      • “There is a ghostly shadow that haunts the Feiyun Slope at night. It is suspected to be a vengeful spirit.”
      • “A demon prowls the Sea of ​​Clouds, stalking fishing and trading boats while building a luxurious palace.”
      • “There is a lurking demon very clever hiding in the mist. Recently, traces of it were found in Mingyun Town, Guili Plain, and Yaoguang Coast.”
    • Spicy Hero : Make the wrong ice cream and make Chongyun’s congenital positivity break out; for this he chooses Chili from Jueyun and Slime Condensate to make an ice cream in “ice cream emergency” in the second route of Chongyun.


    Barbara in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Meeting with Barbara :

    • Pushing the Limits : Complete <<The Fountain of Healing>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • Bodyguard of an Idol : Convince Albert and the other admirers of Barbara to leave. For this we will need to dissuade all the admirers of Barbara by marking the second option of her dialogues and then we will have to convince Albert to stop looking for Barbara by choosing the following answers:
      • «The Kingdom of Wolves is huge, you cannot cover it by yourself. You should seek help.”
      • How do you know he’s picking up wolfhooks? Maybe she’s not even here. »
      • “I’ve been rampaging with monsters all day, but I didn’t hear anything…”
    • Mondstadt’s Spicy Legend : Try Barbara’s Spicy Drink. For this we will need to complete the second route of the encounter with Barbara by choosing the dialogue option «… It’s okay. Go see what you find, I’ll take care of it” in “The second ingredient of the spicy drink”.


    Noelle in Genshin Impact

    Noelle Encounter Achievements :

    • A Firm and Perfect Maid : Complete <<The Path of a Knight>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • «…Because I Must Do My Duty» : Help Noelle discover the source of her strength. To achieve this achievement we must complete the third route of this encounter with Noelle, for this we must select the dialogue option “Is it because you lack experience in real combat?” In “For Experience”.
    • A World Only Roses Know : Read Noelle’s study notes. This achievement is achieved just at the end of the fifth route of the encounter with Noelle, we just have to go to the library table to read the notes.


    Noelle Encounter Achievements:

    • Forget Worrying : Complete <<A Knight’s Exam>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • Knight Without a Scratch : Listen to <<A Knight’s Journey by Liyue>> with Noelle. To get this achievement we have to choose the dialogue option «Let’s go to the Three Bowls. We can explore later” in “A Typical Liyue Weapon” to finish Noelle’s second route and get this achievement.
    • The Mondstadt Recorder : Read Noelle’s study notes; We will find Noelle’s notes on a library table during “an average exam” in her fourth route.


    Diona in Genshin Impact

    Diona Encounter Achievements :

    • Mixed, But Not Stirred : Complete <<Feline Cocktail Bar>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • There is a «But»… : Help Diona to find a special base for her drink. To get this achievement start the encounter with Diona by choosing the following answers:
      • “I want to try the new drinks.”
      • “I want a special base.”
      • “I’ll beat those monsters up.”
      • “We can ask your father for it. He said he found her. »
    • His Meowjesty : Take all the cats to the Cat’s Tail tavern. In “The Art of Finding Cats choose the following options in this order:
      • “The toy.”
      • “They mainly go to the tavern for your drinks, Diona.”
      • “Let’s use the cat food.”
      • “Your specialty drinks already attract enough people.”
      • “But without your drinks, customers wouldn’t know about these cats.”


    Thomas in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Encounter with Thoma :

    • Everyone Happy : Complete <<The Daily Chores of a Keymaster>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • Househusband : Finish cleaning in the indicated time. In “Small adjustments” of Thoma’s second route, we will have to attack all the marked bushes to eliminate them and water three trees in less than a minute.
    • And the Sea Never Was Parted : Find out the story of Inu Shoushou with Thoma. To achieve this achievement we must complete the third route of the Thoma meeting, for this we must choose the following answers in the “Agreed itinerary” dialogues: “Let’s go for a walk” and “I want to see those cats and dogs!” .


    Sayu in Genshin Impact

    Sayu Encounter Achievements :

    • I Wish I Was So Tall… : Complete <<“Whooey!” Technique: The Art of Growing Up>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • Speed, I Am Fast : Receive the highest rating from Sayu in agility training. In “Ninja nº2” of Sayu’s fourth route, she will try to train us to become ninjas and replace her in her work; In this part we will face a small circuit with several obstacles in which the most important thing is not to get hit more than once and go moderately fast to get the achievement.
    • A Little Late For Sayu : You couldn’t stop Sayu’s appetite. For this achievement we will simply have to complete the first route of the encounter with Sayu, in “Recharge Plan” we will have to encourage her to continue eating so that she grows more.


    Gorou in Genshin Impact

    Gorou Encounter Achievements :

    • Watatsumi’s General : Complete <<Canine General’s Special Ops!>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • Alea Jacta Est : Obtain all the sticks of fortune in the sanctuary; we will have to repeat the “Lucky lottery” part four times until we have chosen all the options at least once.
    • To Tell It or Not To Tell It, That Is The Question : Discover the true identity of Miss Hina at Yae Publishing House; He chooses to go check out Yae Publishing in “The Mysterious Pamphlet” from Gorou’s third route.


    Beidou in Genshin Impact

    Beidou Encounter achievements :

    • Crux Fleet Honorary Sailor : Complete <<When the Crux Fleet Shines Bright>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • Miraculous Wine : Accompany Beidou to the Chingtze Village banquet. To unlock this achievement we will have to finish the fifth route of the Beidou encounter, to unlock this route we will have to answer “I think it is the Chingtze Village very badly drawn” in “Private conversation”.
    • Guyun Buyers Club : Ask Beidou about the real deal. For this we will have to finish the third route of the Beidou encounter, to unlock the path we will have to choose in the dialogue option “The spears” in “Grumetillos training”.


    Ninguang in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Meeting with Ninguang :

    • Binary Star : Complete <<Another Invitation to the Jade Chamber>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • Fish Reserves : When it comes to fish, the more, the better. In “Open resources and moderation of expenses” of his fourth route, Ninguang will ask us to get three fish but instead we must catch all that are in the area to obtain the achievement.
    • Overprotection : After the calm, comes the storm. Ninguang was unable to enjoy his vacation. In the last route of Ninguang we will have to chase a suspicious man with blond hair during “Confrontation” and at the end we will get the achievement.


    Yun Jin in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Meeting with Yun Jin :

    • ‘O Sole Mio : Complete <<Song of Grace>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • A Moment For Posterity : Capture some images of Yun Jin and you. To do this we simply have to finish the third route of Yun Jin’s encounter, in order to unlock it all we have to do is tell Yun Jin “It will be better for your representative to arrange the interview” in “Visitors of <the Steam Bird>” .
    • Strict Teacher, Excellent Student : Complete the essay without hitting any blue scarecrows; In “A Meticulous Performance” of Yun Jin’s fifth route, we will have to eliminate the four red scarecrows in 66 seconds without damaging any of the blue scarecrows around.


    Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Meeting with Kuki Shinobu :

    • Chief Advisor to the Arataki Gang : Complete <<The Day by Day of the Gang>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • Take Another Look! : Admire Kuki Shinobu dressed as a miko. To finish Kuki Shinobu’s first route and obtain this achievement we will have to tell Kuki in “A visit to the sanctuary” to humor Yae Miko so that she acts as a Miko for a day at the Narukami Shrine.
    • Upstairs : He is dissuaded before alerting Kujou Sara and Kuki Shinobu; We will have to try to go up the stairs to see Kuki and Sara in “With an attentive ear” so that they stop us and give us the achievement in the fifth route of the encounter with Kuki Shinobu.


    Shikanoin Heizou in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Meeting with Shikanoin Heizou :

    • Did you think this was a police novel? : Complete <<Stormy Investigation>> and unlock all possible endings.
    • I’m A Cool Detective! : Find out the motive and the facts of the crime the first time; To get this achievement we have to answer the following in “The motive for the crime?!” in the last route of the Heizou Encounter:
      • “Shiroyama’s suicide note and Takatsukasa Isamu’s message.”
      • “Takatsukasa Isamu’s forensic report, Shiroyama’s suicide note, and the toxicology report.”
      • «In the sentence that Kujou Sara wrote for Ryuuji and Shiroyama, the two were accused of the same crime. But why did they receive different sentences?
      • “It was mentioned in the toxicology report that this poison was not sold anywhere in Inazuma. But in Shiroyama’s suicide note he said that he bought it from the International Chamber of Commerce.”
    • Sangonomiya’s Pleas : Ask Gorou if Kokomi knows what happens on Watatsumi Island. To do this we just have to go talk directly with Gorou in “Confrontation” in the first route of Heizou.

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